Characters - Alphabetical
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AlbertCamusFrench philosopher, author, and journalist.
WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
René DescartesFounder of modern philosophy.
AlbertEinsteinGerman-born theoretical physicist.
HakuinEkakuZen Master. Most influential figures in Japanese Zen Buddhism.
T.S.EliotPoet, essayist, publisher, playwright, and social critic.
Ralph WaldoEmerson American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet.
StephenHawkingEnglish theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author.
Adolf HitlerGerman politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
JamesJoyceIrish novelist, poet, teacher, and literary critic.
CarlJung Swiss psychiatrist. Founded analytical psychology.
FranzKafkaBohemian Jewish novelist and short story writer.
GenghisKhanFounder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.
J.KrishnamurtiThe great Indian philosopher and spiritual teacher.
FriedrichNietzscheGerman philosopher, poet, philologist, scholar.
GeorgeOrwellEnglish novelist, essayist, journalist and critic.
JohnPaul IIFormer head of the Catholic Church.
PolPotCambodian revolutionary and politician.
Jean PaulSartreFrench philosopher, novelist, political activist, and literary critic.
William Shakespeare English poet, playwright and actor.
JaneSmithAccountant, forty five years old, divorced, mother of two.
Joseph Stalin Georgian revolutionary and Soviet politician.
LaoTzuAncient Chinese philosopher and writer.
Vincent van GoghDutch painter.
Augustine Roman African, early Christian theologian and philosopher.
Buddha Monk, philosopher and teacher. Aka: Gautama Siddhartha.
Ekido One of the Zen monks.
Ethel  Girl who escaped Nazi Germany when she was an adolescent.
Hafiz Persian poet and Sufi master.
Jesus  Jewish preacher and religious leader.
Kasan Zen teacher and monk.
Mahakasyapa One of the principal disciples of Gautama Buddha.
Solomon  King of Israel. Aka: Jedidiah.
Taci Roman philosopher.
Tanzan One of the Zen monks.