Characters - Alphabetical
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WakefieldAdamsThe doctor who watched India's play. One of the witnesses.
Louissa MayAlcottThe author of Little Women.
MissArnoultFrannie's music teacher.
RobertAtwoodThe long-time editor at The Anchorage Times.
CeliaB. MackayA rich lady. One of India's admirers.
Mr.BartlettOne of the court judges.
WadeBennettMrs. Bennett's husband.
LouisBessetteA piano maker.
Mrs.BoudreauxOwner of New Orleans boarding house.
Mrs.BroomfieldPhilip's firend.
WilliamBrownA negro playwright who wrote The Escape.
Mr.BrowningSutton Mackay's father.
VictoriaBrysonIndia's understudy.
Mr.BurroughsAn Author who writes a book on bird watching.
FanButlerAmelia's friend who owns the Butler's Island.
LordByronThe Poet.
JakeCaldwellOwner of the ranch called Rocking C.
WyattCaldwellJake's son.
Mrs.CatchpolePhilip's housekeeper.
Mr.ChickeringAmelia's friend.
Mrs.ConsA friend of India's father.
Mr.CouperPhilip's friend.
JoshuaCulpepperPhilip's witness. An expert in weaponry.
Mr.DodgePhilip's friend. The lumber mill owner.
LuciusFallPhilip's old friend.
MissFinlayFrannie's tutor.
Mr.ForrestAn actor.
Mrs.FoyleAlicia's dressmaker.
BessieFrostFrannie's friend.
LizzieGarrisonThe Sinclair's neighbor.
AnnaHartleyIndia's aunt.
IndiaHartleyA famous actress. Protagonist.
AlexanderHatcherRiley Quinn's assistant.
JonasHornbuckleThe old neighbor of the Sinclairs.
Mrs.KeenA woman who remodeled the chestnut theatre.
FannyKembleAn Actress.
Mr.KennedyThe co-owner of the theatre.
Mrs.KingOwner of the King's Retreat. Philip's neighbor.
ReverendLeighFan's fiance.
CuylerLockwoodThe last overseer before the war. Philip's friend.
MadameLouisOwner of a hair salon.
CorneliaMackayCelia's mother-in-law.
FrancescaMackayCelia's daughter. Aka: Frannie.
Mr.MclendonThe Prosecutor.
CaptainMoorelandThe boat captain.
JacksonMorganA local playwright.
FabienneOrmondIndia's dresser.
Mr.PageThe manager of the hotel where India lived.
CorneliusPhilbrickThe theatre manager.
Mr.PinkertonA police officer.
AliciaQuartermanCelia's friend.
Mr.QuartermanAlicia's husband.
RileyQuinnAssistant of the stage manager.
Dr.RobbinsCelia's doctor.
Mr.RusellThe court judge.
MarySaronyMr. Sarony's sister.
NapoleonSaronyOwner of a New York studio.
MissSawyerThe seamstress.
HiramShacklefordMr. Kennedy's partner.
GermanShermanA general who served at Union Army during the Civil War.
AmeliaSinclairPhilip's sister.
LauraSinclairPhilip's wife. Deceased.
PhilipSinclairIndia's lawyer.
TimmonsSinclairPhilip's grandmother.
ArthurSterlingIndia's leading man. Deceased.
CharlieStilesFrannie's friend.
JohnTaylorMrs. Taylor's husband.
Mrs.TaylorOne of the neighbors of the Sinclairs.
Mr.TerrellAn investor from New York.
TheodoreThomasThe concert master.
Mrs.TiptonPhilip's friend.
KateWarneAmerica's first female detective.
AlmareneWashingtonBinah's mother.
BinahWashingtonAmelia's maid.
Hannah JuneWashingtonBinah's sister.
Mrs.WheelerThe Sinclairs's neighbor.
Mrs.WhippleFrannie's maid.
Mr.WhistlerA painter.
Mr.ZacharyThe oldest member of delegation.
Claire Flora's friend. Daughter of the manager of Mr. Dodge's lumber mill.
Elizabeth Flora's friend.
Father India's father. Deceased.
Flora A negro girl. Friend of Binah.
Lilian Wyatt's aunt.
Lucinda Celia's maid.
Margaret Flora's friend.
Maxwell Mrs. Mackay's dog.
Susan Elizabeth's sister.
Thomas Amelia's former lover.