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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1  Wednesday, 9 April 1919
 SamWyndhamDetective Inspector Captain in the Indian Police Force, newly arrived in Calcutta from England, World War I veteran, narrator
 Sub-InspectorDigbyOfficer in the Imperial Police Force, reports to Wyndham
 AlexanderMacAuleyMurder victim, high-ranking aide ("fixer") to the Lt. Governor
   Writers' Building: Administrative Seat of Government for Bengal
 SurendranathBannerjeeSergeant on the IPF, aka Surrender-Not
 Mrs.BoseOwner of the brothel
 Ratan Doorman at the brothel
 Meena Mrs. Bose's maid
 Saraswati Prostitute at the brothel
 Lakshmi Prostitute at the brothel
 Devi Prostitute at the brothel
 Sita Prostitute at the brothel
 Lord CharlesTaggartCommissioner of the Police Force, a major in the army in WWI Wyndham's boss
 MohandasGandhiIndian politician & activist for Indian independence
2 FurlowMurdered shopkeeper in the East End of London
 Rosie Assistant at Furlow's shop
 Alfred & AlbertStratfordToughs under suspicion for Furlow's murder
 Sarah School mistress, Wyndham's wife, died in the flu virus of 1918 while Sam was recovering from a war injury
 Charlie Sam's half-brother, killed in WWI in 1917
3 DanielsTaggart's assistant
4AnnieGrantMacAuley's secretary
 JamesBuchanA very wealthy jute & rubber merchant, Scottish, friend of MacAuley
 ReverendGunnCalvinist preacher, friend of MacAuley
 Sir GodfreySoamesHead of the Landowners' Association
 Colonel & Mrs.TebbitOwners of Royal Belvedere Guest House where Wyndham lodges
  ByrneRed-headed Irish textile salesman also lodging at the Belvedere
  PetersA lawyer in Calcutta for a case, also lodging at the Belvedere
5 SalmanRickshaw puller
6  Thursday, 10 April, 1919
7AlbertPerkinsRailway conductor, senior guard
  EvansTrain driver
 HirenPalMurder victim on the train
 Eric Coal man on the train
9Sandesh MacAuley's manservant
  Stevens#2 aide to the Lt. Governor
10Albert Owner/maitre'd of the Glamorgan Hotel restaurant
14Vikram Digby's snitch
 AmarnathDuttaRadical host of a revolutionists' meeting the night MacAuley was murdered
 BenoySenAgitator for Indian independence, leader of Jugantor
16  Friday, 11 April, 1919
17ColonelDawsonCommander of Section H (secret police)
 MarjorieBraithwaiteAssistant to Dawson
18Sir EvelynCrispManaging Director of the Bengal & Burma Banking Corp.
20Dr.RaoPhysician who tended to Wyndham's gunshot wound
 Dr.BirdPhysician who treated Sen's injuries
21  Saturday, 12 April, 1919
24  Sunday, 13 April, 1919
25Isobel MacAuley's wife, died of typhus
26HoraceMeekNew lodger at the Belvedere
27  Monday, 14 April, 1919
33  Thursday, 15 April, 1919
  RemnantCaptain of a police launch
 SuperintendentMacLeanPolice officer in Serampore
34Das Fan (punkah) operator at Mrs. Bose's house
 Anjali Devi's real name
 Parvati One of Mrs. Bose's girls who became pregnant & died from a botched abortion