Characters - Alphabetical
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ThomasAquinasItalian philosopher.
Ms.BeckettWren's teacher.
Mr.BouffetThe mayor.
JohnBrittonOne of the doctors who'd been murdered by activists.
SebbyCheriseHedge witch.
 CollinsPolice detective.
WillieCorkAssistant District Attorney.
BrasCoupéThe most famous runaway slave in Louisiana. Aka: Squire.
Williamde BuysSquire's owner.
JanineDeguerreAnti-abortion protestor disguised as a pregnant woman.
MandyDuVilleBeth's lawyer.
Miss EssieLouie's former neighbor.
RennieGibbsFacing life in prison for taking cocaine during her pregnancy.
Elizabeth LilGoddardGeorge's daughter. Aka: Lil, Beth.
GeorgeGoddardHostage taker.
RachelGreenbaumCenter's administrative assistant.
DavidGunnOne of the doctors who'd been murdered by activists.
Mr.HanlonGym teacher.
LolaHardingWren's acquaintance.
ShirleyJacksonAmerican writer.
 JonesSWAT team member.
MikeKearnsPastor at Eternal Life Church.
Martin LutherKing, Jr.American Baptist minister and activist.
MarieLaveauThe voodoo priestess.
OliveLemayOne of the hostages.
NormaMcCorveyPlaintiff in the landmark American legal case Roe v. Wade.
HughMcElroyDetective at the Jackson Police Department. Hostage negotiation unit.
WrenMcElroyHugh's daughter.
Regina McKnightBlack woman who was convicted of homicide by child abuse.
LevonMonelleThe baby in the nursery.
 MonroePolice Chief.
PurviPatelIndian American sentenced to 20 years in prison for feticide.
JoyPerryOne of the hostages.
 PinotCourt judge.
JoeQuandtSWAT commander.
NathanRaymondPolice officer. Mandy's cousin.
JaneRoeNorma's pseudonym
LilaRoseOne of the activists.
EricRudolphAmerican terrorist convicted for a series of bombings across US.
Mr. RunyonBeth's boss.
Bei BeiShuaiCharged with murder for eating rat poison while pregnant.
BarnettSlepianOne of the doctors who'd been murdered by activists.
JohnSmithOne of the customers at the grocery.
 ThibodeauPolice officer.
GeorgeTillerOne of the doctors who'd been murdered by activists.
Neil deGrasse TysonAmerican astrophysicist.
HarryVan GeldThe selectman.
IzzyWalshER nurse at Baptist Memorial.
LouieWardCenter's obstetrician..
CliffWargeddonAnnabelle's lover.
Alex The suicide jumper saved by Hugh.
Alice Church member who had an abortion.
Allen Anti-abortion activist.
Ann One of the customers at the grocery.
Annabelle Wren's mother.
Ben Janine's brother.
Beth Charged with homicide for abortion.
Bex Wren's aunt.
Courtney Flight attendant.
Darla Joy's former neighbor.
Davis Young minister.
Devon The other foster kid with Joy.
Dick State trooper.
Donna A nun.
Earlene Pastor Mike's wife.
Ed One of Joy's childhood friends.
Ellie One of Joe Quandt's daughters.
Ethel One of the activists.
Fiona Janine's fake ID name.
Foxy Leon's dog.
Galahad Ben's dog
Glorietta Samara's mother.
Graciela Social worker.
Graves Joy's mother's boyfriend.
Greta George's ex-wife.
Harriet One of the nurses at the center.
Helen Dispatch personel.
Jayla Beth's nurse.
Joe Responsible for Joy's pregnancy.
Kate One of Joe Quandt's daughters.
Lenny Sandwich store owner.
Leon One of Joy's childhood friends.
Mabel George's mother.
Margaret One of the activists.
Maria Woman from pregnancy crisis center.
Mariah Joe's wife.
Mark One of the activists.
Mina Wren's friend.
Monica Janine's friend.
Parker Izzy boyfriend.
Paula Hugh's secretary.
Peg Olive's wife.
Pepper Annabelle's childhood dog's name.
Raynaud One of the activists.
Rosie Joy's best friend.
Rowan One of Joy's childhood friends.
Rule One of Beth's co-workers at the grocery store.
Rusty Reverend from Operation Save America.
Ryan Wrens boyfriend.
Saheed Wren's childhood friend.
Samara The toddler Joy used to babysit.
Steve Mandy's husband.
Susannah Church volunteer.
Tessie One of Beth's co-workers at the grocery store.
Tom Parker's father.
Vonita The Center's owner.
Wanda One of the activists.