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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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   Part One: Can't Leave Till the Dog Dies
1Redcliffe WhitshankJunior's son. Aka: Red.
 Abigail WhitshankRed's wife. Aka: Abby Dalton, Abby.
 Dennis WhitshankRed and Abby's son. Aka: Denny.
 Jean Ann  Red and Abby's daughter. Aka: Jeannie.
 Amanda  Red and Abby's elsest daughter. Aka: Mandy.
 Douglas AlanO'BrianRed and Abby's ward. Aka: Stem Whitshank, Stem.
   Abby's orphans - misfits and loners
 Mrs.MallonOne of Abby's orphans.
 Barbara JaneAutryAbby's more irksome orphan. Aka: B. J. Autry.
 Clarence  Abby's dog.
 Dr. RichardHancockDenny's therapist. Aka: Hankie.
 AmyLinDenny's girlfriend.
 Dr.LinAmy's father.
 Grandma DaltonAbby's mother.
 CarlaWhitshankDenny's wife.
 LenaCarlucciCarla's mother.
 Susan Denny's daughter.
 Mr.DaleOne of Abby's orphans.
 EliseBaylorAmanda's daughter.
 Deb Jeannie's daughter.
2Jurvis Roy WhitshankRed's father. Aka: Junior, Junie.
 Clyde L.WardBuilding contractor.
 Linnie MaeInmanJunior's wife.
 ErnestBrillTextile manufacturer.
 Mrs.BrillErnest's wife.
 Merrick Junior's daughter. Aka: Bean, Mare.
 PookieVanderlinMerrick's best friend from fourth grade.
 WalterBarrister IIIPookie's fiancĂ©. Aka: Trey.
 WalterBarrister IFounder of Barrister Financial.
 EulaBarristerTrey's mother. Aka: Queen Eula.
 TuckyBennettPookie's admirer.
 HughBaylorAmanda's husband. Aka: Amanda's Hugh.
 Hugh Jeannie's husband. Aka: Jeannie's Hugh.
3Nora  Stem's wife.
 Petey  Stem's oldest son.
 Sammy  Stem's youngest son.
 Tommy  Stem's son.
 MargeEllisWhitshanks's neighbor.
 Brenda  Whitshanks's new dog.
  De'OntayRed's employee.
 Mrs.GirtWhitshanks's housekeeper.
 LoisAngellJeannie's in mother-in-law.
 Miguel One of Jeannie's Hugh's co-workers.
 Luis One of Jeannie's Hugh's co-workers.
 Heidi  Stem and Nora's dog.
 Lawrence D.O'BrianStem's biological father. Aka: Lonesome O'Brian.
 PegBrownWorked at Denny's nursery school.
 Barbara JaneEamesStem's biological mother.
 Patricia  Amanda's friend.
4  Eddie's - local grocery store
 SaxBrownOne of Whitshanks's neighbors.
 Atta One of Abby's orphans.
 MadameO'LearyElise's ballet teacher.
  NelsonsOne of Whitshanks's neighbors.
 Darcy Amanda's Hugh's cousin.
 Alexander Jeannie's son.
5Mrs.BruceStem's client.
 ReeBascombAbby's friend.
 DaneQuinn Red's old friend. Abby's ex-boyfriend.
 CarolDunnOne of Abby's friends.
7Louisa HutchinsonThe one who phoned the Whitshanks of Abby's accident.
 Bill Louisa's husband.
 Sue EllenMooreRed and Abby's old friend.
 ReverendStockRetired pastor at Hampden Fellowship.
 Edwin AlbanStock's successor. Aka: Eddie.
8Jeeter Ree's tabby cat.
 SissyBaileyOwner of the apartment that Red might buy.
 HelenWylieWhitshanks's real-estate friend.
 MarileeHodgesJeannie and Amanda's aqcuintance.
   Part Two: What a World, What a World
9MrsVincentAbby's old neighbor.
 Ruth Abby's old friend.
 BertieStephensonDane's father's college roommate.
 George Dane's cousin.
 WardRaineyRed's old friend.
 Mitch  One of Junior's workmen.
 Earl One of Junior's workmen.
 Landis One of Junior's workmen.
 PixieKincaidOne of Merrick's friends.
 MaddieLaneOne of Merrick's friends.
 Louise Linnie Mae's aunt.
 Mr.BarkalowOne of Junior's neighbor.
 DickQuinnDane's father.
   Part Three: A Bucket of Blue Paint
10Mr.MuldoonManaged the mica mines.
 Eugene Junior's best painter.
 Guy  Louise's husband.
 DoddMcDowell One of Junior's workmen.
 Cary One of Junior's workmen.
 MarthaMoffatLinnie Mae's friend.
 TommyShufordMartha's husband.
 Dean TroubleBuilds fine furniture.
 BessDaviesJunior's landlady.
11Mary  Martha's twin sister.
 JonasInmanLinnie Mae's grandfather.
 Loretta Carroll InmanLinnie Mae's grandmother.
 Mrs.HoneycuttOne of Junior's client.
 Jimmy  Junior's brother.
 Freddy Martha's brother.
 Clifford  One of Linnie Mae's brother.
 Brandon One of Linnie Mae's brother.
 Mr.InmanLinnie Mae's father.
 Raymond  Junior's brother-in-law.
12Cora Lee Junior and Linnie Mae's new landlady.
 Bertha Owner of a diner.
 JoeMurphyCora's husband.
 GarySherman One of Junior's workmen.
13Mrs.AbbottOne of Junior and Linnie Mae's neighbor.
 Doris Nivers Linnie Mae's friend and neighbor.
 Mr.EarlyOne of Junior and Linnie Mae's neighbor.
 HankLothianOne of Junior's workmen.
   Part Four: A Spool of Blue Thread
14Alison Denny new girlfriend. Aka: Allie.
 Sandy A hurricane.