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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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   Part One: Being a reprint from the reminiscences of
   John H. Watson MD , late of the Army Medical Department
1  Mr. Sherlock Holmes
  MurrayAn orderly who saved Watson at the Battle of Maiwand.
  StamfordWatson's old acquaintance.
 John H.WatsonBritish army doctor who was injured during the Afghan war.
 SherlockHolmesConsulting detective to the London police force.
2  The Science of Deduction
 Mr.LestradeOne of the Scotland Yard detectives.
3  The Lauriston Gardens Mystery
 Enoch J. DrebberMurder victim.
 TobiasGregsonOne of the Scotland Yard detectives.
 JosephStangersonDrebber's private secretary.
 JohnRanceThe constable who found Drebber's body.
6  Tobias Gregson Shows What He Can Do
 MadameCharpentierBoardinghouse owner.
 Wiggins Leader of the street urchins employed by Holmes.
 ArthurCharpentierNaval officer and son of Madame Charpentier.
 JohnUnderwoodStore owner.
 Alice Madame Charpentier's daughter.
7  Light in the Darkness
 JeffersonHopeHunter and silver prospector who fell in love with Lucy Ferrier.
   Part Two: The Country of the Saints
8  On the Great Alkali Plain
 ElderStangersonOne of the principal Mormon elders.
 JohnFerrierA traveler rescued by the Mormons.
 Lucy FerrierJohn Ferrier's adopted daughter.
 JosephSmithAmerican religious leader and founder of Mormonism.
 BrighamYoungChief of the Mormons.
9  The Flower of Utah
  KemballOne of the principal Mormon elders.
  JohnstonOne of the principal Mormon elders.
 ElderDrebberOne of the principal Mormon elders.
12  The Avenging Angels
 Cowper Jefferson Hope's Mormon acquaintance.
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