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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part I
1AlvaSmithAn American socialite.
 Mrs.HarmonLydia Roosevelt's acquaintance.
 ArmideSmithAlva's older sister.
 LydiaRooseveltA relative of one of the charity group founders.
 HadleyBergLydia Roosevelt's friend.
 Julia Alva's youngest sister.
 Katie A little girl whose mother was found dead.
2ConsueloYznagaAlva's closest friend since their childhood.
 Mr.YznagaConsuelo's father.
 MurraySmithAlva's father.
 William K.VanderbiltConsuelo's acquaintance.aka: W.K.
 TheresaFairAmerican socialite. Aka: Tessie.
 Mrs.FairTheresa Fair's mother.
 CorneliusVanderbiltW.K.'s grandfather. A commodore.
 Cornelius J.VanderbiltW.K.'s uncle. Aka: C J.
 PhoebeSmithAlva's mother.
 Lulu A seamstress.
 JennieJeromeAn American-born British socialite.
 WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
 MinnieStevensAlva's acquaintance.
 Eugenie The last Empress of the French.
 Napoleon III The first President of France. Aka: Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte.
 JaneAustenA novelist.
 Ulysses S. Grant18th U.S. President.
 Mr.FairTheresa Fair's father.
 Corneil W.K.'s older brother.
 MargaretShepardW.K.'s oldest sister.
 EmilyVanderbiltW.K.'s younger sister.
 MadameDenisAlva's favorite teacher.
3BillyVanderbiltW.K.'s father.
 ElizabethBennettFictional character in the novel Pride and Prejudice.
 Mr.DarcyOne of the two central characters in Jane Austen's novel.
 Mr.RochesterA controversial but key character in Jane Eyre.
 JennySmithAlva's sister.
 AliceVanderbiltCorneil's wife.
 GeorgeVanderbiltW.K.'s brother.
 FlorenceVanderbiltW.K.'s sister.
 Lila W.K.'s sister.
 MissAstorFlorence's friend.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English poet.
 WilliamBlakeAn English poet, painter, and printmaker.
 WilliamWordsworthAn English Romantic poet.
 William T.ShermanAn American soldier, businessman, educator and author.
 William Henry II Alice and Corneil's oldest son. Aka: Bill.
 Cornelius lll Alice and Corneil's younger boy. Aka: Neily.
 Neily Alice and Corneil's first born.
 Little Alice Alice's daughter.
 Queen Victoria Former Queen of the United Kingdom.
  WashburnA Reverend.
 Mrs.WashburnThe Reverend's wife.
 Mrs.BuchananA dressmaker.
 CorneliaRooseveltIsaac Roosevelt's daughter.
 IsaacRooseveltAmerican merchant and Federalist politician.
 AlexanderHamiltonOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
 Nevile MartinGwynneA British writer.
 Mary Lulu's daughter.
 Mrs.ColemanAn agency owner.
4WilliamAstorMrs. Astor's husband.
 Caroline S.AstorAn American socialite.
 WardMcAllisterAn attorney.
 P.T.BarnumAn American showman.
 MadameWhitakerAlva's neighbor in Paris.
5GordonBennettA yacht's owner.
 Sarah Ward McAllister's wife.
 MadameRestellA notorious abortionist.
 CarrieAstorCaroline Astor's daughter.
 James VanAlenA widow.
 Mr.DrewA musical artist.
 JasonGouldAmerican railroad executive.
 Mr.Carnegie.An impressive Scotsman.
 Mrs.ShafferA housekeeper.
 MissDonovanA young talented seamstress.
 Cook A maid.
 Ranhofer A Chef .
 MatthewRockA tailor.
 MarthaWashingtonFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Mrs.CooperOne of Caroline Astor's friends.
 Mrs.DresserOne of Caroline Astor's friends.
6Mrs.VanderbiltW.K.'s mother.
 Bridget A housemaid.
 Maxwell William's valet.
 Catherine ll Empress of Russia known as Catherine the Great.
 GeorgeMontagu8th Duke of Manchester. Known as Viscount Mandeville.
 ClementineChurchillWinston Churchill's wife. Aka: Lady Churchill.
 OliverBelmontW.K.'s friend.
 MatthewPerryAmerican naval officer.
8Frederick W.K.'s brother. Aka: Fred.
 Frank The Commodore Vanderbilt's second wife.
 Mrs.TuftsThe Commodore's friend.
 Dr.DeemsCommodore's friend.
 Dr.LinslyThe Commodore's physician.
 Jane One of the Vanderbilt's relatives.
 Gertrude Alice and Corneil's newest child.
 Mrs.KeillorA baker.
 Sophia Gertrude's great-grandmother.
 CorneliusJeremiahMr. McAllister's old friend.
 AnnalisaBeekmanPresident of a Society for the Betterment of Working Children,
 MabelCraneA new member of the society.
9ConsueloVanderbiltAlva and W.K.'s daughter.
 WilliamMontaguGeorge and Consuelo's son. Aka: Kim.
10Ellen One of the nurses.
 Bryn One of the nurses.
 Fernando Lady C.'s brother.
 August Oliver's brother.
 RichardHuntAn architect.
   Part II
1CalvertVauxAmerican architect.
 FrederickLaw Olmsted The father of American landscape architecture.
 Alexander T.StewartAmerican entrepreneur.
 Mrs.StewartAlexander Stewart's wife.
 John D.RockefellerAn American business magnate and philanthropist.
 Catherinede MediciQueen consort of France.
 Alice Eleanor Lady C's daughter.
 Jacqueline  Alice Eleanor Louise's twin sister.
 CatherineHuntRichard Hunt's wife.
2Albert Prince of Wales, Queen Victoria's eldest son. Aka: Bertie.
 EmilyBronteEnglish novelist and poet.
 JulesAllardOne of the most notable interior decorators.
 Willie Alva's son.
 King Henry VIII Former King of England.
 King Francis I King of France.
 Queen Claude Queen of France.
 AnneBoleynQueen of England.
 Muhammad Religious leader.
3SallieWhitingMiss Astor's good friend.
 EdithJonesMary Mason Jones' niece.
 MaryMason JonesAn aficionado of French architecture.
 OliverHazard PerryOliver Belmont's great-uncle.
 Dr. GeorgeTerryUncle C.J.'s friend.
4AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
 OrmeWilson Miss Astor's fiance.
 EmilyAstorMrs. Astor's older daughter.
 Eric Alva's footman.
5Mr.KlunderA florist.
 Elisabethde RothschildA baroness. A member by marriage of the Rothschild family.
 Mohammed VI The King of Morocco.
 Katharine Duchess of Kent.
 Marie LouiseVasseyWard's acquaintance.
 Caitlyn Lady C's maid.
 AlexandreCabanelA French painter.
 Marie Clairede Cro yDuchess of Havre.
 Anthonyvan DyckA Flemish Baroque artist.
 Josede MadrazoA Spanish painter and engraver.
 Margueritede ValoisQueen of Navarre.
 Louis XVI King of France.
 Joseph La MoleA French nobleman.
 Mr.EdisonElectrical wiring expert.
6CardinalRichelieuA French clergyman and statesman.
 Cimabue An Italian painter and designer of mosaics from Florence.
 Louise Mrs. Belmont's maid.
 ThomasJefferson3rd U.S. President.
 Sir FrancisGaltonThe scientist who advocates purposeful breeding.
7Harold Alva's new baby.
 ReggieVanderbiltAlice's son.
 Mrs. JonesThe Vanderbilt's acquaintance.
 Hohannvon GoetheA German writer and statesman.
 Queen Anne Queen of Great Britain.
 Pierre J.Lorillard IVAn American tobacco manufacturer.
 WilliamAstorCaroline's nephew.
 John JacobAstor IIIA philanthropist and a prominent member of the Astor family.
 HermanOelrichsMiss Theresa Fair's husband.
 HarryBrookLydia Roosevelt's husband.
 Mr.SargentA portraitist.
 Mr.WildeA writer.
 Mr.ChaplinAn artist.
 HarryLehrA pianist, singer.
8Rando[phChurchillA British journalist, writer.
 Mr.RosaAn art teacher.
 Glady Alice's youngest daughter.
 SamuelAsheGovernor of North Carolina.
 FredOlmstedAn American landscape architect.
   Part III
1Evelyn Alva's housekeeper.
 Charlotte An Astor girl who had a flaming love with Hallet Borowe.
 JamesDraytonCharlotte's husband.
 HallettBorroweOne of the best known Rough riders.
2SamuelClemensAmerican writer known by his pen name Mark Twain.
 Azar Oliver's manservant.
 EstherHuntRichard Hunt's daughter.
 Louis XV King of France.
 Madame dePompadourThe official chief mistress of Louis XV.
 Jules GabrielVerneA French novelist
 AliceRooseveltTeddy Roosevelt's wife.
 TheodoreRoosevelt26th U.S. President. Aka: Teddy.
 PierpontMorganAn American financier and banker.
 Mrs.MorganPierpont Morgan's mistress.
3CaptainMorrisonA crewman.
 MamieFishAlva's friend.
 StuyvesantFishMamie's husband. Aka: Stuyvie.
 StanfordWhiteAn American architect.
 AliceMontaguLady C's daughter.
 May AlvaMontaguLady C's daughter.
4ColonelJayAlva's acquaintance.
 LucyJayColonel Jay's wife.
 ColonelMannAn opportunist.
 GroverCleveland22nd U.S. President.
5HenryJamesAn American-British author.
 MissArcherOsmond's wife.
 Miss HarperThe governess.
 WinthropRutherfurdAn American socialite. Aka: Winty.
 Moses A prophet.
 WilliamWordsworthAn English Romantic poet.
 GilbertOsmondAn American expatriate living in Italy.
 VicereineLansdowneViceroy's wife. The Lady Lansdowne.
 ViceroyLansdowneThe governor general, a marquess.
 Titian An Italian painter
 Rembrandt A Dutch painter.
 Jean-AntoineWatteauA French painter.
 Lord Henry Lady Lansdowne's son.
 Lady AlbertaChurchillLady Lansdowne's sister.
 LillianPriceA New York millionaire's widow.
 CharlesChurchill9th Duke of Marlborough.
 Matthew C. PerryAn American naval officer.
6Helenede PourtalesAn American who became a Swiss sailor.
 MonsieurWorthA dress shop owner.
 MonsieurWidorAn organist.
 Melaniede PourtalesA French salonni√©re and courtier.
 Francis Joseph A Prince considered for the throne of Bulgaria.
 Beatrice A member of the British royal family.
 Ferdinand A member of the British royal family.
 MarieAntoinetteThe last Queen of France before the French Revolution.
 VictoriaWoodhullAn American leader of the women's suffrage movement.
7LadyPagetAlva's friend.
 Winston Jennie's son.
 NellieNeustretterAlleged mistress of W.K. Vanderbilt.
 JosephChoateAlva's attorney.
 Laura DaviesMamie Fish's friend.
 AndrewCarnegieAn American industrialist, and philanthropist.
 Cleopatra The last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.
8Grace WilsonA young woman who had once been attached to Bill.
 JohnChurchillThe first Duke of Marlborough.
9HarryWhitneyGertrude's new fiancé.
 William BryanFormer United States Secretary of State.
 JosephineReddingVogue magazine's editor in chief.
 Littlejohn A Bishop.
10Mr.BarnumAn American showman, politician, and businessman.
 Birdie Tessie Oelrichs's youngest sister.
 CalebTaylorAn attorney. Mary's husband.
 EdithWhartonAn American novelist.
 Charles de FontenilliatJulia's husband.
   Part IV
1Kitty MackayConsuelo's school friend.
 CarrieCattOne of the panelists.
 IdaTarbellOne of the panelists.
 JohnRockefellerAn American business magnate and philanthropist.
 Mary EllenOne of the speakers.
 Mrs.AubreyOne of the speakers.
 Christabel PankhurstCo-founder of the Women's Social and Political Union.
 Vess OssmanA recording artist.
 WilliamMcKinley25th U.S. President.
 Dr.BullOne of Oliver's physician.
 Dr.McCoshOne of Oliver's physician.
 Dr.LanehartOne of Oliver's physician.
2Emmeline PankhurstBritish activist.
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