Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProAdolfHitlerThe Nazi Leader.
   NARA - National Archives Records Administration.
 VirginiaHallProtagonist. Aka: Dindy, Donna Juanita, DFV, Artemis, Diane, Marie, Maricelle, Philomene, Brigitte, Camille.
1BarbaraHallVirginia's mother.
 Edwin LeeHallVirginia's father. A wealthy banker. Aka: Ned.
 JohnHallNed's father. Virginia's grandfather.
 RobertHallVirginia's great-uncle.
 JohnHall Jr.Virginia's brother.
 JosephineBakerThe legendary dancer.
 Emil A Polish army officer.
 ElbridgeDurbrowVirginia's friend. An American vice-consul in Warsaw.
 PerryGeorgeThe American Consul.
 Angelo A devoted local man who helped Virginia to row.
 RaymondMoleyVirginia's chief adviser.
 CordelHullThe secretary of state.
 Colonel E.M HouseThe Hall's powerful friends.
 FranklinRooseveltThe U.S. President.
 PhillippePetainThe new marshal leader.
2GeorgeBellowsAn undercover British agent.
 FranciscoFrancoA Fascist dictator. Spanish leader.
 NicolasBodingtonA senior officer in the independent French of F-Section.
 WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of United Kingdom.
 HughDaltonThe pugnacious labor minister.
 PierreDe VomecourtThe aristocratic prime minister. The SOE's first circuit organizer. Aka: Lucas, Sylvain.
 GeorgesBegueThe SOE's wireless operator.
 RalphIngersollOwner of the American Magazine PM.
 FrancisCammaertsAn SOE agent.
 ArthurParkA former doorman of the Paris branch of The National Westminster Bank.
 WilliamLeahyThe U.S. Ambassador.
 SuzanneBertillionChief censor of the foreign press.
 RobertSchowThe American defense attaché.
 JohnnyNicolasAn African-American official.
 NicolasBodingtonThe special operations executive.
 CharlesDe GaulleA junior French General and former Secretary of Defense.
 GeorgeWhittinghillAn American Vice Consul.
 BarnwellLeggeThe military attaché from Swiss.
 GeorgeLangelaanA former New York Times Correspondent.
 GilbertTurckA Free Zone operator. Aka: Christophe.
 MichaelTrotobasA New York Times Correspondent. One of Virginia's co-spies.
 VictorGersonA Jewish textile businessman. Morel's chief. Aka: Rene.
 BenCowburnA Lancashire Engineer. One of Virginia's co-spies.
 Jean-PhillippeLe HarivelThe man who acts as Virginia's wireless operator.
 JeanPierre-BlochThe former Social Deputy.
 GabyBlochJean's wife.
 MarcJumeauA technical adviser.
 AndreBlochOne of the SOE operators to get caught by the Gestapo.
3FranklinNelsonA member of the parliament.
 MauriceBuckmasterThe new chief of F-Section. Virginia's new boss.
 PhillippeDe VomecourtA surviving officer in the Free Zone. Virginia's friend. Aka: Gauthier, Antoine.
 FrancisBasinPhillippe's brother. Aka: Olive.
 GeorgesDuboudinA surviving officer in the Free Zone. Aka: Alain.
 WilliamSimpsonA RAF pilot. Virginia's friend.
 GermaineGuerinPart owner of Lyon's most successful brothels. Virginia's new friend.
 EugeneJeunetA wealthy Lyonnais engineer. Germaine's close friend.
 Dr. JeanRoussetGermaine's gynecologist. Aka: Pepin.
 JosephMarchandThe man who provided a safe house in Lyons for agents.
 FrancePejotOwner of an underwear shop in Lyons.
 Chambrilliard Virginia's apprentice.
 RobertLeprevostThe man who helped Virginia build and escape lines.
 MarcelLecciaA Corsican officer. Virginia's ally.
 EliseeAllardMarcel's assistant. Virginia's ally.
 LeonGuthMarcel's boss.
 KimPhilbyAlain's trainer.
 Peter Churchill32-year-old ice hockey player.
 RaoulLe BoulicautFormer sailor. Virginia's co-spy. Aka: Bob.
 Cuthbert Virginia's pet name for her leg.
 AndreGirardA French SOE agent. Aka: Carte.
4GeorgeBackerA man who works at the New York Post.
 JeanMoulinThe Resistance Leader.
 PaulMarionThe French Minister of Information.
 ErwinRommelThe Field Marshall in North Africa.
 Emil The police officer in Vienna.
 MathildeCarreThe girl that Lucas met. Aka: La Chatte, Victoire.
   Funkspiel - A radio game.
 HugoBleicherLa Chatte's lover. Alesch supervisor.
 HermannGoringAdolf Hitler's deputy.
 CountCianoMussolini's son-in-law.
 FrancoisDarlanPetain's deputy.
 GerryMorelA senior F-Section Agent.
 LeonGuthThe regional Chief of Sureté.
   Vic Line - The escaping route.
 PierreLavalThe Nazi's collaborator. Aka: Black Peter.
 ReneBousquetThe Vichy police chief.
 JeanDe VomecourtPhillippe's sibling. Aka: Constantin.
 EdwardZeffVirginia's radio operator.
 GermaineJouveOne of Alain's mistresses.
 CharlesHayesA dental technician.
 DenisRakeA music hall artist. A boy who was abandoned during World War I.
 EdithCavellA nurse that Denis helped.
 MarshallVanceAn American Consul.
5JoseSevillaThe guard that Virginia befriended.
 MarcJumeauOne of the Camerons who marveled at Gaby's resolve.
 AndreCourvoisierVirginia's new wireless operator.
 PereFleuretA garage owner.
 AlbertRigouletA Corsican apprentice of F-Section.
 RobertLyonF-Section's future signal officer.
 Liewer F-Section's future signal officer.
 M.R.DFootThe official SOE Historian.
6KlausBarbieThe Gestapo's most notorious investigator.
 AndreeBorrelThe first woman to be parachuted in.
 VeraLeighAn expert shot and the director of the House of Reboux.
 RobertBenoistThe champion racing driver.
 WilliamGrover-WilliamsBritish Rival.
 ErnestWilkinsonThe SOE Agent.
 RichardHeslopThe SOE Agent.
 CommisionaireGuthVirginia's Sureté Contact.
 Castres A well-known transit jail for the Nazi Camps.
   OSS - Office of Strategic Services.
 MadamemoiselleMenierOlive's new mistress.
 HeinrichHimmlerThe SS Chief.
 Gregoire One of Virginia's wireless operators.
 BrianStonehouseA fashion illustrator for Vogue.
 Abbe RobertAleschVirginia's joint chief. A double agent. Aka: Rene Martin, Bishop.
 JacqueesLeGrandA chemical engineer. Virginia's accomplice.
 FrancisPicabiaThe Dadaist painter.
 GabrielPicabiaFrancis's daughter. Virginia's joint chief.
 SamuelBeckettIrish writer.
 GermaineTillionThe anthropologist.
 Axel Agent in Abwehr.
 KarlSchoefferBishop's Abwehr paymasters.
 Colonel ReileBishop's Abwehr paymasters.
7Nicolas Virginia's accomplice. A former hairdresser.
 J.MAronA senior Citroen executive.
 HenryNewtonVirginia's trusted agent.
 AlfredNewtonVirginia's trusted agent.
 DwightEisenhowerAn American Major General.
 PinkneyTuckThe most senior officer at the U.S. embassy.
 LeonGuttmanVirginia's new recruit.
 JeanAlibertVirginia's new recruit.
 ChuckYeagarThe ace USAAF pilot.
8GeorgeMillarAn SOE Agent.
 VeraAtkinsF-Section's new key player.
 FrancisSutillHead of SOE's largest circuit.
 Colonel GubbinsThe battle-hardened veteran of the first war. Hambro's predecessor.
 CharlesHambroThe SOE chief.
 NoorInayat KhanAn Indian-Muslim noblewoman.
 HughDaltonThe Prime Minister of France.
 LordSelborneDalton's predecessor.
 SamuelHoareA British Ambassador.
 H/X Spanish SOE Chief.
 Jean MarieReignierOne of Virginia's assets in Lyon.
 HenryStimsonA War secretary.
 WilliamDonovanThe OSS Director. Aka: Wild Bill.
 MalcolmMuggeridgeA Satirist who worked for the M16.
9HenriLassotVirginia's co-spy. Aka: Peter Haratt, Aramis.
 GerdVon RundstedtThe Commander-in-Chief of France.
   SFHQ - Special Forces Headquarters.
 MadameLongOwner of the house where Virginia lives.
 EugeneLopenatA farmer. One of Virginia's accomplices.
 Laurent LecciaMarcel's cousin.
 JosephLecciaMarcel's cousin.
 Colonel VessereauA retired Gendarmerie Chief.
 Lilias Virginia's co-spy.
 OdetteWilenMarcel's new fiancé. Aka: Sophie.
 EstelleBertrandVirginia's new landlady.
 JulesJuttryEstele's father.
 Leon A wireless operator.
 GeneralPattonThe American Third-Party Commander.
 Colonel ColombThe Resistance Chief. Aka: Count De Vogue.
10MadameBoutierVirginia's landlady.
 AugusteBohnyA school teacher in Switzerland.
 MauriceLebratVirginia's Maquis Superior.
 PierreFayolA local chief.
 Marianne Fayol's wife.
 JacquelineDecourdemancheVirginia's alliance.
 Storks A German detector plane.
 LeaLebratMaurice's cousin.
 Georgette Lea's daughter.
 DedeZurbachVirginia's alliance.
 EdmondLebratLea's son.
 Gabriel Virginia's alliance.
   Brens - The serial of Maquis's automatic weapon.
   Stens - Maquis's automatic gun.
 AndreRouxOne of Bob's men.
 CommanderGevoldeCommander-in-Chief of the FFI.
   FFI - French Forces of the Interior.
 EmileTherondAn FFI Commandant.
11GeoffreyHallowesLeney's boss.
 RogerLeneyGeoffrey's radio operator.
 HenryRileyA Lieutenant. Virginia's colleague.
 PaulGoillotRiley's partner. Virginia's lover.
 CaptainFrontcroiseA French Jed member.
 CaptainGrellVirginia's friend.
 PaulVan Der StrichtThe OSS officer who declared that Virginia's mission is over. Virginia's close friend.
 GeorgesLaFenestrePaul's father.
 Jacqueline ChiracThe French President.
 HenriNogueresA historian.
 JamesForganOSS Commander of the European Theatre of Operations.
 Gerry A Senior OSS officer.
   VE DAY - Victory in Europe Day.
 EugenieCatinOne of Virginia's couriers.
12Lorna Virginia's niece.
 DouglasFairbanks Jr.A Hollywood actor.
 JamesAngletonKim Philby's drinking buddy.
 KimPhilbyA British Spy.
 GenevieveCahenOne of Alesch's mistresses.
 ReneeAndryOne of Alesch's mistresses.
 CharlesFoltzThe Journalist.
 FrankWisnerVirginia's superior.
 CraigGralleyAn ex CIA officer.
 AllenDullesOSS Chief in Switzerland.
 FidelCastroFormer Prime Minister of Cuba.
EpiEloise RandolphPageThe first woman station Chief of CIA.
 GeneralParkerThe U.S. officer who added Virginia to the Hall of Fame.
 LornaCatlingVirginia's niece.
A Woman of No Importance suggested by Jacqueline Chorney