Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1 Harriet Landers An engineer.
Myrna Landers A bookshop owner. Harriet's aunt.
Armand Gamache The chief inspector.
Clotilde Arsenault A missing woman.
Linda Chernin An inspector.
Jean-Guy Beauvoir An agent.
Annie Gamache Jean-Guy's wife.
Idola Annie and Jean-Guy's infant daughter.
Honore Annie and Jean-Guy's son.
Ruth Zardo An old poet.
Billy Williams Myrna's live-in-partner.
Sarah A baker.
Henri One of Gamache's dogs.
Fred One of Gamache's dogs.
Gracie A puppy.
Reine-Marie Armand Gamache's wife.
Clara Morrow A local artist.
Rosa A duck.
Gabri Owner of the B&B.
Olivier Gabri's partner.
Monsieur Beliveau A general store owner.
Robert Mongeau The new minister at St. Thomas.
Sylvie Robert Mongeau's wife.
2 Fiona Arsenault Clotilde's daughter.
Nathalie Provost Armand Gamache's acquaintance.
Alexander Deganais Beauvoir's commander.
3 Daniel Armand and Reine-Marie's son.
Stephen Horowitz Armand's godfather.
4 Dr. Mignon A coroner.
Abbie Hoffman American political and social activist.
5 Samuel Arsenault Clotilde's son. aka: Sam.
6 Hardye Moel An agent trained in grief counseling and had worked with children.
Zora Armand's grandmother.
Pierre Gendron An IT specialist.
7 Samuel de Champlain 16/17th-century French explorer of North America.
12 Claude Boisfranc The new church caretaker.
John Fleming A psychopath.
15 Pierre Stone Billy's great-great grandfather.
Edgar Allan Poe American writer and literary critic.
16 William Morris British textile designer.
17 Anne Lamarque A woman recruited by the King to help colonize New France.
Bishop Laval A Jesuit and head of the church in the New World.
18 Patricia Godin Monsieur Godin's wife. aka: Pat.
Monsieur Godin The new owner of Billy William's house.
W. H. Auden Anglo-American poet.
Amelia Choquet A young agent.
Isabelle Lacoste Shared second-in-command duties with inspector Beauvoir.
20 Socrates Classical Greek Athenian philosopher.
Italo Calvino Italian journalist and writer.
21 Folleville Anne Lamaque's husband.
23 Mirlande Louissant The chief conservator.
Maryse Dr. Louissant's assistant.
24 Therese Brunel Former senior officer in tne Surete.
Jerome Brunel Therese's husband.
Kenojuak Ashebak Inuit artist.
28 Michelangelo Italian sculptor
Cicero Roman statesman
David Norman A driver.
31 Cecil Clarke The head docent.
33 Hargreaver A bishop.
Sharon Harris A coroner.
Connor McNee A bridge builder.
35 Amelia Gamache Armand's mother.
37 Florence Armand's granddaughter.
39 Roslyn Daniel's wife.
John Johnson Billy's nephew. aka: JJ.
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