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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Book One
1Tyler RichardCaskeyA minister.
 KatherineCaskeyTyler's daughter. aka: Katie.
 JoshuaLockeA farmer.
 CarlLockeJoshua's son.
 ReverendSmithA former minister.
 NikitaKhrushchevFirst Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
 MaryIngersollKatherine's teacher.
 DorisAustinAn organist.
 JaneWatsonOne of the church members.
 OraKendallOne of the church members.
 AlisonChaseOne of the church members. aka: Ali.
 CharlieAustinDoris' husband.
 JeanneCaskeyTyler's younger child. aka: Jeannie.
 ConstanceHatchA housekeeper. aka: Connie.
 MarilynDunlopTaught art at the Academy.
 Belle Tyler's sister.
 AdrianHatchConnie's husband.
 Evelyn Connie's mother-in-law.
 Jerry Connie's brother.
 Arnold A pharmacist.
 MarthaWatsonKatherine's classmates.
 RhondaSkillingsA school counselor.
2Mr.WaterburyThe school principal
 WalterWilcoxTyler's acquaintance.
 DietrichBonhoefferA young pastor.
 IrmaRandTyler's acquaintance.
 GeorgeAtwoodA professor.
 ReinholdNiebuhrAmerican protestant theologian.
 MargaretCaskeyTyler's mother.
 Minnie Mrs. Caskey's dog.
 BishopBellBonhoeffer's friend.
 Lauren SlatinCaskeyTyler's wife.
 KarlBarthSwiss Protestant theologian.
 PaulTillichGerman-born U.S. theologian and philosopher.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
 Maria vonWedemeyerBonhoeffer's fiancĂ©.
 EberhardBethgeBonhoeffer's closest friend.
 BerthaBabcockA retired English teacher.
 AuggieDeanA rich church member.
 SylviaDeanAuggie's wife.
 AlvinMerrickCharlie's acquaintance.
3TobyDunlopOne of Charlie's students.
 Hirohito Emperor of Japan.
 Mrs.WhiteA librarian.
 MahatmaGandhiPre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism.
 CarolMeadowsOne of the kindest woman in the parish.
 Dwight D.Eisenhower34th president of the United States.
 JacquesPlanteCanadian ice hockey player.
 SaulFeifferTyler's acquaintance.
 Ilse Saul's wife.
 Tom Belle's husband.
 SaraApplebyTyler's acquaintance.
 SusanBradfordOne who worked at the pharmacy.
 FredChaseAlison's husband.
 SkogieGowenA retired law practitioner.
 Lisa Doris' daughter.
 SorenKierkegaardDanish philosopher.
 Becky Connie's older sister.
 DouglasMacArthurAmerican five-star General.
 GlennMillerAmerican big band musician, arranger, composer and bandleader.
 Mrs.SlatinLauren Caskey's mother.
4SharonMerrimenOne of the mothers who suffered a postpartum disease.
 BetsyBumpusOne of the mothers who suffered a postpartum disease.
 JohannBachGerman composer and musician of the Baroque era.
 C. S.LewisBritish writer.
 Philip George Atwood's acquaintance.
 Mrs.CarlsonBob's mother.
 Bob Katie's classmate.
 Raymond Alison's son.
 Dorothy Tyler's acquaintance.
 EliotNessAmerican law enforcement official.
5Horace Roman lyric poet.
 BobHopeAmerican comedian, actor, singer and dancer.
 Ardell Connie's uncle.
 Raiph WaldoEmersonAmerican essayist, lecturer, philosopher, abolitionist and poet.
   Book Two
6JimBearseLauren's sister's boyfriend.
 Mr.SlatinLauren's father.
 Harry S.Truman33rd President of the United States.
 Mrs.TibbetsMrs. Slatin's acquaintance.
 MatildaGowenSkogie's wife.
 Matt Carol's youngest child.
 DavisMeadowsCarol's husband.
 KarlMarxGerman philosopher, economist, sociologist, and journalist.
   Book Three
7WilhelmReichAustro-Hungarian-born Austrian-American psychoanalyst.
 ChrisCongdonTyler's acquaintance.
 DorothyAldercottOne of Connie's acquaintances.
 MadgeLubeneauxOne of Connie's acquaintances.
 GinnyHousemanConnie's friend.
8Miles Bertha Babcock's dog.
 HenriNouwenDutch priest and writer.
 Tracy Carol Meadows' daughter.
9Mrs.LurvyTyler's old teacher.
 GalileoGalileiItalian mathematician, physicist, philosopher and astronomer.
 SigmundFreudThe founding father of psychoanalysis.
11HildaAtwoodGeorge Atwood's wife.
 NormanRockwellAmerican painter.
 WilliamJamesAmerican philosopher, psychologist, and pragmatist.
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