Book Companion Logo  A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY
Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1DuncanPalgravePolice major. Deceased. aka: Major Palgrave.
 MissMarpleMajor Palgrave's friend.
 Raymond Miss Marple's nephew.
 DianaHorrocksRaymond's friend.
   Golden Palm Hotel - Where everyone stayed.
  SandersonsThe couple who owned Golden Palm.
 MollyKendalTim's wife. Successor of Sanderson.
 TimKendalMolly's husband. Successor of Sanderson.
 Mr.RafielKendal's guest. Rich, old man.
 Dr.GrahamRetired doctor. Lives in the hotel.
 CanonPrescottKendal's guest. Rubicund man. aka: Jeremy.
 JoanPrescottRaymond's wife. Canon's sister.
 HarryWesternMan that shot his wife's lover in the Caribbean.
 Countde FerrariHarry's wife's lover.
 Flora Miss Jane's friend. Part of The Great Quartette.
 Fauna Miss Jane's friend. Part of The Great Quartette.
 GregoryDysonHotel guest. Big man with thick, gray hair. aka: Greg.
 LuckyDysonGreg's wife. Edward's mistress.
 EdwardHillingdonHotel guest. Police colonel.
 EvelynHillingdonHotel guest. Edward's wife.
2EstherWaltersWidowed woman. Mr. Rafiel's secretary.
 ArthurJacksonValet attendant. Mr. Rafiel's nurse attendant.
 GeneralLeroyPolice general. Miss Jane's friend.
 CaptainFlemmingCaptain. Miss Jane's friend.
 AdmiralWicklowMiss Jane's friend.
 CommanderRichardsonMiss Jane's friend.
 Marleen A woman in three crowns.
 PeterWolfeMan who committed suicide.
 CarolineWolfePeter's first wife.
4Denzil Miss Jane's dead nephew, who also happens to be her favorite.
6VictoriaJohnsonSt. Honore girl. Hotel housekeeper.
7Senora deCaspearoA handsome woman from Venezuela.
 Dr.RobertsonWest Indies police doctor.
 Fernando Head waiter.
9LucreziaBorgiaA beautiful woman who murdered her own husband.
10Daventry Administrator. Dr. Graham's friend.
12Gail Greg's first wife. The woman Lucky killed.
14InspectorWestonLieutenant of St. Honore.
 JimEllisHas an affair with Victoria.
15EnricoManuelTim's cook.
16HenryClitheringMiss Jane's friend in England.
17JonasParryMan in town clerk's office near Miss Jane's residence.
18MissGreatorexLucky's cousin.