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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1NoahAldermanA pediatric allergist.
 MaggieIppolitiNoah's wife. Aka: Mag.
 Caleb Noah's son.
  GardnerA judge.
 ThomasOwusuNoah's lawyer.
 AnnaDesrochesMaggie's daughter.
2Florian Maggie's ex-husband. Anna's father.
3LindaSwain-PettitAssistant District Attorney.
4Ralph A cat.
 KathyGallagherMaggie's bestfriend. A teacher.
 Karen Caleb's late mother.
6Ted Kathy's ex-husband.
7Nathalie Florian's wife.
 Michel Nathalie's son.
 Paul Michel's brother.
9RichardWeisburgA professor of Constitutional Law.
10EllenSalvichA therapist.
 James R.HuntleyAnna's lawyer.
13JonahAldermanNoah's father.
14DaveCummingAn investment manager.
16Cecilia TheresaMacari IppolitiMaggie's mother.
18LidiaBastianichAn American celebrity.
20Mike Noah and Maggie's lawyer.
22JamieCovingtonAnna's friend. Aka: Visigoth.
24Josh Kathy's son.
28Judy A staff member.
 BritanyHoltA Guidance Counselor.
29 CarterA lawyer.
 JaneHamiltonA Protection From Abuse counsel.
30Simon A car dealer.
33SamanthaSilasAnna's friend.
 MikeWilsonNoah's patient.
 Dina Mike Wilson's mother.
 SteveWilsonDina's husband.
36 FineA doctor.
38PattiTenderlyA waitress. Aka: PG.
 KonstantineRogolyiPG's friend. Aka: Connie.
43AdamWalshAmerican boy abducted from a Sears department store.
50AnthonyFauciAmerican immunologist. Made contributions to HIV/AIDS.
 JordanNowickiNoah's ex- girlfriend.
51LydiaKapoorAn Assistant Coroner for Montgomery County.
54Michelle  An AstraZeneca's representative.
 Chase Michelle's co-worker.
55PatriciaEvansCriminalist in forensic services in Montgomery County.
57Andrew J.HickokA detective.
 ScottRopsareNoah's landlord.
59DavidSimonA patrolman.
  PettigrewA police officer.
62SteveGallagherKathy's husband.
 ChrisSilasSamantha Silas's mother.
63 EveshamA correction officer.
64MorrisWhitakerHead of Congreve Academy.
 JackAmundsenAssistant Head of Congreve Academy.
65MikeSmithAn inmate. Aka: Peach.
66NeilSeligmanA criminal lawyer.
 JaneDoeYoung woman discovered murdered in Woodlawn, Baltimore.
 SusanSmithAn American convict sentenced to life in prison for filicide.
   Filicide - a person who kills their son or daughter.
68 VogelA police officer.
 RogerBaxterGeneral Counsel and Board member at Congreve Academy.
69JeremyBlackAn inmate who had been killed.
 JohnDroverAn inmate.
70MadisonLeoneA new student at Congreve Academy.
 Kurt A housemaster.
 Sofia A student who lived next door to Anna.
 Genevieve A senior student at Congreve Academy.
72MercerCoopermanOne of the editors on The Zephyr.
 TonyDelgadoA special agent.
74Bob A waiter.
 Elma Patti's grandmother.
 Sammy A clerk.
75 BocanegraA correction officer.
  McLaughlinA Deputy Warden.
  KellyA correction officer.
 BillDeMariaA Deputy Superintendent.
77 StanislavskyA correction officer.
78RoyWatsonPatti's half-brother.
79 LundyA correction officer.
  PinnelleA correction.
83 JimenezA correction officer.