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Characters By Chapter

Kristian Fabricante

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1Lanscombe The old butler.
 CorneliusAbernethieThe woman in the portrait. aka: Coralie.
 RichardAbernethieLanscombe's master. Never recovered from Mr. Mortimer's death.
 MortimerAbernethieMr. Richard's son. Deceased.
 GordonAbernethieMr. Richard's eldest brother. Was killed in the war.
 GeraldineAbernethieMr. Richard's sister. Deceased.
 LeoAbernethieMr. Richard's brother. Deceased.
 Laura A.CrossfieldMr. Richard's lost sister.
 TimothyAbernethieMr. Richard's sad, disabled brother.
 HelenAbernethieMr. Leo's wife.
 Janet Mr. Richard's servant.
 Marjorie Mr. Richard's cook.
 Mrs.JacksMr. Richard's cook.
 Mr.EntwhistleExecutor of Mr. Richard's will and his personal friend.
 Bollard Mr. Entswhile's partner.
 MaudeAbernethieTimothy's wife. aka: Mrs. Timothy.
 GeorgeCrossfieldLaura's son. Stockbroker.
 RosamundShaneGeraldine's daughter.
 SusanBanksGordon's daughter.
 PierreLansquenetCora's husband.
 Cora A.LansquenetMr. Richard's youngest sister.
3Mollie Kitchen maid.
 GregoryBanksSusan's husband. aka: Greg.
 MichaelShaneRosamund's husband. aka: Mick.
 Dr.BartonTimothy's doctor.
4JamesParrotBollard's second partner. Mr. Entwhistle's partner.
 MissGilchristCora's companion.
 InspectorMortonPolice inspector.
 Mrs.PanterCora's housekeeper.
5Oscar Michael's friend.
6Mrs.JonesMr. Timothy's servant.
7HerculePoirotFamous detective. Mr. Entwhistle's friend. aka: Mr. Pontarlier.
8Dr.LarrabyMr. Richard's doctor.
9AlexanderGuthrieCora's old friend. A celebrated art critic.
 Dorothy Miss Gilchrist's acquaintance.
 Mary Dorothy's daughter.
 JohnBanfieldMiss Gilchrist's acquaintance.
 Margaret Miss Gilchrist's acquaintance.
11Mr.ColeThreatened Mr. Greg.
 Dr.ProctorMiss Gilchrist's doctor.
12Mr.GobyHercule's friend. Information specialist.
 SorrelDaintonActress. Michael's colleague.
 Mr.DaintonSorrel's husband.
 Roseinham Film producer.
 OscarLewisFilm producer.
 Hubert Theatrical producer.
20MissEntwhistleMr. Entswhile's sister.
21Dr.PenrithDoctor in a mental home.
23Mr.ParwellPolice superintendent from Matchfield.