Characters - Alphabetical
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PierreAronnaxA famed marine biologist. Aka: Professor Aronnax.
JeanBaptiste-LaMarckA French biologist.
HaroldBazinA great war veteran.
WalterBerndThe engineer.
MadameBlanchardAn ancient widow.
JeanBrignonOne of Major Rumpel's informants.
MartinBurkhardOne of Frederick's colleagues.
FrauElenaA protestant nun. Werne and Jutta's guardian.
DieterFerdinandOne of the young cadets.
SiegfriedFishcherOne of the kids in Children's House.
Ms.FleuryDr. Geffard's departmend head.
MadameFontineauMadame Manec's friend.
ClaudiaForsterOne of the kids in Children's House.
MAdameGardinierThe dying woman in La Mare.
Dr.GeffardAn aging molusk expert.
HannahGerlitzOne of the kids in Children's House.
SusanneGerlitzHannah's twin.
Mr.GiannuxMr. LeBlanc's friend from the museum.
MadameGuiboxThe mother of a shoemaker.
FritzHaberThe inventor of fertilizer.
Dr.HauptmannA diminitive instructor of technical science.
MAdameHebrardThe bookseller's wife.
Mr.HerbrardThe bookseller.
HeinrichHertzThe inventor of plastic.
Dr.HublinThe mineralogist.
RolfHupfauerOne of the kids in Children's House.
DanielLeBlancMarie's father. The professional locksmith.
EtienneLeBlancMarie-Laure's great uncle.
HenriLeBlancEtienne's brother. Marie's grandfather.
Marie-LaureLeBlancA blind girl. One of the protagonists. Aka: Laurette.
ClaudeLevitteA perfume seller. Aka: Big Claude.
MadameManecEtienne's long-time housekeeper.
Mr.MorvanLingerie store owner.
NeumannOneVolkheimer's driver.
JeanPassepartoutMr. Fogg's valet.
JuttaPfennigWerner's little sister.
WernerPfennigA German private. An orphan. One of the protagonists.
HelmutRodelOne of the members of Hitler Youth.
MadameRuelleThe baker's wife.
MartinSachseOne of the kids in Children's House.
ReinerSchicklerA young corporal who was caught and tortured.
HanzSchilzerOne of the oldest kids in Children's House. A member of Hitler Youth.
RudolfSiedlerThe famous radio repairman.
HermannStaudingerThe inventor of plastic.
Mrs.StresemannOne of Werner's neighbors.
NeumannTwoVolkheimer's assistant.
Mr.VerdierA clothing store owner.
FrankVolkheimerThe staff sergeant. A young cadet. Aka: The Giant.
ReinholdVon RumpelA sergeant major in Vienna.
VeronikaVon RumpelReinhold's eldest daughter.
AlbertWetteJutta's husband.
MaxWetteJutta and Albert's son.
Backer Werner's commandant.
Bastian The warrant officer in charge of field exercise commandant and schoolmaster.
Dupont A fake diamond seller.
Ernst The weakest boy in Werner's squad.
Francis Jutta's assistant.
Franny Frederick's maid.
Frederick The new kid in Children's House. The boy who befriends Werner.
Helene Marie and John's daughter.
John Marie-Laure's husband.
Michel Marie's grandson.
Rene The man that Madame Manec met at the hotel.