Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.ArsenikosWavy's neighbor.
AdinaBarfootKellen's mother.
Jesse JoeBarfoot Jr.Man who works with Liam. Wavy's boyfriend. Aka: Kellen, The Giant.
Mrs.BerryWavy's teacher.
RogerBetsworthCutcheon's worker.
Lyle BroadusKellen's lawyer.
PattyBruceVal's night nurse.
Mr.BunderThe P.E. teacher.
DustBunnyWavy's baby doll.
JillCarmodyRenee's bestfriend.
DanCutcheonKellen's mechanic business partner. Aka: Old man Cutcheon.
PaolaCutcheonCutcheon's wife.
Mr.DaleRenee's father.
Mrs.DaleRenee's mother.
ReneeDaleWavy's roommate.
LisaDeGrassiWavy's 3rd grade teacher.
JimmyDidierA boy who likes Wavy. Wavy's classmate.
SueEnaldoThe social worker who brings Wavy to Brenda.
SnakeGirlLiam's friend.
MissHumphriesOwner of the store where Kellen bought Wavy's engagement ring.
C.JMaberThe judge in Wavy's case.
HelenMorrisonWavy's grandmother. Brenda's mother.
IrvMorrisonHelen's husband. Brenda's father.
AmyNewlingWavy's cousin.
BillNewlingBrenda's husband. Wavy's uncle.
BrendaNewlingWavy's aunt. Amy's mother.
JaneNewlingAmy's grandmother. Bill's mother.
LeslieNewlingAmy's sister.
Mrs.NiBlackAmy's neighbor.
Mrs. NortonThe long-time teacher at Wavy's school.
Mr.OsherThe lawyer who oversaw Wavy's trust fund.
CarolinePetersWavy's classmate.
DonalQuinnWavy's little brother.
LiamQuinnAmy's uncle. Wavy's father.
SeanQuinnWavy's uncle. Liam's brother.
ValerieQuinnAmy's aunt. Wavy's mother. Aka: Val.
WavonnaQuinnProtagonist. Aka: Wavy, Vonnie.
BarfootSeniorKellen's father.
BriceStandishLeslie's husband.
JamesTeeterWavy's lawyer.
LeonVogelThe police officer who arrested Kellen.
Alicia Kellen's former lover.
Angela Jana's sister.
Beth Kellen's new friend.
Billy A drag racer.
Butch Liam's friend. Liam's drug business partner.
Cardoza The federal agent.
Casey Val's day nurse.
Charlotte The youth pastor.
Clifford A cashier at Miss Humphries's jewelry store.
Darrin The custodian at the hospital. Wavy's friend.
Dee Val's bestfriend. Liam's mistress.
Delbert A policeman.
Glen The bar owner.
Grant The sheriff who interrogates Kellen.
Haskins A policeman.
Jana Leslie's friend.
Joshua Renee's classmate.
Lance Dee's boyfriend.
Marcus A boy who had a crush on Amy.
Marilyn A saleslady at a bike shop.
Marjory Patty and Casey's supervisor.
Megan The social worker who checks on Wavy.
Neil Kellen's friend.
Ricki Liam's mistress.
Sandy One of Liam's mistresses.
Scott Butch's friend.
Stacy One of the 3rd grade teachers.
Terry Liam's friend.
Trisha Amy's girlfriend.
Vic Liam's worker.
Yvonne Neil's girlfriend.