Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Babs
 BarbaraLangfordA young widow. Aka: Babs.
 ChristopherLangfordBabs' husband. Aka: Kit.
 Charles Babs' eldest brother.
 Walnut A dog.
 Mrs. FinchThe housekeeper.
 RobertLangfordKit's father.
 Tess Robert's wife.
 Diana Babs' older sister.
 AmeliaEarhartAmerican aviator.
 Walter Andrew Bowdoin's father.
 AndrewBowdoinAn American lawyer. Aka: Drew.
2  Aurélie
 Aurélie The daughter of an American heiress. Demoiselles de Courcelles.
 Giovanni BoldiniAn Italian genre and portrait painter.
 Auguste RodinA French sculptor.
 JuliusCaesarFormer Roman consul.
 Maximillianvon SternburgThe right-hand man of the commandant of Paris. Aka: Max.
 Johann Wolfgang von GoetheGerman writer and statesman.
 ArthurRimbaudFrench poet.
 MarcelProustFrench novelist.
 Marquise CasatiAn Italian heiress, muse, and patroness of the arts.
 Voltaire French writer.
 Jean-Marie Aurélie's childhood friend.
 Gaston A chauffeur.
3  Daisy
 Marguerite de CourcellesaA girl who was raised by her free-spirited grandmother. aka: Daisy.
 Grandmère Daisy's grandmother.
 Bernard The porter.
 MonsieurLegrandGrandmere's friend. The name used by Kit during war.
 JacquesLapinFormer owner of the bookshop.
 Pierre Daisy's husband.
 MadameHalévyGrandmere's acquaintance.
 Croesus King of Lydia who, according to Herodotus, reigned for 14 years.
 Olivier One of Daisy's children.
 Madeleine One of Daisy's children.
4  Babs
 Robin Babs' eldest son.
 Reginald Robin's uncle. Aka: Reggie.
 NapoleonBonaparteFrench statesman and military leader.
 MarieAntoinetteQueen of France.
 PreciousDuboseBabs' acquaintance.
 PrunellaSchuylerPrecious' old friend.
5  Aurélie
 Victor A guard.
 Louis XV King of France. He succeeded his great-grandfather Louis XIV.
 Clovis A dog. Aurelie's father's old companion.
 Sigismundde Courcelles Aurelie's father. Monsieur Le Comte.
 Monsieur le CureAurelie's father's acquaintance.
 Melisande Sigismund's wife.
 MajorHoffmeisterThe Etappen Kommandant.
6  Daisy
 Dannecker Von Sternburg's companion.
 Justine A maid.
7  Babs
 Michelangelo Italian sculptor.
 César RitzSwiss hotelier and founder of the Hôtel Ritz in Paris.
 Raphael A hairdresser.
 JeanShrimptonAn English model and actress.
 Rupert One of Babs' son.
 Penelope Babs' daughter. Aka: Penny.
8  Aurélie
 Dreier One of the soldiers.
 Kraus One of the soldiers
 Grafvon EngheinLe Comte's grandfather.
 Suzanne The cook.
 Titian Italian painter.
9  Daisy
 MonsieurValletThe head of Jewish affairs.
 Elisabethde RothschildGrandmere's dear friend.
 Philippe Monsieur Lapin's grandson.
10  Babs
 CocoChanelThe designer. One of Precious' friends.
 MargotLemouronPrecious' dearest friend. The name used by Daisy at the Ritz.
 LeslieHowardAn English actor and film maker.
 Eugenia Babs' grandmother.
11  Aurélie
 Henri The old butler,
 HarryHoudiniA Hungarian-born American illusionist and stunt performer.
 Charlotte CordayA French radical.
 Jean-Paul MaratA French political theorist, physician and scientist.
12  Daisy
 La Fleur Daisy's code name.
 Jean-Paul BissetOne of the Allied pilots downed over Belgium.
 GustaveFlaubertA French novelist.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor,
 Alexandre DumasA French writer.
 Honoré de BalzacA French novelist and playwright.
 MarcelProustA French novelist critic, and essayist.
 CharlesDickensAn English writer and social critic.
 AnthonyTrollopeAn English novelist and civil servant of the Victorian era.
 Frank A bartender.
 Swan Legrand's code name.
 MadameBissetLegrand's acquaintance.
13  Babs
 AnneBoleynQueen of England and second wife of King Henry VIII.
14  Aurélie
 Nicolas The baker's son.
 MadameLelongThe postmaster's wife.
 Aristophanes A comic playwright or comedy-writer of ancient Athens and a poet.
 Elisabeth Max's sister.
 Hercule Aurelie's uncle.
15  Daisy
 MadameDuchampsThe headmistress.
 MadameLevinDaisy's acquaintance.
 O.HenryAn American short story writer.
 Ovid A Roman poet.
 Marie-Rose One of Madame Levin's children.
 Genevieve One of Madame Levin's children.
18  Daisy
 HenriQuatreThe first monarch of France from the House of Bourbon.
 MaximilienRobespierreA French lawyer and statesman.
 Joan of Arc A heroine of France.
 MargueriteBlakeneyLeads London society with her beauty, style and intelligence.
19  Babs
 GigiMercierThe law firm librarian.
 WilhelminaGoldAurelie's maman. Daisy's grandmere.
 MonsieurDeneauxA long time employee at the Ritz.
20  Aurélie
 Erster von WitzlebenMaximillian von Sternburg's uncle.
23  Aurelie
 King Charles The King of England.
 Plato An Athenian philosopher.
 Immanuel KantA German philosopher.
25  Babs
 Queen Victoria Former Queen of the United Kingdom.
26  Aurélie
 Louis Quinze King of France. Louis XV.
29  Aurélie
 JeanneDeschampsThe name used by Aurelie to make her way safe to the Ritz.
 Marie A helper.
30  Daisy
 Christine Daisy and Kit's daughter.
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