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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Luca QuixanoLydia's son. Aka: Luca Mateo Perez Quixano.
 Lydia PerezSebastian Delgado's wife.
 Adrián Luca's cousin.
 Yénifer Adrian's sister.
 Alex Adrian and Yenifer's father.
 Yemi Alex's wife.
2SebastianDelgadoA journalist.
 Javier FuentesLydia's friend.
 Fermina DazaOne of Lydia's fake names.
4Leah HagerCohenAn American author.
 SebastianBarryAn Irish novelist, playwright and poet.
 Marta Javier's daughter.
 BillGates"American business magnate."
5Ikal A room service delivery boy.
 FlorentinoArizaFermina Daza's husband.
6Henry Lydia's acquaintance.
 Marge Henry's wife.
7Carlos Sebastian's friend.
 Meredith Carlos's wife.
 Paula One of Lydia's relatives.
 Arturo One of Lydia's relatives.
 Estefani One of Lydia's relatives.
 Nico One of Lydia's relatives.
 Joaquin One of Lydia's relatives.
 Diana One of Lydia's relatives.
 Vicente One of Lydia's relatives.
 Rafael One of Lydia's relatives.
 Lucia One of Lydia's relatives.
 Rafaelito One of Lydia's relatives.
 Mama Lydia's mother.
8OscarDe la Hoya American-Mexican professional boxer.
9MarcMarquezA very successful motorcycle racer.
 LeoTolstoy Russian writer.
 CharlotteBronteAn English novelist and poet.
 MarkTwain American writer.
 WilliamYeatsAn Irish poet.
 SalvadorAllende Former President of Chile.
 JorgeBorges Argentine short story writer.
 Mariana One of Lydia's fake names.
10Naya A little who owns a dog.
11Kiki One of Lydia's employees.
 Gloria One of Lydia's employees.
12Padre Rey A priest.
 Nestor Padre Rey's helper.
 Cecilia A nun.
13Neli One of Lydia's acquaintances.
 Julia One of Lydia's acquaintances.
 Ixchel One of Lydia's acquaintances.
14Gustavo Lydia's uncle. Aka: Gus.
 Rebeca Luca's acquaintance.
 Soledad Rebeca's sister. Aka: Sole.
 Juanito Rebeca and Soledad's cousin.
 Pilar Luca's schoolmate.
16Miranda Luca's acquaintance.
 Iván Soledad's boyfriend.
 César Rebeca and Soledad's cousin.
17Lorenzo Javier's acquaintance.
 Araceli One of Lydia's fake names.
18Danilo A guardian for migrants.
 PabloEscobar Colombian drug lord.
19Elmer AbarcaLoboRebeca and Soledad's father.
 Ángela A nurse.
22MariaHinojosaAn American journalist.
 Hector FloresA Mexican lawyer and politician.
 Rafa The guard.
23Ricardo M.AlcanA doctor.
 Ximenita Soledad's acquaintance.
24Eugenio The brother of a migrant.
 Víctor Lydia's acquaintance.
25Beto One of the migrants.
 Luis Alberto Urrea American-Mexican poet.
 Ignacio Beto's brother.
 Omar Beto's acquaintance.
27JBalvinColombian singer.
 Paola A bank branch manager.
28StephenKingAmerican author.
 Marisol Lydia's acquaintance.
 Daisy One of Marisol's daughters.
 America One of Marisol's daughters.
 Rogelio Marisol's husband.
29Choncho One of the migrants.
 Slim One of the migrants.
 David Choncho's son.
 Ricardin Slim's son.
 Nicolas A PhD student.
32Brisenia FloresA nine-year-old girl who was murdered at their home in Arivaca.
 IsaacNewtonEnglish mathematician, physicist.
33JuanPedroThe coyote. Aka: El Chacal.
 Pamela El Chacal's girlfriend.
 Teresa Slim's
36 RamirezOne of the Border Patrol agents.
  CastroOne of the Border Patrol agents.
Epi HafezA Persian poet.
 SeamusHeaney Irish poet.
 PabloNerudaNobel Prize winning Chilean poet-diplomat and politician.
 Eric Luca's new friend.
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