Characters - Alphabetical
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JimAliA friend of Marie's father. Aka: Mr. Ali.
Ms.BaptisteHelene's teacher.
BunchyCarterAn American Activist.
FidelCastroFormer Prime Minister of Cuba.
BlaiseCompaoreSankara's close friend. The Vice-President of Burkina Faso.
ChantalCompaoreBlaise's wife.
MuammarGaddafiThe Libyan President.
RicGoldMarie's boss.
CheGuevarraAn Argentine Marxist revolutionary.
FelixH. BoignyBlaise's father-in-law.
FredHamptonAn American Activist.
SamKindaA member of the President's Security.
John Le CarreA Spy author.
Mrs.MenoniMarie's neighbor.
AgatheMitchellMarie's mother. Aka: Meme.
HeleneMitchellMarie's sister.
MarieMitchellProtagonist. Aka: Monica Williams, Maman.
Mr.MitchellMarie's father. Aka: Pop.
TommyMitchellMarie's son. William's twin.
WilliamMitchellMarie's son. Tommy's twin.
Jean-BaptisteOuedraogoFormer President of Upper Volta.
NicoleOuedraogoDaniel's secretary.
JerryRawlingsThe Ghana's head of the state.
EdRossGold's colleague. Marie's workmate.
MousbilaSankaraThomas's uncle.
ThomasSankaraThe Burkina Faso President. The man that Marie spied.
SharonScranageA CIA clerk.
Mobutu SeseSekoThe Congee President.
DanielSlaterThe man who recommended Marie to be a spy. Helene's old friend.
JonasSomeThe President of the National Student Union.
MichaelSoussoudisSharon's boyfriend.
Anna MaeSquashA Human Rights Activist.
MattTestaverdeMarie's friend.
VincentTraoreA member of the committee for the Defense of the Revolution.
ChrisYoungRobbie's son.
PamYoungHelene's best friend. Robbie's sister.
RobbieYoungMarie's first boyfriend.
Aisha The only female informant of Marie.
Amid Issa's brother.
Asalfo The man with a radio at the cafĂ©.
Bunny Marie's airedale.
Chickie Robbie's uncle.
Djeneba Marie's cook.
Fatimata Nicole's friend.
Freddy Helene's boyfriend.
Geneva Marie's former neighbor.
Irena Marie's neighbor.
Issa One of Daniel's spy agents.
Jean The guard.
Kamal The man that Marie met.
Leon Agathe's father. Marie's grandfather.
Marlon Aisha's son.
Marmaduke Pop's dog.
Mossi The Chief of Tema.
Nicolas Agathe's farmhand.
Peggy Marie's roommate.
Phillip Ed Ross's colleague.
Poochini Marie's german shepherd.
Ray The man in the picture.
Rhonda Helene's friend.
Roy Hippie.
Sido Agathe's sister. Marie's aunt.