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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1ValerieToussaintFabiola's mother. Aka: Manman.
 DeborahHowardAn airport security officer.
 MarjorieFrancoisValerie's sister who lives in New York. Fabiola's aunt. Aka: Matant Marjorie, Matant Jo.
2ChantalFrancoisFabiola's cousin.
 PrimadonnaFrancoisFabiola's cousin. Aka: Donna, D.
 PrincessFrancoisFabiola's cousin. Aka: Pri.
3BadLegThe crazy homeless man that Dray hit.
 Drayton WillisCarterDonna's boyfriend. A drug seller. Aka: Dray.
4PapaLegbaThe lwa of crossroads.
 SandraMcNeilMurdered. A 17-year-old student.
5Ms.StanleyThe school principal.
 Imani Fabiola's seatmate.
 Jean-PhillipFrancoisMarjorie's husband. Fabiola's uncle.
7BrokeAndersonDray's childhood friend. Fabiola's boyfriend. Aka: Kasim.
 Marco Fabiola's ex-lover.
 Ezili The lwa of love and fertility.
9ShawnaStevensThe detective from Grosse Pointe.
 MadisonHelwigThe teenager who died from a bad combination of drugs.
11Taj Pri's lover.
12Mr.NolanFabiola's English teacher.
14J.Dilla A Detroit rapper legend.
 Eminem A famous rapper.
 AlvinAileyThe opera dancer.
 UncleQDray's uncle. A club owner.
15BaronSamediThe Haitian loa of the dead.
16Jean-ClaudeDuvalierThe former President of Haiti. Aka: Baby Doc.
 FrancoisDuvalierJean-Claude's father.
17MissSandraDonna's friend.
 Ms.UniqueThe beauty salon owner.
 Ezili-Danto The lwa of vengeance for women.
19Daesia Imani's friend.
 Tammie One of Imani's classmates.
 Tonesha Raquel's cousin.
 Raquel The alleged girlfriend of Kasim.
21Ogu The warrior and the half of Les Marrasa Jumeaux.
 AdrianWeissThe former owner of Francois's house.
 RuthWeissAdrian's wife.
 HenryFordAdrian's former employer. A plant owner.
 WilsonCoolidgeThe man who bought the Weiss's house.
 Lester CharlesWalkerThe first black resident of American Street.
26Baron Fabiola's friend. A Zoe Pound member.
28BerryGordyThe Motown Museum guide.
29BryanMessnerThe guy who's having a big party.
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