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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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   Part 1
1Ifemelunamma Lifestyle blog writer. Aka: Ifemelu, Ifemsco, Ifem.
 Obianuju Ifemelu's aunt. Aka: Uju.
 Ginika Ifemelu's close friend.
 Blaine Ifemelu's boyfriend.
 ObinzeMaduewesiIfemelu's first love. Aka The Zed, Ceiling.
 Dike Ifemelu's cousin.
 MervinSmithTaxi driver.
 Mariama Owner of Mariama African Hair Braiding.
 Aisha One of Mariama's braiders.
 Halima  Mariama's sister.
 Ranyinudo Ifemelu's old friend in Lagos. Aka: Ranyi.
 Chijioke Cab driver. One of Aisha's boyfriends.
 Emeka Security guard. One of Aisha's boyfriends.
2Gabriel Obinze's driver.
 Okwudiba Obinze's closest friend.
 Kosi Obinze's wife.
 Mohammed Obinze's gateman.
 Buchi Obinze's daughter.
 Christiana Buchi's nanny.
 Chioma Kosi's sister.
 Marie Kosi's housegirl.
 Nneoma Obinze's cousin.
 Chief  Very rich man who helped Obinze earn his fortune.
 Sani AbachaArmy officer, dictator and former de facto President of Nigeria.
 Ibrahim Babangida Retired Nigerian Army General and former President of Nigeria.
 Olusegun Obasanjo Former President of Nigeria.
 Mrs.Akin-ColeOld woman from a famously old family.
 Adamma One of the guests in Chief's party.
 Ferdinand One of Chief's acquaintances.
 Yemi Newspaper journalist.
 Dele  One of Obinze's friends.
 Elohor Kosi's best friend.
   Part 2
3Mrs. OjoOne of the members of Miracle Spring.
 PastorGideonPastor at Guiding Assembly.
 Oga  Uju's lover, benefactor. Aka: The General.
 Chetachi Ifemelu's old neighbor.
 Jecinta Ifemelu's former house help.
 Ibinabo One of the officers of Guiding Assembly.
 Christie One of the girls in Guiding Assembly.
4KayodeDaSilvaThe coolest boy in school.
 Yinka Kayode's girlfriend.
 Mofe Ifemelu's ex-boyfriend.
5Priye One of Ginika and Ifemelu's friends.
 Tochi One of Ginika and Ifemelu's friends.
 Ahmed One of the Big Guys.
 Emenike One of the Big Guys.
 Osahon One of the Big Guys.
 OnyekaOnwenuNigerian singer.
6Sola Uju's driver.
 BabaFlowerUju's gardener.
 Inyang One of Uju's house helps.
 Chikodili One of Uju's house helps.
 Akunne  Ifemelu's father's almost-cousin.
 Olujimi Uju's ex-boyfriend.
 Adesuwa One of Uju's friends.
 Uche One of Uju's friends.
 Adamu  Uju's gateman.
7Augustina House help.
 Odein Student activist.
 Dr.AchufusiFamily doctor.
 Bunmi Ifemelu's mother's colleague.
9Alma Dike's babysitter.
 NgoziOkonkwoOne of Uju's friends.
 Jane Uju's neighbor.
 Nkechi  One of Uju's friends.
 Kemi  One of Uju's friends.
 Ozavisa  One of Uju's friends.
10Marlon Jane's husband.
 Elizabeth One of Jane's children.
 Junior One of Jane's children.
11Bartholomew Uju's new boyfriend.
 Amara Uju's acquaintance.
12Stephanie Ginika's friend. Aka: Steph.
 Jessica Ginika's Japanese American friend.
 Teresa One of Ginika's friend.
 Stephanie Ginika's Chinese American friend.
 Hari Ginika's Indian friend.
 Chelcy One of the salesperson.
 Jennifer One of the salesperson.
 Jackie One of Ifemelu's roommates.
 Elena One of Ifemelu's roommates.
 Allison One of Ifemelu's roommates.
13Miss BrownDike's babysitter.
14CristinaTomasMember of the student affair.
 Samantha Ifemelu's class friend.
 ProfessorMooreIfemelu's teacher.
 Wambui President of the African Students Association.
 Dorothy Waitress in Center City.
 Mwombeki Double major student.
 Kofi One of the members of the African Students Association.
 Olga Uju's Russian friend.
15KimberlyTurnerIfemelu's propected employer. Aka: Kim.
 Laura Kimberly's sister.
 Morgan Kimberly's daughter. Aka: Morg.
 Martha Kimberly's former babysitter.
 LawrenceAniniNigerian bandit who terrorised Benin City in the 80's.
 Taylor  Kimberly's son.
 DonTurnerKimberly's husband.
16Curtis  Kimberly's cousin. Aka: Curt.
 Athena Laura's daughter.
 Dr.BinghamOne of Laura's doctors.
 Dr.HoffmanOne of Laura's doctors.
17Jamal Apartment super.
 Mr.AgboIfemelu's former teacher.
 Haley Dike's group leader at camp.
 Danny Dike's friend.
18Kelsey One of Mariama's customer.
 Abe  Ifemelu's crush at school.
19Ruth Ifemelu's counselor at the career services office.
 ProfessorHunkOne of Ifemelu's teachers.
20Brad One of Curt's friend.
 Amy  Ifemelu's co-worker.
 MissMargaretCashier at the cafeteria.
   Part 3
23Iloba Obinze's cousin.
 Cleotilde Work for the Angolans marriage for papers scheme. Aka: Cleo.
 Brown The man who sort out Obinze's driving license.
 OkoliOkaforObinze's former classmate. Aka: Okoli Paparazzi.
 CrystalSmithOkoli's soon to be wife.
 Agnes House help.
 Nicholas  Obinze's cousin.
24Ghanaian Cleaning lady.
 Ojiugo Nicholas's wife.
 Nna One of Ojiugo's children.
 Nne One of Ojiugo's children.
 Bose One of Ojiugo's friends.
 Chika  One of Ojiugo's friends.
25Georgina  Emenike's wife.
 Nosa One of Obinze's friends.
 Chidi  One of Obinze's friends.
 Wale  One of Obinze's friends.
 VincentObiThe man who sold Obinze his National Insurance number.
26Duerdinhito One of Brazilian cleaning crew. Aka: Dee.
 Roy SnellObinze's boss.
 Nigel  One of Obinze's co-workers.
 Haley Nigel's girlfriend .
27Tendai The woman Obinze met at a party.
28Patrick  One of Obinze's co-workers.
29Mark Georgina's old friend.
 Hannah  One of Emenike and Georgina's friend.
 Phillip One of Emenike and Georgina's friend.
 Hadome Obinze's schoolmate.
 Alexa One of Emenike and Georgina's friend.
   Part 4
31Rob The man Ifemelu cheated with.
 Ashleigh Curt's cousin.
 Claire Curt's aunt.
32Kweku Divorced Ghanaian doctor.
34Araminta Blaine's best friend.
 Paula Blaine's ex-girlfriend.
 Shan Blaine's sister.
35Ovidio Shan's boyfriend.
 Jerry  Shan's boyfriend who died.
 Jorge Doorman at Shan's apartment.
 David  Shan's editor.
 KelechiGarubaShan's Nigerian friend.
 Luc French man Shan met at the airport.
36Marcia Blaine's friend.
 Benny Marcia's husband.
 Grace  Korean-American woman who taught African-American studies.
 Nathan  Literature professor.
 Pee  Paula's girlfriend also named Paula.
 Michael Photographer. One of Blaine's friends.
37Omar The sexiest man in New York according to Shan.
 Maribelle Shan's friend.
 Joan Maribelle's girlfriend.
 Bill A writer.
 Ashanti Shan's friend.
 Peter A guy from Wisconsin.
38Boubacar Senegalese professor.
 Kavanagh  Assistant history professor.
 Mr.WhiteSecurity guard at the library.
 Araminta One of Blaine's friends.
   Part 5
42Jonathan One of Kosi's friends from church.
 Isioma One of Kosi's friends from church.
   Part 7
44Funke Ranyinudo's friend.
 Ijeoma Funke's friend.
 Ibrahim A guy Ranyinudo used to date.
 Ndudi A guy Ranyinudo met at Ijeoma's wedding.
 MekkusPararaUsed to have a crush with Ginika.
 Don Ranyinudo's boyfriend.
45OnenuOnenuPublisher of Zoe.
46Vivian Ifemelu's old classmate.
47Esther Receptionist at Zoe.
 Ayo Ifemelu's driver.
 Doris One of the editors at Zoe.
 Zemaye Assistant editor at Zoe.
48Bisola  One of Ifemelu's old acquaintances.
 Yagazie One of Ifemelu's old acquaintances.
 Ikenna  One of Ifemelu's old acquaintances.
 Fred  A guy Ifemelu's met at the bar.
49Mr. ToluPhotographer.
51UcheOkoyeOne of Obinze's friends.
53TundeRazaqLagos playboy.
54Edusco  Obinze's business acuaintance.
 Hezekiah  One of Obinze's acuaintance.
 Awka Hezekiah's cousin
 Sike Ahmed's wife.
 Olu  One of Ahmed's visitors.
 Morenike Olu's ex-wife.
 Eze  Owner of oil wells.
 AuntyChineloObinze's mother's friend.
 Dapo One of Ahmed's visitors.
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