Characters - Alphabetical
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JohnAdams2nd president of the Unites States.
John QuincyAdams6th U.S. President. Son of former president John Adams.
NabbyAdamsJohn Adams' daughter.
EdmundBaconAmerican urban planner.
CharlesBankheadAnn's husband.
Dr.BankheadCharles Bankhead's father.
Mary HemingsBellSally's sister.
ThomasBellA storekeeper.
Mr.BentleyPatsy's tutor in music.
GeorgeBridgetowerBritish musician.
AaronBurrAmerican politician served as the 3rd vice president of the U.S.
James T.CallenderA political pamphleteer and journalist.
DavidCampbellTom's acquaintance.
GeorgianaCavendishDuchess of Devonshire, was an English socialite and author.
Mr.CenasPatsy's tutor in dancing.
KittyChurchPatsy's new acquaintance.
WilliamClarkAmerican explorer, soldier, Indian agent and territorial governor.
JohnColesOne of Thomas Jefferson's acquaintances.
JosephCoolidgeEllen's husband.
CharlesCornwallis1st Marquess Cornwallis. Former Governor General of India.
MariaCoswayItalian-English artist and educationalist.
Mariede BotidouxPatsy's true friend.
Bonide CastellaneFrench nobleman and politician known as Marquis de Castellane.
Francois-Jeande ChastelluxA military officer during the war of American Independence.
Madamede CorneyJefferson's friend.
Madamede LafayetteA French writer.
Julesde Polignac1st Duke of Polignac, was a French nobleman.
Alexandrinede R.-ChabotDuchesse de La Rochefoucauld. aka: Rosalie.
Louis Renede RohanKnown as Cardinal de Rohan was a French bishop of Strasbourg.
Mr.De RothOne of Ellen's beaux.
Madame D'EnvilleJefferson's acquaintance.
Gilbertdu MotierMarquis de Lafayette. French military officer.
John HenryEatonU.S senator from Tennessee and U.S. Secretary of War.
PeggyEatonJohn Henry Eaton's wife
Francis W.EppesA planter and slave owner from Virginia.
FrankEppesPatsy's uncle.
JackEppesPatsy's cousin.
ThomasEstonJefferson's acquaintance.
Mr.ForneyOne of Ellen's beaux.
JosephFossettAn enslaved blacksmith owned by Thomas Jefferson. aka: Joe.
BenjaminFranklinOne of the Founding Fathers of the Unites States.
Dr.GilmerMartha Jefferson's physician.
Louis H.GirardinJefferson's acquaintance.
AlexanderHamiltonOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
PhilipHamiltonAlexander Hamilton's eldest son.
Mr.HarrisonJudith's neighbor.
GabriellaHarvieColonel Randolph's new wife.
JohnHarvieGabriella Harvie's father.
BabHemingsJames' brother.
BetsyHemingsPolly's maid.
ElizabethHemingsGrandfather Wales' concubine.
James M.HemingsNew son of Jefferson and Sally Hemings.
JimmyHemingsA chef.
JohnnyHemingsSally's brother.
SallyHemingsA servant and a concubine.
PatrickHenryOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
Armand JulesHeraclePatsy's suitor. Son of the Duke of Polignac.
JohnHolmesJefferson's acquaintance.
Mrs.HopkinsonJefferson's acquaintance.
W.Hornsby19th century artist.
Mr.HughesOne of Ellen's beaux.
AndrewJackson7th president of the United States.
MarthaJeffersonThomas Jefferson's wife.
ThomasJefferson3rd U.S. President.
Mr.JoplinOne of Thomas Jefferson's acquaintances.
JackJouettCaptain in the 16th Regimen of the Virginia militia.
JackJouettAmerican farmer and politician in Virginia.
AlexanderKeechJefferson's acquaintance.
Francis ScottKeyKnown for writing the lyrics for the American national anthem.
MeriwetherLewisJefferson's new secretary.
Robert R.LivingstonOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
Mr.LoganOne of Ellen's beaux.
JamesMadison4th president of the Unites States.
JohnMarshallAmerican politician served as the 4th Chief Justice of the U.S.
Stevens T.MasonAmerican politician who served as the first Governor of Michigan.
Sidi SolimanMellimelliAmbassador to the Secretary of State.
JamesMonroe5th president of the Unites States.
ThomasMooreIrish writer, poet, and lyricist.
GoverneurMorrisBecame the minister of France.
JaneNicholasJeff's girl.
Mrs.NicholasJane Nicholas' mother
ThomasPaineOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
Benjamin F.RandolphTom and Patsy's son.
George W.RandolphPatsy's son.
James M.RandolphSally and Tom's son.
JohnRandolphOne of Richard Randolph's brothers.
Martha J.RandolphThomas Jefferson's eldest daughter. aka: Patsy.
Mrs.RandolphColonel Randolph's wife.
RichardRandolphJudith's husband.
TheoRandolphOne of Richard Randolph's brothers.
Thomas J.RandolphTom and Patsy's son. aka: Jeff.
Thomas MannRandolphColonel Randolph and Harvie's son.
Thomas MannRandolph Jr.Colonel Randolph's son. aka: Tom.
Col. ThomasRandolph Sr.Thomas Jefferson's bossom friend.
Mr.RoseOne of Thomas Jefferson's acquaintances.
LiliteRoyerMr. Short's lover.
John FrederickSackville3rd Duke of Dorset.
WilliamShortMartha Jefferson's kinsman.
Mr.SimitiereTaught art and tutor for the French language.
ColonelSmithMr. Adams' secretary.
Margaret B.SmithAmerican author and political commentator.
RobertSmithUnited States Secretary of the Navy.
NicholasTristA neighbor who wanted to marry Patsy's daughter.
CarolineTuffonOne of the nieces of the Duke of Dorset.
ElizabethTuffonOne of the nieces of the Duke of Dorset.
NathanielTurnerAmerican preacher. aka: Nat.
MammyUrsulaLaundress and pastry cook.
Mr.WalkerJefferson's acquaintance.
GeorgeWashington1st president of the Unites States.
Mrs.WashingtonGeorge Washington's wife.
JohnWaylesPatsy's grandfather.
CharlesWillamosA Swiss-born adventurer.
JudgeWytheJefferson's law teacher.
Abigail John Adams' wife.
Ann Tom and Patsy's first child.
Betty Grandfather Wale's wife.
Beverly Sally's son.
Burwell Jefferson's new butler.
Caesar One of Jefferson's servants.
Caractacus A horse.
Cornelia Patsy's daughter.
Critta One of Martha Jefferson's sisters.
Dolley James Madison's wife.
Elizabeth Patsy's aunt.
Ellen 1 Patsy's dead daughter.
Ellen 2 Patsy's daughter.
Francis Polly's son.
George Patsy's son.
George VI Former King of the United Kingdom.
Harriet Sally's daughter.
James Jimmy Hemings' new name.
Jenny Tom Randolph's little sister.
Judith One of Colonel Randolph's daughters.
Jupiter Jefferson's old personal servant.
Louis XIV King of France known as Louis the Great.
Lucy Jefferson's young daughter.
Madame de Tesse Lafayette's aunt.
Maria The name Polly wanted to call her. aka: Mary.
Marie-Antoinette The last queen of France before the French Revolution.
Martin Sally's older brother.
Mary Patsy's infant daughter.
Mirabeau The man who worked with Jefferson.
Molly Mary's daughter.
Nance One of Martha Jefferson's sisters.
Nancy One of Colonel Randolph's daughters.
Napoleon I Known as Napoleon Bonaparte, was a French military general.
Polly Thomas Jefferson's daughter.
Robert One of Jefferson's servants.
Septimia Patsy's seventh daughter.
Virginia Patsy's daughter. aka: Ginny.