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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 Mr.TotmanStationer of the High Street.
 LauraEasterbrookOccupant living in Chipping Cleghorn. Colonel's wife.
 Mrs.SweetenhamOccupant living in Chipping Cleghorn.
 MissBlacklockOccupant living in Chipping Cleghorn.
 EdmundSweetenhamMrs. Sweetenham's son.
 SelinaLawrenceThe woman who needed a cook.
 LetitiaBlacklockOwner of Little Paddocks. aka: Letty.
 Simon Edmund's uncle.
 ArchieEasterbrookMrs. Easterbrook's husband. Colonel.
 AmyMurgatroydLives with Hinchcliffe.
 MissHinchcliffeLives with Amy. aka: Hinch.
 Diana BunchHarmonThe vicar's wife.
 JulianHarmonDiana's husband. A vicar.
 EdwardHarmonJulian's son.
 SusanHarmonJulian's daughter.
 JuliaSimmonsLetty's young cousin. Patrick's sister.
2PatrickSimmonsLetty's young cousin. Julia's brother.
 DoraBunnerA close friend of Letty's. Her former schoolmate. aka: Bunny.
 PhillipaHaymesLittle Paddocks boarder. Dayas Hall gardener.
 Mitzi Letty's housekeeper and cook. Refugee.
3Mrs.LucasPhillipa's boss.
4GeorgeRydesdaleChief constable of Middleshire.
 Dermot EricCraddockDetective inspector. Sir Henry's grandson.
 Legg Police inspector.
 RudiScherzDeceased foreigner. Swiss man who worked at the Royal Spa Hotel.
 Fletcher Police sergeant.
 Sir HenryClitheringScotland Yard's ex-commissioner.
 Mr.RowlandsonRoyal Spa Hotel manager.
 MrynaHarrisWaitress. Rudi's close friend.
5Mrs.HugginsLetty's gardener.
7Marlene Woman in jail.
 Florrie Bellamy's daughter. Jane's parlourmaid.
8JaneMarpleDiana's aunt. Detective's ally.
 RaymondWestJane's nephew.
 FredTylerMan in the fish shop.
 JessieSpraggeThe girl at Draper's.
 JimKellyNotorious swindler.
 Emma Craddock's aunt.
10RandallGoedlerA man associated with Letty.
 BelleGoedlerRandall's wife.
 SoniaGoedlerRandall's sister.
 DmitriStamfordisSonia's husband.
 PipStamfordisSonia's son. Emma's twin.
 EmmaStamfordisSonia's daughter. Pip's twin.
11PatSimmonsJulia and Patrick's mother.
12RonaldHaymesPhillipa's husband. Ex-military.
 HarryHaymesRonald and Phillipa's son.
13Mr.ElliotOwner of the antique shop.
 Hynes Phillipa's lodger.
14SisterMcClellandMrs. Goedler's nurse.
16Mr.BeddingfieldLetty's lawyer.
17Charlotte Letty's sister.
18Dr.BlacklockLetty's father.
 Mr.CurtissThe Wesleyan Minister.
19TiglathPileserLetty's cat.
20Edwards Police detective.