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Remy Hale
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   Part One
1StepanOblonskyA minor government official. aka: Stiva.
 Alabin Stepan Arkadyevitch's acquaintance.
 DaryaOblonskayaStepan Arkadyevitch's wife. aka: Dolly.
2MlleRolandA governess.
 Matvey Stepan Arkadyevitch's valet.
 AnnaKareninaA beautiful aristocratic married woman. Stepan's sister.
 MaryaPhilimonovnaA nurse.
3Friedrichvon BeustA German and Austrian statesman.
 Grisha Stepan's youngest boy.
 Tanya Stepan's eldest girl.
 MissHooleA governess.
  KalininA staff captain.
5AlexeyKareninA high-ranking government minister. Anna Karenina's husband.
 Philip IvanitchNikitinOne of Stepan's colleagues.
 MichaelGrinevitchOne of Stepan's colleagues.
 KonstantinLevinA generous-hearted landowner. Stepan's friend. aka:Kostya.
 SergeyKoznishevLevin's brother.
 KaterinaShtcherbatskayaStepan's sister-in-law. aka: Kitty.
 ZaharNikititchStepan's secretary.
6Young PrinceShtcherbatskyKitty and Dolly's brother.
 AlexanderShtcherbatskayaKitty and Dolly's father.
 Linon Kitty's acquaintance.
 NataliaGolitzinaDolly's sister. aka: Madame Lvova.
 ArsenyLvovNatalia's husband.
8NikolayLevinKonstantin's elder brother and Sergey Ivanovitch's half-brother.
 Prokofy Sergey's acquaintance.
9NikolayShtcherbatskayaKitty's cousin.
 PrincessShtcherbatskayaKitty's mother.
10PrinceGolitsinA Russian general and statesman.
 CountessBoninaKitty's acquaintance.
11AlexeyVronskyA wealthy military officer.
 KirillVronskyAlexey Kirillovitch's father.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 Plato Ancient Greek philosopher.
14CountessNordstonKitty's friend.
 MaryaNikolaevnaNikolay Levin's mistress. aka: Masha.
17CountessVronskayaVronsky's mother.
18IvanPetrovichA Serbian film actor and singer.
19Sergey Alexeitch Karenin and Anna's young son. aka: Seryozha.
22YegorushKorsunskyA dance director.
 Lidi Korsunsky's wife.
 Krivin Kitty's acquaintance.
24Mr.KritskyKonstantine's friend from Kiev.
25Vanya A clerk in the counting.
 Philip A gardener.
26Ignat Konstantine Levin's coachman.
 AgafeaMihalovnaKonstantine Levin's old nurse, now his trusted housekeeper.
 Kouzma Levin's old servant.
 Laska A dog.
 Pava A cow.
 Berkoot A bull.
 Fyodor VassilyevitchKatavasovLevin's friend from his university days.
 VassilyFedorovitchA laborer.
27ProhorYermilinA renowned mower, a huge, black-haired peasant.
29Annushka Anna's maid.
31Mariette A governess.
 LidiaIvanovnaAlexey Alexandrovitch's friend.
32Pravdin A well-known Panslavist.
33Elizabeta F.TverskayaAnna's friend and Vronsky's cousin. aka: Betsy.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
 Raphael Italian painter and architect.
 Ludwig vanBeethovenA German composer and musician.
34Petritsky Vronsky's friend and favorite comrade.
 BaronessShiltonPetritsky's friend.
 Kamerovsky A cavalry captain.
 Rebecca One of Petritsky's acquaintances.
 Berkoshov One of Petritsky's acquaintances.
 Laura One of Vronsky's acquaintances.
 Fertinghof One of Vronsky's acquaintances.
 Buzulukov One of Vronsky's acquaintances.
   Part Two
2Lili Dolly's child.
4HarryNilssonAmerican singer-songwriter.
5Charles TalleyrandA French diplomat.
 PrinceKedrovA first-rate comrade.
 Claire A new French actress.
6PrincessMyakayaPrincess Betsy's acquaintance.
 Louis XV King of France. aka: Louis Quinze.
 Tushkovitch Princess Tverskaya's acquaintance.
 MadameMaltishtchevaPrincess Betsy's acquaintance.
7Topov A Red Army officer.
13Mishka A laborer.
 Semyon A contractor.
 Ipat A peasant.
14Ryabinin A merchant.
19CaptainYashvinVronsky's friend from the army.
20Volkov Petritsky's acquaintance.
21Frou-Frou Vronsky's horse.
 Gladiator A very tall chestnut horse.
 Mahotin Vronsky's most serious rival.
24AlexanderVronskyAlexey Vronsky's elder brother.
 Galtsin Vronsky's friend.
 PrinceKuzovlevOne of Vronsky's acquaintances.
 Cord One of Vronsky's acquaintances.
25ColonelSestrinThe umpire of the race.
 Diana Kuzovlev's horse.
26MihailSludinAlexey Alexandrovitch's chief secretary.
30MaryaRtishtchevaA Moscow lady.
 MadameStahlA devout invalid woman.
 VarvaraAndreevnaKitty's friend. aka: Varenka.
32MadameBertheA blind lady. Varenka's acquaintance.
33AlineStahlMadame Stahl's niece.
 MihailAlexeyevitchA sick painter. aka: Petrov.
 AnitaPavlovnaPetrov's wife. aka: Anna.
35Lieschen A servant girl.
   Part Three
4Yermil One of Levin's workers.
 Vaska One of Levin's workers.
 Tit Levin's preceptor in the art of mowing.
8Brownie The bailiff's horse.
 Terenty A coachman.
 Tanitchka Dolly's acquaintance.
11IvanParmenovLevin's friend.
15LizaMerkalovaOne of Betsy's acquaintances.
 SapphoShtoltzOne of Betsy's acquaintances.
 PrinceKaluzhskyOne of Betsy's acquaintances.
 Stremov One of the most influential people in Petersburg.
17MadameVredeAnna's acquaintance.
19Venovsky A young comrade.
 Varya T.VronskyAlexander Vronsky's wife.
 Rolandak Vronsky's acquaintance.
20Serpuhovskoy Vronsky's friend.
21Demin The colonel.
24NikolaySviazhskyLevin's friend.
26MadameSviazhskayaNikolay Sviazhsky's wife.
 Nastia Madame Sviazhskaya's sister.
27MihailPetrovitchA landowner.
28Spencer Sviazhsky's neighbor.
29FyodorRyezunovA carpenter.
 Shuraev A peasant.
 AngelicaKauffmanSwiss-Austrian painter.
30ParfenDenisitchAn old servant.
31FyodorBogdanitchLevin's acquaintance.
   Part Four
3KorneyVassilievitchAlexey Alexandrovitch's valet.
7MashaTchibisovaA ballet dancer.
 CountAnitchkinAlexey Alexandrovitch's new acquaintance.
9Turovchin Stepan's acquaintance.
14Yegor Levin's servant.
 Myaskin Levin's acquaintance.
17Piotr Alexey Alexandrovitch's servant.
 Kapitonitch A porter.
19Anna 2 Anna and Vronky's daughter. aka: Annie.
 MissEdwardeA nurse.
   Part Five
2Katavasov Levin's university friend.
 Tchirikov A Moscow conciliation-board judge. Levin's friend.
 MihailSemyonovitchLevin's acquaintance.
 Dunyasha A maid.
 Charles A hair-dresser.
4MaryaDmitrievnaLevin's aunt.
 MadameKorsunskayaOne of the guests at Levin and Kitty's wedding.
 MadameTrubetskayaOne of the guests at Levin and Kitty's wedding.
 CountSiniavinOne of the guests at Levin and Kitty's wedding.
 PrincessTcharskayaOne of the guests at Levin and Kitty's wedding.
7Golenishtcher Vronky's acquaintance.
9Mihailov An artist.
 Socrates Ancient Greek philosopher.
 CharlotteCordayA figure of the French Revolution.
 MarieVassiltchikovaDaughter of Prince Ilariona Vassiltchikov and Princess Lydia.
10Sasha Mihailov's wife.
 Raphael Italian painter and architect.
15PrinceTcharskayaLevin's acquaintance.
17SerafinaAstafievaA Russian dancer and ballet teacher.
23Komissarov Countess Lidia Ivanovna's former passion.
  Ristitch-KudzhitskyCountess Lidia Ivanovna's former passion.
24Sitnikov Seryozha's tutor.
26VassilyLukitchSeryozha's acquaintance.
 AlexanderNevskyA drama film of a great Russian prince led his people to victory.
 AndreyPervozvannyA class pre-dreadnought battleship for the Imperial Russian Navy.
 MihailIvanitchSeryozha's grammar teacher.
27Nadinka Lidia Ivanovna's niece.
 PyotrIgnatitchOne of Seryozha's teachers.
29PrinceSkorodumovSeryozha's acquaintance.
30MaryaEfimovnaA nurse.
32PrincessOblonskayaAnna's old unmarried aunt.
 Patti One of Anna's acquaintances.
 PrincessVarvaraOne of Anna's acquaintances.
33Kartasov One of Anna's acquaintances.
 MadameKartasovaKartasov's wife.
 PrincessSorokinaCountess Vronsky's acquaintance.
   Part Six
2MatronaSemyenovnaA servant.
4Marie Sergey Ivanovitch's lost loved one.
6VassenkaVeslovskyA distant cousin of the Shtcherbatskys.
8Krak A dog.
11Malthus A well-known capitalist.
 Gretchen Veslovsky's new friend.
13MaryaVlasyevnaA midwife.
19KaterinaPavlovnaAnna's aunt.
22KarlFedoritchA steward.
26Nevyedovsky A former university professor. Sergey Ivanovitch's great friend.
 MaryaIvanovnaThe governor's wife's friend.
27Hilustov The marshal of another district.
 Mihail StepanovitchSnetkobThe captain of the guards.
29StepanVassilievitchA merchant.
30YevgeneyApuhtinA candidate for the marshalship of the nobility of the province.
 PyotrBolThe privy councilor.
31Shirkov Vronsky's old friend.
 KatkaMaslovThe young governor's nickname in the Pages' Corps.
   Part Seven
1MaryaBorissovnaKitty's godmother.
2Metrov A distinguished scientific man from Petersburg.
 CountessBolaPyotr Petrovitch Bol's wife.
 Sokolov Levin's bailiff.
4PrincessKorzinskayaThe town council.
5JohannBachA German composer and musician of the Baroque era.
7Gagin Levin's acquaintance.
 Pyotr IllyitchVinovskyStepan Arkadyevitch's acquaintance.
8PrinceTchetchenskyA well-known billiard player.
10M.VorkuevLevin's new acquaintance.
 AlphonseDaudetFrench novelist.
 LizaMertsalovaLevin's acquaintance.
13LizavetaPetrovnaA midwife.
 Pasha A maid-servant.
 PyotrDmitrievitchLevin's acquaintance.
16Dmitri Levin and Kitty's son. aka: Mitya.
17Petrov The bank director.
 Sventitsky A company director.
 Mitin Founder of the bank.
 Volgarinov Alexey Alexandrovitch's acquaintance.
20Bryantsev One who had the highest functionaries in government.
 CountKrivtsovA man who kept two mistresses.
 Petrovsky A manager in the financial department.
 PyotrOblonskyStepan Arkadyevitch's acquaintance.
 JulesLandauA French psychic. Aka: Count Bezzubov.
 YuryMeledinskyAn invalid man. Princess Myakaya's acquaintance.
 CountessBezzubovaOne who adopted Landau.
21MadameBorozdinaGave birth to a boy named Vladimir.
 MarieSaninaA woman who lost her only child.
23Hannah Anna's English protégée.
 Yegorov One of Vronsky's acquaintances.
 Voytoy A man who was buying a horse.
 Pyevtsov Yashvin's acquaintance.
 Gambetta A horse.
   Part Eight
1Drabanti A singer.
5King Milan The first King of Serbia.
9Spinoza A Dutch philosopher.
 ImmanuelKantA German philosopher.
 Schelling A German philosopher.
 Georg W. F.HegelA German philosopher.
 ArthurSchopenhauerA German philosopher.
 AlekseyKhomyakovA Russian philosopher.
11Platon A well-to-do peasant. aka: Fokanitch.
14Ivan A coachman.
16AlexanderNikolaevitchThe Emperor.
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