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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Mrs. RachelLyndeA woman who runs the sewing circle in Avonlea.
 ThomasLyndeMrs. Rachel Lynde's husband.
 MatthewCuthbertLives in Green Gables / The man who adopts Anne Shirley.
   Green Gables, Ancestral farm-Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.
 PeterMorrisonMatthew Cuthbert's acquaintance.
 WilliamJ. BlairStore owner at carmody.
 MarillaCuthbertMatthew Cuthbert's sister.
 AlexanderSpencerMarilla Cuthbert's friend at the asylum where Anne lives.
 RichardSpencerAlexander Spencer's husband.
2HepzibahJenkinsA girl at the asylum.
 Mr. GeorgeBarryMarilla and Matthew Cuthbert's neighbor.
   Orchard Slope - A farm next to Green Gables.
 DianaBarryMr. George Barry's daughter / Anne Shirley's best friend.
3Anne ShirleyOrphan adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.
 LilyJonesA beautiful girl that Mrs. Alexander Spencer adopted.
4  Snow Queen - Cherry-tree outside Anne Shirley's bedroom.
 JerryBuoteA boy from the creek that Matthew Cuthbert hired.
 WalterShirleyAnne Shirley's father.
 BerthaShirleyAnne Shirley's mother.
5Mrs.HammondAnne Shirley's former employer.
 Mr.HammondMrs. Hammond's husband.
 Mr.KirkeA man who runs the White Sands Hotel.
6Robert Mrs. Spencer's brother.
 Nancy Robert's daughter.
 Flora JaneSpencerMrs. Spencer's daughter.
7Mrs. PeterBlewettWoman who's looking for a girl servant.
8KatieMauriceAnne Shirley's close friend.
 Violetta Anne Shirley's friend.
10MissRogersonA teacher in Sunday-School class.
 RobertBellOwner of the farm next to Green Gables.
12WilliamBellOwner of field between Orchard Slope and Green Gables.
 HamonAndrewOwner of field where the Sunday-School picnic was held.
 SuperintendentBellThe Superintendent's wife.
14JaneAndrewsMr. Harmon Andrew's daughter.
 Mary AliceBellDiana Barry and Anne Shirley's friend.
15  Violet Vale aka The Birch Path - A little green dimple.
 PrissyAndrewsAnne's classmate at Sunday-School / Mr. Harmon's daughter.
 Mr.PhillipsA Sunday-School teacher.
 RubyGillisAnne Shirley's classmate who gave her an apple.
 SophieSloaneAnne Shirley's classmate who lent her a lovely pink card.
 TillieBoulterAnne Shirley's classmate at Sunday-School.
 MinnieMacphersonOverheard Prissy saying that Anne Shirley has a pretty nose.
 GilbertBlytheMr. and Mrs. Blythe's son / Anne Shirley's friend.
 JuliaBellAnne Shirley's classmate.
 CharlieSloaneA boy who has a crush on Anne Shirley.
 Josie PyeAnne Shirley's classmate.
 GertiePyeJosie Pye's sister.
 EbenWrightOwner of house where Sunday-School master boarded.
 AliceAndrewsA girl who will bring Pansy's book to school.
 JimmyGloverA boy who had a bet on Ned Wright.
 Ned WrightJimmy Glover's friend.
16SamBoulterAnne Shirley's classmate who "sassed" Mr. Phillips in class.
 MattieAndrewsMinnie Andrews's brother.
 LizzieWrightAnne Shirley's schoolmate.
17Mr. ChesterRossA man who lives in Spencervale.
 Mrs. ChesterRossMr. Chester Ross's wife.
 Mrs.BarryMr. Barry's wife.
 Minnie MayBarryDiana Barry's youngest sister.
19CarrieSloaneAnne Shirley's schoolmate.
 RhodaMurrayA library owner / Diana Barry's cousin.
 JosephineBarryDiana Barry's great-aunt.
20Mr. SilasSloaneMan who owns the place where David Gray formerly lived.
21Mr.BentleyThe Minister at Avonlea.
 Mr.SmithMarilla and Matthew Cuthbert's friend.
 Mr.GreshamA religious man.
 Mr.MarshallMarilla and Matthew Cuthbert's neighbor.
 Mr.AllanThe Reverend at Avonlea.
 Mrs.AllanMr. Allan's wife / Teacher at Sunday-School.
 SuperintendentBellThe Superintendent at Avonlea's Sunday-School.
 LauretteBradleyA little girl from White Sands Sunday-School.
 MurielStacyA new teacher at Sunday-School.
22Ella MayMacPhersonAnne Shirley's schoolmate.
24Mary AliceBellA girl with a crooked nose.
25SamuelLawsonOwner of a store in Avonlea.
 WilliamBlaireOwner of a store in Avonlea.
 Ms. LucillaHarrisSamuel Lawson's lady clerk.
 JennyGillisRachel Lynde's niece.
 RobWrightA man who went home with Gertie Pye.
 Mrs.SloaneCharlie Sloane's mother.
26BessieWrightAnne Shirley's schoolmate.
 Moody S.MacPhersonElla May MacPherson's brother.
 CordeliaMontmorencyBeautiful maiden who falls in love with Betram De Vere.
 GeraldineSeymourLives in the village.
 BetramDe VereFalls in love with Geraldine Seymour.
 SusanGillisRuby Gillis's sister.
 MalcolmAndresA man who proposed to Susan Gillis.
27AngelGabrielAn Archangel.
 Elaine The Lily maid.
29CharlotteGillisA woman who was going to be married.
 Clara LouiseMacPhersonGirl who took prize for painting / Moody Spurgeon's relative.
 MadameSelitskyA very beautiful woman.
 MyrtleBellGirl from class.
33BerthaSampsonA member of the choir in White Sands Baptist Choir.
 PearlClayA member of the choir in White Sands Baptist Choir.
 MiltonClarkA violinist in Newbridge.
 AdellaClairThe woman who will sing a Scotch Ballad song.
 LauraSpencerA girl who will recite a speech.
 BillyAndrewsHarmon and Mrs. Andrews's son.
34FrankStockleyThe board governor's nephew / Anne Shirley's schoolmate.
35StellaMaynardAnne Shirley's friend.
 PriscillaGrantMrs. Grant's daughter / A pupil at Queen's Academy.
 LewisWilsonAn Avery Scholar.
 ProfessorTremaineA professor at Queen's Academy.
 EmilyClayA student at Queen's Academy.
36DoctorSpencerA physician at Avonlea.
 Mr.AbbeyA great Friend of Matthew Cuthbert's father.
 Mr.RussellMatthew Cuthbert's acquaintance.
37Martin The hired man at Green Gables.
38Mr.SadlerA man who was interested to buy Green Gables.