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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Luther AlbertWhitneyA former Army Ranger. A thief.
2JackGrahamA lawyer.
 Jennifer R.BaldwinJack's fiance.
 KateWhitneyLuther's daughter. Aka: Katie.
3William JamesBurtonOne of the President's secret service agents. Aka: Bill.
 TimCollinBurton's partner.
 AlanRichmondThe President of the United States.
 GloriaRussellThe Chief of Staff.
 ChristineSullivanThe wife of a billionnaire Walter Sullivan. Aka: Christy.
  JohnsonOne of the President's secret service agents.
 TravisVarneyOne of the President's secret service agents.
 Walter PatrickSullivanThe President's best friend. Christine Sullivan's husband.
4LucindaAlvarezA receptionist.
 BarryAlvisA senior staff associate.
 RaymondBishopA client.
 RansomeBaldwinJennifer's father.
 Herbert S.LordA senior partner in a law firm. Aka: Sandy
6JerryBurnsThe managing attorney.
 Phyllis A notary lawyer.
 ArthurLanisLuther's passport's name.
 FredBarnesA driver.
7SethFrankA senior homicide detective.
 Stu The crime unit photographer.
 SamMagruderThe officer-in-charged.
 LauraSimonA print lifter.
8TarrCrimsonOwner of an audiovisual company.
 Sheila Barry's secretary.
 DanielKirksenThe firm's managing partner. Aka: Dan.
9RonDayA service partner from the international law section.
 BernieKopetiSullivan's full-time chauffer.
11MichaelMcCartyOne of the world's foremost assassins.
 Thomas Mr. Sullivan's personal pilot.
12BrianRogersOne of Sullivan's carpet cleaners. Aka: Slick.
 BuddyBudizinskiOne of Sullivan's carpet cleaners.
 JeromePettisOne of Sullivan's carpet cleaners.
 GeorgePattersonCarpet cleaner's boss.
 Sally I George's secretary.
13Barney A golden retriever.
 WandaBroomeMrs. Sullivan's personal maid and confidante.
 Sally II One of Sullivan's housekeepers.
 Rebecca One of Sullivan's housekepers.
 KarenTaylorSullivan's cook.
 Richard Sullivan's valet.
 Molly Frank's helper.
14Julie Tarr's wife.
 EdwinaBroomeWanda's mother.
15HenryJacobsAlan Richmond's opponent.
16G.HenryOne of the mechanics working at Metro.
 H.ThomasOne of the mechanics working at Metro.
 Mary Russell's part-time maid.
 RichardMilesA senator.
 Ben One of Jack's transaction team.
 Martha Jack's secretary.
 GeorgeGorelickThe assistant commonwealth's attorney.
20RobertGavinA reporter. Aka: Bob.
22Samuel Jack's acquaintance.
23Millie Walter's Sullivan's mother.
24FredMartinA firm's messenger.
25Lois The President's secretary.
26Mr.FlandersAn old man who handed a videocassette tape to the police.
 SamAdamsesJack's acquaintance.
 CraigMillerD.C. homicide detective.
27Monroe The diminutive supervisor.
28Chris  Burton's son.
 Sydney Burton's daughter.
 Sherry Burton's wife.
29Donald BaylissThe FBI director.
 NathanBrimmerThe police chief.
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