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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part One
2Hamidullah Cave host. Dr. Aziz's distant uncle.
 MahmoudAliLawyer. Dr. Aziz's friend.
 Dr.AzizA doctor in Chandrapore.
 Mrs.BlakistonThe railway official's wife.
 Mr.TurtonStamp collector.
 Gilbert Lieutenant governor.
 MaryTurtonMr. Turton's wife.
 HughBannisterMrs. Bannister's son.
 Mrs.BannisterHugh's mother.
 HamidullahBegumHamidullah's wife. Dr. Aziz's distant aunt.
 MohammedLatifMahmoud Ali's butler.
 MesdamesCallendarCivil surgeon in Chandrapore. Dr. Aziz's boss.
 Mrs.LesleyMrs. Moore's acquaintance.
 Mrs.MooreOld Englishwoman. Dr. Aziz's new friend.
 RonnyHeaslopCity magistrate. Mrs. Moore's son.
 RalphMooreRonny's half brother. Mrs. Moore's son.
 StellaMooreRonny's half sister. Mrs. Moore's son.
 Ahmed Dr. Aziz's first son.
 Karim Dr. Aziz's second son.
 Jamila Dr. Aziz's eldest daughter.
 Mrs.CallendarMajor Callendar's wife.
3AdelaQuestedWoman who wants to know about Indians. Ronny's fiance.
 CyrilFieldingEnglishman. Principal of Local Government College.
 VakilMahmoud AliLegal adviser of the prisoner.
4NawabBahadurPolitical leader in Chandrapore. aka: Mr. Zulfiqar.
 Mr.GraysfordDevoted missionary.
 Mr.SorleyDevoted missionary.
5NancyDerekCast in the Cousin Kate play.
 Mrs.McBrydgeDistrict superintendent of police.
 Mrs.BhattacharyaMrs. Moore's new friend.
 Mr.BhattacharyaMrs. Bhattacharya's husband.
 Mrs.DasMr. Bhattacharya's sister.
6Mrs.GraysfordMajor Callendar's patient who died in an operation.
 PannaLalDr. Aziz's fellow assistant. Major Callendar's spy.
7NarayanGodboleFielding's assistant.
8Mr.HarrisTraveller in Marabar Cave.
 Mr.LesleyMrs. Lesley's husband.
 Khrisna Peom who brought files to Ronny's office.
 Nurredin A little kid.
9SyedMohammedAssistant engineer.
 Mr.HaqPolice inspector.
 Rafi RamChandThe engineer's nephew.
   Part Two
13Anthony Dr. Aziz's servant.
19Amritao Calcutta barrister.
 HinduRajahMan who has slain his own sister's son.
22LadyMellanbyLieutenant governor's wife.
31MajorRobertsNew civil surgeon.
 Milner New city magistrate.
34ColonelMaggsSpecial agent.