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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Amelia   Kelly   Middle school teacher. aka: Aunt A.
    Caleb   Perlman   Josie's boyfriend.
    Josephine   Buhrman   Chuck Buhrman's daughter. aka: Josie/Jo.
    Clara       Jo's closest friend.
    Madeline   Buhrman   Josie's twin sister. aka: Lanie.
    Charles C.   Buhrman   Mild-mannered professor of History.
    Ellen   Carter   Josie's cousin.
    Warren   Cave   Arrested and charged with Buhrman's murder.
    Poppy   Parnel   An investigative journalist.
    Peter       A lawyer. Ellen's husband.
    Melanie   Richards   Warren's mother.
    Rev. Terry   Glober   Minister, First Presbyterian Church in Elm Park.
    Andrew   Cave   Warren's father.
    Derek   McGunnigal   Former detective.
    Erin Blake   Buhrman   Chuck's wife. aka: Sister Anahata.
    Claire   Armstrong   Warren's lawyer.
2   Axl       Hairstylist.
    Patrick   Blake   Erin's father.
    Abigael   Blake   Erin's mother.
    Dennis   Blake   Erin's brother.
4   Molly       Caleb's older sister.
    Mrs.   Perlnan   Caleb's mother.
    Rosie       Gave Josie a jelly bean.
    Lilly       A friendly girl.
    Rhetta   Quinn   Founder of the Life Force Collective (LFC).
    Sister   Amamus   Member of the LFC.
5   Isabelle       Ellen's stepdaughter.
    Jason       Ellen's father.
6   Bubbles       Aunt A's cat.
    Rhyder   Strong   Lanie's old friend.
    Brother   John   Name of Josie's stuffed toy.
7   Sophie       Peter's youngest daughter.
    Adam   Ives   Lanie's husband.
8   Tina   Thompson   Josie's former classmate.
    Dani       Ryhder's older sister.
    Sid   Vicious   Dani's boyfriend.
    Tom   Grant   Helped Josie's brother build the playhouse.
    Jared   Waters   Dated Ellen during senior year.
    Richard   Deville   Head of Elm Park College History Department.
    Mr.   Ives   Adam's father.
    Mrs.   Ives   Adam's mother.
    Patsy   Bloomfield   Melanie's former classmate.
13   Benny   Weston   Lanie's friend.
    Ann       Lanie's daughter.
14   Sarah   Spicer   Erin's former classmate and best friend.
    Beverly   Dodds White   Erin's high school friend.
    Pamela   Boland   Aunt A's fellow teacher.
    Brother   Ernest   Public Relations Officer of LFC.
15   Ted   Leland   Mr. Ives's friend.
    Prof. Pearl   Leland   Ted's wife.
17   Harold   Greenway   Principal - Elm Park High School.
    Jeanette   Ragnorak   Warren's math teacher.
    Danny       Son of Melanie's friend.
    Maggie   Kalas   Senior honor student at Elm Park High School.
    Kate   Boran   Member of the student council and varsity athlete.
23   Alec   Greene   On of the best criminal defense lawyers.
    Stephen   Goldberg   Owns former Buhrman's home.
    Dr. Eileen   Whitehall   A psychologist.