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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1   Bob   Lewis   Former US Marine. EVA Guild's head trainer.
            EVA - ExtraVehicular Activity.
    Jasmine   Bashara   Works as a porter. Smuggler on the side. aka: Jazz.
            Slugs - Artemisian money. Short for Soft-Landed Grams.
            KSC - Kenya Space Corporation.
    Dale   Shapiro   EVA master. Formerly Jazz's friend.
    Mr.   Nakoshi   Head longshoreman.
    Rudy   DuBois   Artemis's head of security.
    Trigger       Jazz's cat.
    Trond   Landvik   One of the richest people in Shepard Bubble.
    Irina   Vetrov   Trond's bodyguard.
    Jin   Chu   Trond's guest.
    Kelvin   Otieno   Jazz's friend from earth.
    Ms.   Teller   Jazz's teacher when she was nine-years old.
2   Mr.   Doan   Life Support employee.
    Pham   Binh   Beat up by Rudy for hurting his wife.
    Tam       Binh's wife.
    Melanie   Roussel   Doctor in Artemis
    Sarah   Gottlieb   Team leader in the fire incident.
    Arun   Gosal   One of the responders in the fire incident.
    Marcy       One of the responders in the fire incident.
    Billy       Bartender at Hartnell's Pub.
    Lene   Landvik   Trond's daughter.
    Ammar       Jazz's father.
    Charisse       Kelvin's crush.
3   Martin   Svoboda   Best electrical engineer in Artemis.
    Edgar       Jazz's teenage date.
4   Zsoka   Strobl   Jazz's father's colleague. Owns metalworking shop.
    Isvan       Zsoka's son.
            HIB - Hull Inspection Bot.
    Nuha   Nejem   Jazz's alias.
    Norton   Spinelli   An Artemis Hyatt employee.
    Raj       Jazz's childhood acquaintance. A Lunar Express operator.
    Gunter   Eichel   Jazz's acquaintance. Tour guide in Apollo 11 Visitor Center.
    Ilsa       Gunter's stepsister.
    Hibby       Jazz's HIB.
    Sean       Jazz's old boyfriend.
5           ISRO - Into Space Agency Row.
    Halima       One of Kelvin's sisters.
    Kuki       One of Kelvin's sisters.
    Faith       One of Kelvin's sisters.
    Margot       One of Kelvin's sisters.
6   Tyler       Jazz's ex-boyfriend. Turned out to be gay.
7   Edward       Halima's son.
8   Harpreet   Singh   Jazz's new alias.
    Jata   Masai   Kelvin's candidate for employee in his side business with Jazz.
9           O Palacio - Brazil's largest and most powerful crime syndicate.
    Loretta   Sanchez   CEO and founder of Sanchez Aluminum.
10   Marcelo   Alvarez   An assassin. O Palacio's fixer.
            ZAFO - Zero Attenuation Fiber Optic.
14   Mirza       Sanchez Aluminum's train conductor.
15   Michael   Mendez   Sanchez employee.