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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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ProFrancisGleesonRookie cop in the 41st Precinct of the NYPD
 BrianStanhopeFrancis's partner
 Patsy Francis's uncle, barkeeper
 AnneStanhopeBrian's wife
 LenaTeobaldoFrancis's fiancĂ©
  JaffePolice sergeant
1Karolina Lena's cousin
 KarolTeobaldoLena's brother
 NatusiaTeobaldoLena's sister
 AngeloTeobaldoLena's father
 GosiaTeobaldoLena's mother
 NatalieGleesonFrancis & Lena's first daughter
 SaraGleesonFrancis & Lena's 2nd daughter
 PeterStanhopeBrian & Anne's son
 KateGleesonFrancis & Lena's 3rd daughter
2Mrs.DuvinPeter's 6th grade teacher
 JessicaD'AngelisOne of Peter & Kate's classmates
 LisaGordonOne of Peter & Kate's classmates
 JohnDillsOne of Peter & Kate's classmates
 Mr.MaldonadoOne of the neighbors
 Mr.O'HaraOne of the neighbors
3Mrs.WorthamCustomer in Food King store, works at the podiatrist's office
 JohnnyMurphyCustomer at Food King store, former high school baseball star
 ChrisSmithOne of Peter's classmates
 Mr. Smith Chris' grandfather
 OfficerDulleyPolice officer called to the scene at the Food King store
4JoeyMaldonadoOne of Peter & Kate's classmates
 SeanBarnettOne of Peter & Kate's classmates
 LauraFumagalliOne of Peter & Kate's classmates
 GeorgeStanhopePeter's uncle, his father's brother
 BrendaStanhopeGeorge's wife, Peter's aunt
 Deacon & Mrs.GallagherSex-ed teachers at Peter & Kate's school
5Mrs.O'ConnorTeacher at Peter & Kate's school
 Mr.SchiavoneGym teacher at Peter & Kate's school
6Mrs.QuirkScience teacher from Peter's old school (St. Bart's)
 Rohan, Drew, Matt Peter's classmates at Dutch Kills Preparatory High School
 BarryDillonTeammate of Peter's on the track team
7Dana Daughter in the family who bought the Stanhope's house
 VincentO'GradyStudent who gave the valedictory speech at the high school graduation when Peter was not available
8Mr.BehanOne of Kate's teachers in high school
 MarieHalladayOne of Kate's school friends in high school
 Amy Kate's friend & fellow camp counselor, soccer teammate
 EddieMarikA senior in high school who becomes Kate's boyfriend
9CoachBellPeter's track coach at Dutch Kills Prep
10JoanKavanaughMother of Casey, one of Kate's classmates
11Coach Peter's college track coach at Elliott College
12Dr. AbbasiAnne's new doctor at Capital District Psychiatric Hospital
 Margaret Director of the Eirene Halfway House
 Nancy Anne' social worker
 Dr.OliverAnne's new doctor
14Rosaleen George's girlfriend
 Dr.LehrerCriminalist in the NYPD who interviewed Kate
15Mr. KilcoyneNeighbor of Anne's in Ireland when she was young
 Bridget Anne's friend when she lived in England
 Bernadette Anne's younger sister
16FrankieStanhopePeter & Kate's son
 MollyStanhopePeter & Kate's daughter
17Benny Peter's police union rep
18Sara One of Kate's friends, lives in Westchester
 Mrs.Paulino1st floor neighbor of George & Rosaleen
19Marisol Worker at the rehab center to which Peter went
20Robbie Head history dept. at school where Peter took teaching position
22Mr.DivinyLawyer, friend of Brian
 Suzie Brian's partner in his later years