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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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  Part I
1 BrionyTallis A girl who dreams to be a writer.
  EmilyTallis Briony's mother.
  Leon  Briony's brother.
  Cecilia   Briony's sister. aka: Cee
  LolaQuincey Briony's cousin.
  Jackson   Lola's brother.
  Pierrot   Jackson's twin brother.
  Hermione   Emily's younger sister.
  Cecil  Hermione's husband.
  Danny  Hardman's son.
2 RobbieTurner Cecilia's childhood friend.
  Betty  A cook.
  ClemTallis Cecilia's uncle.
  PaulMarshall Leon's friend.
  Horoldt   A great artist.
  Jack Tallis Emily's husband.
  Polly  A chambermaid.
3 Able S. Hardman Tallis's old servant.
4 GraceTurner Robbie's mother.
  Venus  Cecilia's aunt.
8 Ernest  Robbie's father.
  Molly  Grace's friend.
  Dr.Leavis A lecturer.
9 Doll  An assistant cook.
  Mary  One of Leon's girlfriend.
  Francine   One of Leon's girlfriend.
  Barbara   One of Leon's girlfriend.
  HarryTallis Leon's grandfather.
10 P.C.Vockins A constable.
14 Dr.McLaren Tallis's family doctor.
  Part II
1 Nettle  A lorry's driver.
  Mace  A corporal.
  Henri  A French soldier.
  Jean-Marie Bonnet Henri's brother.
  PaulBonnet Henri's eldest brother.
  Jenny  Cecil's young wife.
  Jerry  A soldier.
  Part III
1 Sister Marjorie Drummond A home nurse supervisor.
  SusanLangland A nurse.
  Fiona  Briony's friend.
  Mrs.MacKintosh One of the lecturers.
  Lady Chase   One of the lecturers.
  Sir Arthur Ridley Briony's godfather.
  Private Carter One of the wounded soldiers.
  AirmanYoung One of the wounded soldiers.
  Private Latimer One of the wounded soldiers.
  Corporal MacIntyre One of the wounded soldiers.
  LucCornet One of the wounded soldiers.
  Anne  Luc's youngest sister.
  Sgt.Mooney One of the soldiers.
  Private Lowell One of the soldiers.
  Mrs.Jarvis Cecilia's landlady.
  London, 1999
1 Stella  One of Briony's friend.
  John  One of Briony's friend.
  Thierry   Briony's husband.
  Michael   A driver.
  Charles   Pierrot's grandson.
  Chloe  Leon's great-granddaughter.
  Annie  Charles's wife.