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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
 DanielGluckA Century old man / Elisabeth Demand's friend.
   Puns - A Poor Man's currency.
 JohnKeatsAn Autumn Poet.
 EdouardBoubatA French Photojournalist.
 Dubuffet A Painter.
 Sophie Says Daniel Gluck is too old to take off shoe in the art gallery.
 ElisabethDemandA casual contract junior art lecturer.
 The CareAssistantDaniel Gluck's caretaker.
 The ReceptionistThe receptionist at The Malting Care Provider plc.
 OrvilleWrightWill Wright's brother / Inventor of Aviation.
 WillWrightOrville Wright's brother / Inventor of Aviation.
 ThomasHardyA Novelist.
 Abbie Elisabeth Demand's neighbor.
 WendyDemandElisabeth Demand's mother.
 MissSimmondsElisabeth Demand's teacher.
 AloisBrunnerThe SS officer of Hotel Excelsior.
 BobDylanA singer that Daniel Gluck met.
   Part 2
 Christine KeelerA Nude Model.
 Stephen WardChristine Keeler's friend.
 MissRicardoA prostitute.
 Clive Husband of the woman that Daniel fell in love with.
   The Golden Gavel - A T.V. Program about antique.
 Mark Joseph Elisabeth Demand's high school friend.
 MarielleSimiElisabeth Demand's college friend.
 TomMacFarlaneElisabeth Demand's ex-boyfriend.
 PaulineBotyBritish Pop Art Painter / A girl that Daniel falls in love with.
 NeilDunnInterviewed Pauline Boty.
 DavidBaileyPhotographer / Took pictures of Pauline Boty.
 Rastus Man who advertised Cream of Wheat breakfast cereal.
 FrankL. WhiteMan who replaced Rastus as an Advertiser.
 Barbra Elisabeth Demand's cat.
   Part 3
 Zoe BBC child actor / Wendy Demand's friend.
 Blunt Art historian.
 Beryl Elisabeth Demand's school friend.