Characters - Alphabetical
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Liz  Spencer Tom's lover.
Major Barker Tom's commanding officer.
  Bennet Chief Inspector, Scotland Yard.
Sir Isaiah Berlin Political Philosophy Professor. aka: Shaya.
Guy Burgess With British Embassy. Defected to Russia.
Taylor Cole OSS Station Chief in Stockholm.
  Cullen Tom's (black) friend in the Army.
Philippe D'Alembert Frenchman in cafe'.
Bill Daven Beatrice's uncle.
Alexandr S. Feklisov Russian spy.
Vincent Folsom Quartermaster in the Army.
Michael Foot Tribune editor.
Professor Franklyn Tom's friend. Howard University professor. A black man.
  Geary FBI agent.
Richard Hofstadter Columbia University history professor.
Roger Hollis Berlin's friend. MI5 official.
Irving Howe Tom's communist acquaintance.
Mr. Jencks Works in Kroger's book store.
Sergeant Jenkins Black man at Camp Claiborne.
Mordecai W. Johnson Howard University President.
Lindsay Keir College master.
Sir David L. Keir Master of the College.
Corporal Manion At Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.
Vito Marcantonio New York Congressman.
Thurgood Marshall Head NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
Victor Mishcon London solicitor.
Risto Paattinen Tom's contact in Helsinki, Finland.
Kim Philby British official and Russian spy.
  Pryce-Jones Lt. Colonel in war. Now an editor at TLS.
Julius Rosenburg Tom's communist friend.
Beatrice Russell Liz's personal assistant.
Bayard Rustin Tom's friend. A black man.
Bayard Rustin Friend of Martin Luther King.
  Sandusky FBI agent.
Mrs. Selwyn Liz's friend.
Alice Silverstone Solicitor. Has terminal cancer.
Captain Smythe At Camp Claiborne.
Morty Sobell Tom's school friend.
Ian Spencer Spencer's child.
Keith Spencer Trevor's brother.
Olivia Spencer Trevor and Liz's child.
Trevor Spencer Liz's husband. aka: Trev.
Sargeant Watkins Detective, Scotland Yard.
Richard Wilson Tom's (black) friend in the Army.
Barbara Wrought Tom's wife.
Tom Wrought Oxford Fellow. Pulitzer Price Winner.
Bladen   Wrought's butler.
Boris   Escapee from Russia.
Ifegenia   Italian au pair.
Vladimer   Escapee from Russia.
Zludmilla   Escapee from Russia. KGB agent.