Characters - Alphabetical
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AshleyBaronTripp's ex-girlfriend.
TedBaskinKevin's neighbor.
TrudyBaskinTed's wife.
JimBensonOne of Kevin's larger clients.
SteveBerkshireOne of Tripp's friends.
ClayBigsbyKevin's boss.
AllisonBlakelyTripp's sister.
ColeenBlakelyTripp's sister.
GeorgeBlakelyTripp's father.
KatherineBlakelyTripp's mother.
TrippBlakelyThe man Annie falls in love with. Aka: George Patrick Blakely III.
ColletteBrinkerTripp's ex-girlfriend in Monomoy.
RayBrodersonAnnie's first boyfriend.
SimoneCoopermanAn artist. Annie's friend.
SarahDanforthOne of Annie's housemates.
MichaelEshelmanTripp's friend who was getting married.
WilliamFaulknerA famous renowned author.
ToddFieldingThe police officer.
QuinnFordLuke's assistant coach. Kevin's friend.
JackHamptonLiz's father.
LizHamptonKevin's wife. Aka: Elizabeth McGregor.
TheresaHamptonLiz's mother. Kevin's mother-in-law. Aka: Tess.
PatHastingsAshley's ex-boyfriend.
BaxterHillcrestMissy's son.
MissyHillcrestKevin's neighbor.
KristiHobartScott's wife.
ScottHobartKevin's neighbor.
AnneHollowayThe protagonist of the book that Kevin is reading. Aka: Annie.
CharlieHollowayAnnie's grandfather.
EvelynHollowayAnnie's mother.
JosephHollowayAnnie's father. A lawyer. Aka: Joe.
CourtneyJacobsMichael's fiancé. Annie's friend.
ScarletJenningsAnnie's friend in law school.
SteveJensenJoe's friend.
HallieJergensKevin's ex-girlfriend.
CarloeJorgensenHans's wife.
HansJorgensenThe Hampton's friends.
DavisKorbinLiz's ex-boyfriend that both Janie and Tess like.
JimKorbinDavis's father. A former congressman.
VictoriaKorbinDavis's mother.
MaureenLensOne of Annie's housemates.
JeremyMallardThe protagonist of Jeremy's Wish.
ReedMatthewsKevin's classmate.
SimonMcCallumKristi's alleged lover.
CarolineMcGregorKevin's sister.
JosieMcGregorLuke's twin sister.
LukeMcGregorKevin and Liz's son.
PeteO'LearyOne of Tripp's friends.
KnoxPenningtonAshley's alleged lover.
AlyssaPotterZach's wife.
DaniellePotterZach and Alyssa's daughter.
SierraPotterZach and Alyssa's daughter.
ZachPotterOne of Kevin's neighborhood childhood friends.
HeidiRadcliffAnnie's enemy. The new sorrority leader.
JenRichterOne of Annie's housemates.
ChaseRogersOne of Kevin's co-workers.
ErnieSimpsonThe CEO of Simpson Hughes. Tripp's boss.
StephanieSimpsonErnie's wife.
GeorgeSoulickThe author of Jeremy's Wish.
NealWolcottChief Justice of State.
PaulZamenskiOne of Tripp's friends.
Aaron Evelyn's new husband
Benjamin Evelyn's dead son.
Bobby Tim's brother.
Brad Michael's friend.
Brady Simon's son.
Brian Kevin's co-worker.
Britanny Heidi's friend.
Courtney Annie's friend.
Eddie Kevin's cousin.
Elsie Tim and Janie's daughter.
Gabby Kevin's office assistant.
Gopher Tripp's dog.
Greta One of Evelyn's best friends.
Gretchen Brett's sister.
Ivy Josie's co-gymnast. Laura's daughter.
Janie Liz's sister. Kevin's sister-in-law.
Jasper Brett's groomsmen.
Jed Ted and Trudy's dog.
John Laura's husband.
Jordan Hallie's new boyfriend.
Julie Hallie's friend.
June The school's registrar.
Katie Liz's friend.
Keith Kevin's friend.
Kit Miles's wife.
Kyle Kevin's co-worker.
Laura Liz's friend.
Libby Liz's roommate.
Max Kevin's friend.
Meg Maureen's sister.
Mila A psychic medium and love specialist.
Miles Kevin's friend. A musician.
Molly Hallie's friend.
Ned Kevin's step-father.
Philip Michael's friend.
Rigby Liz and Kevin's dog.
Rob Kevin's co-worker.
Ryan Liz's uncle.
Simone Brittany's friend.
Susan Brett's secretary.
Suzi One of Annie's high school best friends.
Tim Janie's husband.
Tom Michael's best man.
Tyler Pat's friend.