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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1CarettaRutledgeOwner of the beach house. aka: Cara.
 Linnea Pringle RutledgeCara Rutledge's niece / Palmer and Julia Rutledge's daughter.
 Cooper Pringle RutledgeLinnea Rutledge's brother / Cara Rutledge's nephew.
 Olivia RutledgeCara and Palmer's mother. Aka: Lovie.
 MissyBondLinnea Rutledge's classmate.
 PalmerRutledgeLinnea and Cooper Rutledge's father.
 Brett Husband of Cara Rutledge / Deceased.
 Emmaline B. PetersonCara Rutledge's best friend. aka: Emmi.
 Moutarde Cara Rutledge's canary bird.
 Carly SimonCara Rutledge's friend.
 FloPrescottOlivia Rutledge's best friend.
 Hope Cara Rutledge's adopted baby. aka: Esperanza.
2JamesPetersonEmmi Baker's oldest son / A Surgeon.
 John PetersonEmmi Baker's son. aka: Uncle Don.
 Toy Sooner LegareOlivia Rutledge's caretaker.
 Heather Wyatt StantonCara Rutledge's friend.
 Elena Hope's real mother.
3StrattonRutledgeCara and Palmer Rutledge's father / Olivia Rutledge's husband.
 Dale Linnea Rutledge's high school friend.
 Leslie Linnea Rutledge's high school friend.
 DarbyMiddletonLinnea Rutledge's ex-boyfriend.
 Belinda Linnea Rutledge's family cook.
 JessicaLintonLinnea Rutledge's high school friend.
 Delancy Linnea Rutledge's high school friend.
 Lane Linnea Rutledge's high school friend.
 Ashley Linnea Rutledge's high school friend.
4MirandaPrescottFlo Prescott's mother.
 LittleLovieToy Sooner-Legare's daughter.
 DannyLegareToy Sooner-Legare's son.
 EthanLegareToy Sooner-Legare 's husband.
 BoStantonHeather Stanton's husband.
   Sargassum - A big floats of weeds.
7RussellBennettA man that Olivia Rutledge falls in love with.
 Maddie The girl who says Cara Rutledge is the grandmother of Hope.
 DavidWyatt Heather Wyatt-Stanton's father.
 RoryStantonBo and Heather Stanton's son.
 Natalie David Wyatt's former wife.
8BigAlThe biggest Aligator in the Island.
 JudyFairchildThe mayor in the Isle of Palms / A real estate agent.
 Miss SaraRory Wyatt's nanny.
 LeslieWyattDavid Wyatt's former wife / Heather Wyatt's mother.
9Willa A little girl who loves turtles.
12Caroline R. ReutterCara Rutledge's former friend in Ashley Hall.
 Robert David Wyatt's friend in the Isle of Palm.
13Billy HallCara Rutledge's employer in Charleston.
14MichellePateThe Head of SCDNR.
 Big GirlThe first turtle that Toy Sooner-Legare rescue.
 Kevin CEO of SCDNR.
15Richie John Peterson's surf buddy.
 Trey John Peterson's surf buddy.
17Dr.ShaneA Veterinarian.
18Harold A waiter at the Chophouse.
19BlakeLegareEthan Legare's cousin.
 Judy FairchildA woman who greeted Cara Rutledge at the golf club.
   Hurricane Irma - The Strongest Hurricane.
21Dr. FosterCooper Rutledge's doctor.
23SallyMurphySCDNR expert.
 BobbyLeeRutledge's Family Lawyer.