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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1VeroniqueVincentThe hottest model in fashion. aka: Vero.
 KarlLagerfeldThe famous Chanel designer.
 PeterMarinoA designer.
 Marie-HeleneVincentVeronique's mother.
 CyrilBuxtonVeronique's boyfriend.
 BillSmithVeronique's father.
2BernardAubertMarie-Helene's close friend.
3Dr.MoreauThe chief surgeon.
4WilliamHayesThe real name of Bill Smith.
 GabriellaFochVeronique's old classmate.
5Dr.VerbierVeronique's psychiatrist.
 FlorenceHayesBill Hayes' wife.
 LadyBuxtonCyril's mother.
6Stephanie Veronique's agent. aka: Steph.
 DouglasKellyAn Irish photographer. aka: Doug.
8Delia Bill Hayes' sister.
 PhillipTalbotA plastic surgeon.
9DamienHirstEnglish sculptor and installation artist.
 JulianSchnabelAmerican painter and filmmaker.
 RichardDiebenkornAmerican painter.
 DickDennisDr. Talbot's associate.
10Ulla A Swedish model.
11Nuala A nun. Doug's sister.
12CharlesHayesVeronique's half-brother. aka: Chip.
 Adele HayesHarrimanOne of William Hayes' daughters.
 Elizabeth H.SuttonOne of William Hayes' daughters.
 AudreyHepburnBritish-Dutch actress and humanitarian.
 Jacqueline K.OnassisFormer First Lady of the United States.
 ManoloBlahnikCzech-Spanish fashion designer (shoes).
 Ludwig vanBeethovenGerman composer.
14Jean-Louis A make-up artist.
15Joachim Dr. Dennis' former patient.
 Sister Anne One of the nuns at the monastery.
 Sister Claire One of the nuns at the monastery.
 Sister Rita One of the nuns at the monastery.
 Sister Charity One of the nuns at the monastery.
 Prudence One of the English nurses.
 Felicity One of the English nurses.
 OlivierBergerThe producer of the Zaventem show.
16PatrickWestonA British journalist.