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Ry Smith
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PreMichelleObamaAuthor. Aka: Michelle La Vaughn Robinson Obama.
 MelaniaTrumpPresident Trump's wife.
 FraserRobinsonMichelle's father.
 MarianRobinsonMichelle's mother.
 BarackObamaMichelle's husband and President.
 MaliaObamaMichelle and Barack's oldest daughter.
 SashaObamaMichelle and Barack's youngest daughter.
 RobbieTerryMichelle's great aunt. Piano teacher.
  TerryRobbie's husband.
 Billy WilliamsCubs baseball player.
 Martin L. KingBlack leader. Assasinated.
 CraigRobinsonMichelle's older brother.
 PurnellShieldsMichelle's grandfather. A carpenter.
 Carolyn Michelle's mother's older sister.
 Steve Michelle's mother's youngest brother.
2Mrs.BurroughsTeacher at Bryn Mawr Elementary School.
 Teddy Michelle's classmate at Bryn Mawr. Korean American.
 Chiaka Michelle's classmate at Bryn Mawr. African American.
 Mr.ThompsonEuclid Ave. neighbor.
  MendozasEuclid Ave. neighbor. Mexican family.
 Rachel Michelle's friend on Euclid Ave.
 Susie Neighborhood friend on Euclid Ave.
 DeeDee Michelle's girlhood acquaintence.
 VelmaStewartMichelle's mother's friend.
 DannyStewartVelma's son.
 PamelaStewartVelma's daughter.
3LesterMcCullomMichelle's childhood friend. Died in home fire.
 Calio Michelle's father's uncle.
 Verdelle Michelle's father's aunt.
 Dandy Michelle's father's father.
 Grandma Michelle's mother.
 Andrew Michelle's father's brother. Michelle's uncle.
 Carleton Michelle's father's brother. Michelle's uncle.
 Francesca Michelle's father's sister. Michelle's uncle.
 La Vaughn Michelle's grandmother.
 Pete Michelle's uncle.
 Namenee Dandy's son. Harvard Business School Grad.
4Dr. LavizzoBryn Mahr principal.
 Mr.MartinezBryn Mahr teacher.
 Mr. BennettBryn Mahr teacher.
 DianeGoreMichelle's friend.
 PamGoreMichelle's friend.
 GinaGoreMichelle's friends youngest sister.
 Ronnell Michelle's friend.
5Mr.SmithAssistant principal at Whitney Young High School.
 TerriJohnsonMichelle's friend at Whitney Young and a neighbor.
 SantitaJacksonMichelle's classmate. Jesse Jackson's daughter.
 JacquelineJacksonSantita's mother.
6David Michelle's boyfriend in high school.
 Suzanne AleleMichelle's friend at Princeton.
 Cathy Michelle's white roomate at Princeton who moved out.
 Lorretta Secretary at The Third World Center.
 CzernyBrasuellMichelle's boss at The Third World Center.
 JonathanBrasuellCaerny's son.
 Derrick Michelle's boyfriend at Princeton.
7AngelaKennedyMichelle's roomate at Princeton.
 Aunt SisDandy's younger sister who lived in Princeton.
 Thomas Dandy's brother. Michelle's uncle.
 Aunt DodDandy's wife.
 DavidMaynardMichelle's Princeton friend.
 Kevin Michelle's boyfriend at Princeton. Football player.
8Lorraine Michelle's assistant at Chicago law firm - Sidley & Austin.
9NewtMinowPartner in Michelle's law firm.
 JosephineMinowNewt's wife.
 AnnDunhamBarack's mother.
 LoloSoetoroAnn's second husband. From Indonesia.
 Maya Barack's half-sister from Hawaii.
 Auma Barack's half-sister from Nairobi.
 MercedesLaingRecruiter at Michelle's law firm.
 MadelynDunhamBarack's grand parent in Hawaii. Aka: Toot.
 StanleyDunhamBarack's grand parent in Hawaii. Aka: Gramps.
 Bobby Barack's high school buddy.
10Janis RobinsonCraig's wife.
11ArtSussmanUniversity of Chicago legal counsel.
 SusanSherLawyer for the city of Chicago.
 ValerieJarrettDeputy Chief of Staff, city of Chicago.
 HaroldWashingtonFirst African American mayor of Chicago.
 GraceKeziaAuma's mother.
 AbongoKeziaGrace's son.
   Matatu - privately owned minibus.
 GrannySarahBarack's grandmother.
13VanessaKirschCo-founder of Public Allies.
 KatrinaBrowneCo-founder of Public Allies.
 LeslieRobinsonCraig's daughter.
 AveryRobinsonCraig's son.
14GlorinaCasabalBabysitter. Aka: Glo.
 MichaelRiordanPresident, University of Chicago Medical Center.
 CornellMcClellanAthletic Trainer.
15KellyMcCrumCraig's second wife.
 DavidAxelrodObama campaign advisor. Aka: Axe.
 RobertGibbsObama campaign advisor.
 DavidPlonffeConsultant in Axelrod's firm.
 PeteRouseConsultant in Axelrod's firm.
16Hillary ClintonSecretary of State and candidate for President
 JohnEdwardsVice President and President candidate.
 Katie M.LelyveldMichelle's campaign hire. Chief of staff.
 SamKassYoung cook.
   Bougie - concern for wealth.
   Uno - popular card game.
17Konrad Maya's husband
 Suhaila Maya's daughter.
   Gobsmacked - astounded.
 MariaMenounosAccess Hollywood interviewer.
 CindyMcCainSenator McCain's wife.
 ChristopherHitchensColumnist and author.
 KristenJarvisMichelle's personal aide.
 StephanieCutterMichelle's communications specialist.
 WhoopiGoldbergCelebrity and TV host.
 BarbaraWalters TV host.
 JoeBidenObama's running mate.
 SarahHurwitzMichelle's speech writer.
18JillBidenJoe Biden's wife.
19JocelynFryeMichelle's policy director.
 CorneliusSouthallMichelle's security guard.
 MichaelSmithInterior designer.
 JohnRobertsChief of the Supreme Court.
 JasonWuClothes designer.
 WyntonMarsalisBand leader.
20JamesRamseyWhite House butler.
 Gordon BrowneBritain's Prime Minister.
 TomVilsackObama's Secretary of Agriculture.
21  Plyometrics: Jump training exercise. Aka: plyos.
 NarcisoRodriquezClothes designer.
 MeredithKoopSales associate and Michelle's personal aide.
 JohnnyWrightMichelle's hairdresser.
 CarlRayMichelle's makeup artist.
 JimAdamsNational Park Service horticulturist.
 DaleHaneyWhite House grounds superintendent.
 SamFryeShaped Michelle's health initiative - "Let's Move!".
 JocelynFryeShaped Michelle's health initiative - "Let's Move!".
22BeauBidenJoe and Jill Biden's son.
 CrisComerfordExecutive chef.
 BethCelestiniSasha's secret service agent.
 LawrenceTuckerSasha's secret service agent.
 PrestonFairlambMichelle's secret service agent.
 AllenTaylorMichelle's secret service agent.
 KristenJonesMichelle's assistant.
 Cornell Michelle's trainer.
23DesmondTutuArchibishop in South Africa.
 Braca MachelMandelaNelson Mandela's wife.
 NelsonMandelaFirst President of South Africa.
 JohnnyAgbiMedic in Afghanistan.
 TinaTchenMichelle's chief of staff.
 HadiyaPendletonGirl in band from south side of Chicago. Murdered.
 Cleopatra C.PendletonHadiya's mother.
 NathanielPendletonHadiya's father.
 RahmEmanuelMayor of Chicago.
 LeonettaSandersHarper High School principal.
 CrystalSmithSocial worker.
 MerrickGarlandObama pick for the Supreme Court.
 ClaireFaulknerWhite House usher.
 JamesCordenLate night TV host.
 Caroline A.MoralesMichelle's communications director.
 DavidSimasObama's political advisor.
 ChynnaClaytonMichelle's chief of staff.