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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   James   Melody   British pilot in a private plane.
    Charlie   Busch   A pilot - the First Officer from Odessa, Texas.
    Emma   Lightner   Flight attendant.
    Scott   Burroughs   Painter, swimmer.
    David   Bateman   President of ALC News. Maggie's husband. aka: Condor
    Margaret   Bateman   David's wife. aka: Maggie, Falcon.
    Rachel   Bateman   David and Maggie's daughter. aka: Robin.
    JJ   Bateman   David and Maggie's son. aka: Sparrow.
    Gil   Baruch   Bateman's domestic security.
    Misha       Bateman's security before Gil.
    Ben   Kipling   Senior Partner in large financial business. Sarah's husband.
    Sarah   Kipling   Ben's wife.
    Tamara       Rachel's friend who will celebrate birthday party.
2   June       Scott's sister who was drowned in Lake Michigan.
    Jack   LaLanne   A man devoted to exercise.
    Elaine       Jack's wife.
    Mr.   Branch   Jake's gym teacher.
4   Melanie       Nurse's name tag.
    Eleanor   Greenway   Maggie's younger sister. JJ's aunt. A massage therapist.
    Gus   Franklin   Engineer specialist in airplane design.
    Leslie   Mueller   Daughter of a billionaire. aka: Layla.
    Frank       Detective from OSPRY.
    Walter   O'Brian   Special agent, FBI.
    Barry   Hex   Representative from the Treasury's OFAC.
6   Bill   Cunningham   David's best man. Rachel's godfather. Works for ALC.
    David   Bateman Sr.   David's father.
7   Maria       Bateman's previous au pair.
    Lydia   Cox   David's secretary.
    Sellers       Unpopular LA bureau chief.
    Krista   Brewer   Bill's executive producer.
    Namor       Bill's buddy.
        Moskewitz   Congressman
    Kellerman       Asked producer to cut bits from the story.
    Don   Liebling   ALC in-house counsel.
    Franken       Bill's lawyer.
    Roger   Stauback   David's boss.
8   Magnus       Scott's friend.
    Doug   Williamsburg   Eleanor's husband.
    Dr.   Glabman   Scott's doctor.
11   Gus   Franklin   Coast Guard officer of MH-65C.
    Belinda   Franklin   Gus's wife.
12   Dworskin       Catcher on baseball team.
13   Paul   Aspen   Eleanor's first steady.
    Damon   Wright   Eleanor's friend after Paul.
    Javier       Eleanor's most recent love.
    Larry   Page   Bateman's lawyer.
    Fred   Cutter   Manages David's finsnces.
15   Dr.   Vanderslice   Therapist.
    Michelle       Will review the submitted list.
    Tony       A guy who killed himself.
16   Greg   Hoover   A guy dealing with Kipling's business.
    Lance       Talked to the FBI about Kipling's business.
    Tabitha       Kipling's secretary. "Lubricated" the clients.
    Jorgen       The guy who got mad and tried to strangle Greg.
    Bill   Gilliam   Senior partner in law firm that handles Kipling's deals.
    Mikhail       Ben's house manager.
    Jenny       Sarah's daughter.
    Mr.   Comstock   Portly dentist.
    Mrs.   Comstock   Dentist's wife.
    Jerry       Ben's personal trainer.
    Shane       Jenny's fiancĂ©e.
    Darlene       Ben Kipling's secretary.
    Jordan   Bewes   From the office of Foreign Assets Control.
    Burney   Culpepper   Ben Kipling's corporate lawyer.
    Leroy   Able   Secretary of the Treasury.
    Burt       Shane's father. aka: Curl.
    Buzz       Senior party police.
18   Jimmy   Stewart   (Movie) Senator who refused to succumb or surrender.
20   Michael   Lightner   Emma's father. A pilot.
    Serge       Owner of the suit used by Scott.
21   Birch   Busch   A senator. Charlie's uncle.
    Peter   Gascon   An idiosyncratic philosopher - on long flights.
    Colby       Believed that Gus is his best man.
23   Bridget   Greenway   Eleanor's mother.
25   Wayne   Macey   Deranged man who kidnapped Rachel.
    Mikc   Daniels   Second lawman who kidnapped Rachel with Wayne.
    Francesca   Butler   Rachel's nanny. aka: Frankie.
    Jenna   Hewitt   Local woman.
    Dr.   Moreau   Owned the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.
    Penelope       Early bird girl from school. aka: Little Penelope.
    Daniel       Early bird boy from school.
    Eloise       Early bird girl from school.
    Dieter       Maggie's student.
    Justine       Maggie's student.
    Sadie       Maggie's student.
    Raisin       Maggie's student.
    Troy       Frankie's boyfriend.
    Jim   Peabody   Local sheriff.
    Sam       Jim's buddy.
    Mick   Daniels   Security consultant of a big private security firm.
30   Vanessa   Lane   A blond woman holding ALC microphone.
    John   Dillinger   Private citizen living his life in public.
31   Lev   Baruch   Gil's father.
    Moshe   Dayan   Mastermind of the Six Day War.
    Vichy       Sniper who put bullet through Dayan's binocular.
    Golda   Meir   The only woman tough enough to forge entire nation.
    Eli       Gil's oldest brother.
    Jay       Gil's younger brother killed by a land mine.
    Ben       Gil's brother who was ambushed.
    Abraham       Bateman's body man.
32       Cronkite   Reporter from Scott's childhood.
    Mike   Wallace   Another reporter together with Cronkite.
        Woodward   A man with rules.
        Bernstein   A man with iron will.
33   Marcy       Brings news about the missing wreck.
    Mayberry       An agent who coordinates with the Coast Guard.
    Royce       Diver who saw the airline logo.
    Jan       From the Akron office - worked for the video conference.
    Michael       Also from Akron off. Worked with Jan.
35   Charles   Manson   James's real father.
    Darla       James's mother.
    Jay   Baker   Reverend who believed the world would end Aug. 9, 1974.
    Gale   Hickey   Former dentist from Ojai.
36   Mr.   Coselli   Sold peaches when Eleanor was a kid.
37   Michael A.   Lightner   Emma's father. A fighter jet pilot.
    Chelsea   Norquist   Emma's co-flight attendant.
    Stanford   Smith   Frankfurt flight pilot.
    Peter   Gaston   First officer of the Frankfurt flight.
    Farhad       Chelsea's London boy.
    Carver   Ellis   Co-pilot for the Chicago flight.
39   Cody       Tech who carries a clutch of papers
43   Billy   Rascal   Steve's teammate.
    Scab   Dunaway   Big Mexican with hands the size of rib-eyes.
    Chris   Hardwick   Charlie's buddy.
    Logan   Birch   A Senator. Charlie's uncle.
    Stanhope       Flight coordinator.
    Jenny       Another flight coordinator.