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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pre Christine An only child from a wealthy family.
1 Leslie Senator Stafford's press secretery.
Avery A lawyer. A daughter of a senator. Aka: Aves.
Wells Stafford A senator.
Judy M. Stafford Avery's grandmother.
Luci Senator Stafford's supporter who celebrate 100th birthday.
Frank A former fighter pilot. Luci's husband.
Elliot Avery's boyfriend.
Fern Rill Foss's younger sister. aka: Beth.
2 Queenie Rill's mother.
Camellia Rill's sister. aka: Iris.
Rill Foss Eldest daughter of Queenie. Aka: May Weathers, May Crandall.
Gabion Queenie's son. Aka: Gabby, Robby.
Briny Queenie's husband.
Lark Rill's sister. aka: Bonnie.
3 Bitsy Elliot's mother.
Courtney Avery's niece. Aka: Court.
Honeybee Pet name of Avery's mother.
Allison Avery's sister.
Missy Avery's eldest sister.
Mrs. Denison Senator Stafford's secretary.
Cal Fortner The one who accused Senator Stafford about seniors care chain.
Andrew Moore A program coordinator for a seniors' rights PAC.
4 Zede Briny's friend.
5 Ian Leslie's intern.
6 Silas Rill's friend.
Georgia Tann Operated an adoption agency in Memphis, Tennessee.
8 Ida Murphy In-charge of the Tennessee Children's Home Society.
Sherry One of the children in the agency.
Stevie Sherry's brother.
9 Jason One who manages the garden at Drayden Hills.
Hannah Court's ballet teacher.
Shellie Court's best friend.
Trent Turner Sr. Lifelong resident of Charlston and Edisto Island.
Harold Avery's gandfather.
10 Mr. Riggs Mrs. Murphy's cousin.
Mrs. Pulnik Mrs. Murphy's side-kick.
11 Scott Allison's husband.
Trent Turner Jr. Trent Turner's Sr. son.
Trent Turner III Trent Turner's Sr. grandson. Took over all his grandfather's business.
12 Lonnie Kemp One of the children who was given for adoption.
  James   Older boy at the Children's home.
Darren Sevier A man who wants to adopt a child.
Amelia Victoria's daughter.
13 Clifford A federal agent. Avery's uncle.
Diana Clifford's wife.
14 Danny Boy   Older boy at the Children's home.
15 Jonah Trent Turner's son.
Lou Jonah's aunt.
Abby A federal prosecutor. Avery's friend.
16 Miss Dodd One of Mrs. Murphy's workers.
17 Laura Jonah's mother.
Boss Crump Memphis notorious political kingpin.
18 Dora One of the girls in Mrs. Murphy's house.
Victoria Sevier Darren's wife.
20 Zuma Sevier's helper.
Hoy Zuma's husband.
Hootsie Zuma's daughter.
Stanley Mr. Sevier's friend.
21 Bobby Aunt Lou's husband.
Oz A cab driver.
22 Mr. McCamey Mr. Sevier's worker.
Arnelle One of Mr. McCamey's helpers. Aka: Arney.
23 Sammy Bart's dog.
Bart Bartolomeo's son.
Bartolomeo Hootsie's son.
25 Ted Hootsie's husband.
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