Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro  Between Roses
 Abdul HakimHusainA garbage sorter.
 Allah God in Islam.
 Sita Abdul's neighbor. Aka: One Leg.
 Adarsh Abdul's acquaintance.
 Mirchi Abdul's younger brother.
 ZehrunisaHusainAbdul's mother.
 KaramHusainAbdul's father.
 Fatima Sita's name given by unlikely husband.
 RajaKambleA sickly toilet-cleaner.
 Meena Raja's daughter.
 SunilSharmaA thief boy. Abdul's acquaintance.
 AshaWaghekarManju's mother.
 ManjuWaghekarAnnawadi's first female college graduate.
  PawarA police officer.
 Deepa A homeless girl who sold flowers by the Hyatt.
 Kehkashan Abdul's sister.
 BruceLeeA Chinese, Hong Kong American actor, director, martial artist.
 CynthiaAliFatima's best friend.
   Part One Undercitizens
1  Annawadi
 FishLipsA police officer.
 Rahul Asha's son.
 Mahatma GandhiAn Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist.
 JohnAbrahamAn Indian film actor, film producer and former model.
 Bipasha BasuAn Indian film actress and model.
 KatrinaKaifAn English actress.
 BalThackerayAn Indian politician who founded the Shiv Sena.
 Adolf HitlerA German politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
 AjayDevganAn Indian film actor, director and producer.
 Kalu Abdul's friend.
 Lallu Abdul's brother.
2  Asha
 RobertPiresThe slumlord of Annawadi.
 SubhashSawantThe corporator.
 Avinash Shiv Sena's activist.
 GayananMaharajAn Indian Hindu guru, saint and mystic.
 Baby Lekshmi A toddler born with eight limbs.
 Ganesh Rahul's younger brother.
3  Sunil
 Muhammad IqbalA Muslim poet, philosopher and politician.
 Sister Paulette A nun.
 Sunita Sunil's sister.
 GautamNagarA boy who had died of pneumonia.
 DeepikaPadukoneAn Indian actress and producer.
 WillSmithAn American actor, producer and rapper.
4  Manju
 Suraj Rahul's acquaintance.
 Prakash An economics student who lived near the temple.
 ChristinaAguileraAn American singer, songwriter, actress, and TV personality.
 Devo One of Manju's students.
 Sharda One of Manju's students.
   Part Two The Business of Burning
5  Ghost House
 Noori One of Fatima's children.
 Medina One of Fatima's children.
 Heena One of Fatima's children.
 Danush Husain's neighbor.
 SalmanKhanIndian film actor.
 Barack Obama44th U.S. President.
6  The Hole She Called A Window
 Atahar  One of Karam's sons.
 Safdar One of Karam's sons.
 Mahadeo Asha's husband.
 Dalip Singh RanaAn Indian professional wrestler. Aka: The Great Khali.
 Kulkarni A female police officer.
 Thokali A male police officer.
 PriyaDuttOne of the poorest girls in Annawadi.
7  The Come-Apart
 PoorninaPaikraoA special exec. Officer of the government of Maharashtra.
 Shankar An investigator.
 Tabu Kehkashan's sister.
8  The Master
 SaddamHusseinThe fifth President of Iraq.
 Jawaharlal NehruThe first Prime Minister of India.
 Bhimrao R.AmbedkarAn Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer.
   Part Three A Little Wildness
9  Marquee Effect
 ManmohanSinghIndian economist and served as the 13th Prime Minister of India.
 Anil Manju's cousin.
 Pallavi One of Manju's students.
 Zubbu The brothel keeper's daughter.
 Vijay Manju's acquaintance.
 Wagh A police officer.
 Paparazzi A photographer who take pictures of high-profile people,
10  Parrots, Caught and Solld
 Audhen An auto rickshaw driver.
 SonuGuptaSunil's acquaintance.
 GaneshAnnaA cocaine dealer.
 Madhuri DixitAn Indian actress, producer, TV personality and a music artist.
 DeepakRaiKalu's real name.
 Mahmoud A disabled man who slugged Abdul in the chest.
11  Proper Sleep
 Nagare A constable.
 Patel A senior inspector.
 MarutiJadhavThe inspector in-charged of Kalu's case.
 Karan  One of the suspects on Kalu's murder.
 SanjayShettyA garbage collector.
 Anandi Sanjay's sister.
   Part Four Up and Out
13  Something Shining
 MukeshAmbaniAn Indian billionaire business magnate.
 Taufeeq Sunil's acquaintance.
14  The Trial
 P. M.ChauhanThe judge on Husain's case.
 Dinesh One of the witness on Husain's case.
 AbdulShaikhFatima's husband.
15  Ice
 Ajmal KasabA Pakistani militant.
16  Black and White
 PapaPanchalA politician. Asha's acquaintance.
 Geeta An illiterate young mother. Asha's acquaintance.
 BhimraoGaikwadThe administrator of the Maharashtra Department of Education.
17  A School, A Hospital, A Cricket Field
 C. K.DhiranThe new judge on Husain's case.
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