Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1AliceBarkerA teacher.
 Walter A butcher.
 BernardBellingHad a plumbing supplies business.
 George ArthurLennoxThe Pet Shopkeeper.
 Berenice E. George's wife. Aka: Bunty.
 William Ada's twin brother.
 Gillian B.LennoxBunty's daughter.
 Buck Bunty's ex-boyfriend.
 Clifford Bunty's brother.
 Patricia Vivien Bunty's eldest daughter.
 Simon Owner of Modella's shop.
 Bert One of the workers in the park.
 Alf One of the workers in the park.
 Richardson A baker.
 Hannon Fruits and vegetables's vendor.
 Border Store owner.
 Nell Bunty's mother. Aka: Nelly.
 Barbara Bunty's sister.
 Betty One of Nell's daughter.
 Ted Nell's youngest child.
 RachelStorm BarkerNell's stepmother.
 Ada Nell's sister.
 Lawrence Nell's brother.
 Tom Lawrence's brother.
 Albert Nell's youngest brother.
 Lillian One of Nell's sister. Aka: Lily.
 FrankCookNell's husband.
 Adrian Glady's son.
 Daisy Bab's daughter.
 Rose Daisy's twin sister.
 Ewan Nell's grandchild.
 Hope Betty's daughter.
 Tim Nell's grandchild.
 Jean-PaulArmandA travelling photographer.
 Sofia Alice's mother.
 Hannah Rachel's mother.
 FrederickBarkerAlice's husband.
 WilliamBarkerFrederick's father.
 Mabel Tom's wife.
2Dr.TorquemadaA gynaecologist.
 Ruby EleanorLennoxPatricia's sister.
 PercySievewrightNell's ex-boyfriend.
 Mrs.SievewrightPercy's mother.
 JackKeechAlbert's good friend.
 Mrs.HardingLillian's neighbor.
 Mr.MattockTom's friend.
 MaxBrechnerA butcher.
 BillMonroeA first person who come home on leave.
 Mrs.MonroeBill Monroe's wife.
 AlfSimmondsWas ducked down on firing step.
 Malcolm InnesWardJack's acquaintance.
 LeeEnfieldThe new lieutenant.
 MinnieHavisRachel's next-door neighbor.
 Betsy Jack's Welsh terrier.
 Bruno A German Shepherd.
 Pep Jack's fastest dog.
 Jenny A liitle dog.
 GeorgyMasonA British sniper.
 Edmund Lillian's son.
3Glady's Bunty's sister-in-law.
 Eliza George's sister-in-law.
 Bill Eliza's husband.
 Dandy Adrian's dog.
 Lucy-Vida Eliza's daughter.
 Sidney Bab's husband.
 EnaTetleyMaurice's wife.
 Jemima One of Gillian's dolls.
 Arabella One of Gillian's dolls.
 Panda Patricia's toy.
 Teddy Ruby's teddy bear.
 Mobo A horse.
 Mr.RochefortThe dancing master.
 Mrs.CarterThe manager at Modella's shop.
 MauriceTetleyThe navigator of Wellington.
 DickCarterMrs. Carter's son.
 EricHavisBunty's friend. Aka: Sandy.
 Spencer Ena's son.
 ViLinwoodBunty's friend.
 Totty Ted's ginger cat.
 Rex Mrs. Havis Scottie dog.
 PeteDonnerLillian's husband.
 Nathan Edmund's brother.
4Rag A little black dog.
 Rita Mr. Wedgewood's acquaintance.
 Mr.WedgewoodA medium for the world of spirit.
 Myra Rita's acquaintance.
 Silver A horse.
 Mrs. May One who helped Rachel's confinement.
 Samuel Rachel's son.
5Denise Gillian's doll.
 DoreenCollierA nurse during the war.
 MissEverardPatricia's teacher.
 MandySueLucy-Vida's toy.
6Jezebel Next-door cat shop.
 KathleenGormanRuby's friend.
 Mr.BunThe baker.
 Mr.HaddockThe fishmonger.
 MildredReevesIn-charged of St. Deny's Sunday School.
 AdinaTerryMrs. Reeves's assistant.
 LollyPatonMiss Adina Terry's friend.
 Mr.DobbsThe new curate.
 MissFanshaweMr. Dobb's fiancee.
7Mrs.GormanKathleen's mother.
 Dr.HaddowAn infection disease specialist.
 Mr. Jeffrey A dentist.
 AndrewBrittanA school teacher.
8Howard Patricia's boyfriend.
 Vanessa Ruby's friend.
 Terry A bakery owner.
 Sandra Ted's long standing girlfriend.
 HarrietRoperGeorge's new neighbor.
 CliveRoperHarriet's husband.
 ChristineRoperHarriet's daughter.
 Kenneth Harriet's son.
 David Kenneth's brother.
 Cliff Howard's friend.
 Una Cliff's friend.
 Melvyn Howard's friend.
9SusannahHesseA very clever German girl.
 Mrs.KettleboroughBunty's new neighbor.
 JontyPattersonA pilot
 WallyWhittonA navigator.
 LenToftA radio operator.
 TaffyJonesThe flight engineer.
 MacMcKendrichA rear gunner.
 ReySmithAn Aussie gunner.
 MorrisDightyThe new gunner.
 DoreenO'DohertyEdmund's friend.
 ReyCollierDoreen's husband.
10Linda A cook.
 Beatrice Sandra's mother.
 Yorkie Adrian's new dog.
 Nora One of the buffet waitresses.
 Mrs.HedgeEdmund's nanny.
 Antoine Lillian's co-worker.
 Mrs.RaicevicLillian's landlady.
 Joseph One of Pete's farmhands.
 Klaus One of Pete's farmhands.
 Alison Nathan's daughter.
 Andy Alison's younger brother.
 TinaDonnerNathan's wife.
 Eddie Tina's eldest son.
 Nat  Eddie's brother.
 Sam Nat's twin brother.
 JackDonnerTina's new baby boy.
11Elaine A school-leaver.
 Colin Kathleen's boyfriend.
 MissWhittakerThe headmistress.
 Pearl Ada Ruby's twin sister.
 Dr.HerzmarkRuby's doctor.
 FranzFerdinandAn Archduke.
12MarjorieMorrisonThe housekeeper.
 Mrs.DanversThe head housekeeper.
 Martin A porter.
 Niamh Ruby's new friend.
 Siobhan Niamh's friend.
 JanetSheriffA history teacher.
 Gian-CarloBenedettiRuby's friend.
 Mr.Old BenedettiOwner of Benedetti's Italian CafĂ©.
 Ben Patricia's son.
 Naomi Patricia's daughter.
 Alice Ruby's daughter.
 Pearl  Alice's sister.
 RobertJenkinsonCaptain of the boat.
13Brian An architect.
 Dolores Adrian's dog.
 TessaBlakeA night shift duty in District Hospital.
 Neil Tessa Blake's son.
 Andrew Neil's brother.
 Gemma Neil's daughter.
 Wayne Lucy-Vida's eldest son.
 Dean Sandra's son.
 Todd Dean's brother.
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