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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Jende   Jonga   Chauffer. aka: Bébé.
Clark Edwards Lehman Brothers employee.
    Neni   Jonga   Jende's wife.
            Ashia - a tough female.
2   Fatou       Neni's friend.
    Liomi   Jonga   Jonga's son.
    Winston   Avera   Jende's cousin. A lawyer.
            Vingt-quatre ans - french for 84.
3   Frank       Clark's best friend.
    Ikola   Jonga   Jend's father.
        Bubaker   Brooklyn immigration lawyer.
            Grand boubou - flowing robe with decorations.
            Chakara - psychic energy center.
            Inshallah - god willing.
4   Mighty   Edwards   The Edward's young son.
    Cindy   Edwards   Clark's wife.
5   Vince   Edwards   The Edward's older son.
    Cheri       Cindy's friend.
6   Ceci       Clark's sister.
    Keila       Ceci's daughter.
7   Leah       Clark's secretary.
10   Billy       Liomi's school friend.
13   June       Cindy's friend.
            Tanga - a notorious Cameroon thief.
14   Jenny       Winston's girlfriend. A white girl.
    Betty       Neni's friend.
15   Tom       Clark's boss.
17   Anna       Edward's housekeeper.
    Bosco       Jende's friend in Limbe.
27   Sean       Cheri's husband.
30   Maami       Winston's female friend.
35   Amatimba   Monyengi   Jonga's daughter. aka: Timba.
    Natasha       Pastor at Judson Memorial Church.
36   Amos       Natasha's assistant.
37   Arkamo       Jende's Phoenix friend.
40   Mr.   Jones   Cab company owner.
44   Jalaluddin   Rumi   Sufi mystic.
            Plantain - Cameroon dish of nuts, leaves and fish or beef.
45   Mimi       Cindy's friend. Frank's wife.
46   Nora   Dawson   Frank and Mimi's daoughter.
47   Dean   Flipkens   Dean at Neni's school.
    Moto       Jend's middle brother.
48           Masepo - a special herb with medicinal properties.
49   Tunde       Jonga's friend.
50   Ousmane       Fatou's husband.
55           Namaste - a form of greeting.
56           Wolowose - Cameroon word for whore.