Characters - Alphabetical
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UncleAugustMaria's brother.
CarlBenzThe man who first patented the motorcar.
TheobaldGamberA police officer.
AugustGeierHeinrich's son.
HeinrichGeierNora's great-grandfather.
TheodorGeiselAn American Author. Aka: Dr. Seuss.
JosephGoebbelsThe Reich minister of Nazi.
PaterGrimmA priest executed for resisting Nazi Regime.
OttoH.A driving teacher.
ReynhardHeydrichAn SS General.
JuliusHirschA soccer legend.
AdolfHitlerThe Nazi leader.
EmilioJustSpecialist of Foreign Wines. Owner of Weinhaus Just.
AuntKarinNora's aunt.
AloisKrugFranz-Karl's father. Nora's grandfather.
AnnemarieKrugNora's aunt that Nora never met.
Franz-KarlKrugNora's father. Aka: Little Franz-Karl.
Karl-JosephKrugOne of Nora's ancestors.
MariaKrugAloi's wife. Nora's grandmother.
NoraKrugNarrator. Protagonist. Author.
Franz-KarlKrug (2)Nora's uncle. Aka: Big Franz-Karl.
LouisLeitzThe Inventor of ring binder.
HansMeierThe pastor's son.
WilhelmPaulusA mover.
AnnaRockNora's grandmother.
EdwinRockWilli's brother.
ElsaRockEdwin's wife.
FriedaRockWilli's sister.
WilliRockNora's grandfather.
FranceSchubertAn Italian composer.
Mr.SteinertBig Franz-Karl's teacher.
AlbertW.Willi's acquaintance.
ErichW.A witness that Willi Rock became a Nazi.
SelmaW.Albert's wife.
RobertWagnerA long-standing close ally of the Nazis.
HildegardWohrleThe town hall administrator.
Egon An Amateur Historian.
Emilia Franz-Karl's cousin.
Hans Another local historian that Nora met.
Iris Nora's cousin. Michael's sister.
Michael Nora's cousin.
Rose Nora's great-grandfather's restaurant.
Sabine Edwin's granddaughter.
Theo Annemarie's childhood friend.
Trudy The 89-year-old German that Nora asked about being a German.
Walda The widow of Franz-Karl's cousin.
Walter Willi's neighbor. Albert and Selma's son.