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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1SetheSuggsProtagonist. aka: Lu.
 Denver Sethe's daughter. The friend of Beloved's ghost.
 BabySuggsSethe's mother-in-law. Deceased. Aka: Jenny Whitlow, Grandma Baby.
 Howard Sethe's son. Ran away because of the ghost.
 Burglar Sethe's son. Ran away because of the ghost.
 Paul D.GarnerSurvivor of the Sweet Home Men. Sethe's friend.
 HalleSuggsSethe's husband. Baby's eighth son.
 Mr.GarnerOwner of the Sweet Home. Deceased.
 LillianGarnerMr. Garner's wife.
 Paul F.GarnerMember of the Sweet Home.
 Paul A. GarnerMember of the Sweet Home. Helped Halle and Paul escape.
 SixoThe WildMember of the Sweet Home. Patsy's boyfriend.
 Patsy The thirty-mile woman. Sixo's lover.
 MissBodwinMr. Bodwin's sister.
 AmyDenverSethe's close friend.
 SchoolTeacherWidower of Mr. Garner's sister.
 Beloved Sethe's third child who died in war. Haunts the family.
 Nan A one-armed woman who nursed babies.
 Mister Rooster in Sweet Home Farm.
 Mr.BuddyAmy's master. Has an affair with her.
 Mrs.BuddyMr. Buddy's wife.
 Joshua Helped Sethe and Amy ride a ferry. aka: Stamp Paid.
 Ella Baby's neighbor.
 John Ella's husband.
 Phyllis Baby's friend.
 JacksonTillBaby's friend.
 LadyJonesBaby's neighbor.
 NelsonLordDenver's schoolmate who is just as smart.
 HiManBlack convict. Someone Paul D. met at prison.
 EdwardBodwinMr. Garner's friend. A quaker supporter of the underground railroad.
 Scots Mr. Garner's female friend.
 JaneyWagonMr. Bodwin's cook. A woman Baby met.
 Patty Baby's daughter.
 RosaLeeBaby's daughter.
 Dunn Man who gets Ardelia.
 Ardelia Baby's daughter.
 Mr.WoodruffMr. Bodwin's housekeeper. Lives with Janey.
 Allen Bishop.
 WilliePikeMinister of the Church of the Redeemer. aka: Reverend Pike.
2Mr.SawyerRestaurant owner who offers Sethe work.
 Diane Tall, red blossom.
 Ma'am Sethe's mother.
 Billy Sethe's brother.
 Judith Woman in plank road.
 Vashti Joshua's wife.
3Keane Part of the army. Paul D.'s acquaintance.
 SergeantRossiterKeane's friend.