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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part One - No One Shall Sleep
1BenitoMussoliniThe Fascist Dictator. Aka: II Duce.
 AdolfHitlerThe Leader of the Nazi Party.
 GuiseppeLellaProtagonist. Aka: Pino.
 CarletoBeltraminiPino's best friend.
 CardinalSchusterFamous and powerful. A Cardinal in Milan.
 PopePius XIIThe Cardinal who was in the newspaper.
 Father LuigiReSchuster's acquaintance. Priest saved refugees from Nazis.
 GiovanniBarbareschiA seminarian.
 AnnaMartaA girl Pino asked out on a date. Dolly's maid.
2Greta Pino's Austrian aunt.
 Albert Greta's husband. Pino's uncle.
 TullioGalimbertiPino's idol. Pino's family friend.
 MicheleLellaPino's father.
 CicciLellaPino's father.
 PorziaLellaPino's mother.
 FredAstaireAn American dancer.
 RitaHayworthAn American actress.
3Cristina Tullio's friend.
 RabbiZolliThe Chief Rabbi in Rome.
 Mr.BeltraminiCarletto's mother.
 MiguelFletaA powerful tenor.
 PrinceCalafA wealthy royal who falls in love with Princess Turandot.
 MarkClarkThe U.S. Lieutenant General Commander of the U.S. Fifth Army.
   Part Two - The Cathedrals of God
 AlbertoAscariThe ski driver that Pino met. One of the lodgers at Contes's inn.
 BrotherBormioThe priest's assistant.
6NiccoConteThe Innkeeper's son. Pino's friend.
7Titiana Ascari's friend.
 Frederica Titiana's friend.
8Maria A refugee Pino helped escape from the Nazis.
 Ricardo Maria's husband. A teacher in Genoa.
 Luigi A cigarette trader.
 Ruth Luigi's wife.
 Mr.BergstromA Swiss man who helped refugees escape from the Nazis.
 Mr.ConteThe Innkeeper. Nicco's father.
 Tito A Nazi spy at Conte's Inn.
 Mrs.ConteNicco's mother.
10ElenaNapolitanoThe violinist. Michele's friend.
 PeterD'AngeloD'Angelo's father. One of the refugees that Pino helped.
 LizaD'AngeloPeter's wife.
 AnthonyD'AngeloPeter and Liza's child.
 JudithD'AngeloPeter and Liza's child.
   Part 3 - The Cathedrals of Man
13Licia Pino's cousin.
 Baka Albert's friend.
 SonnyMascoloA man who saw Tullio get caught by Gestapo.
14Pritoni Pino's partner.
 HansLeyerA man who Pino served for as driver. A high-ranking official.
 MarshalKesselringThe most powerful German in Italy.
15AlbertSpeerHitler's Reich Minister for armaments and war production.
 DollyStottlemeyerGeneral Leyer's mistress. Anna's boss.
 Antonio A slave that Pino met.
16ClarettaPetacciII Duce's mistress. Aka: Clara.
19Mr.CalabreseThe manager at Fiat's mirafiore factory.
 Hans-JurgenLeyersGeneral Leyer's son.
 Wilhelm General Leyers's nephew. Aka: Willy.
 Rommel  Wilhelm's boss. Aka: The Desert Fox.
 Mrs.PlastinoDolly's neighbor.
21Rachele MussoliniII Duce's wife.
   Part 4 - The Cruelest Winter
22Mr.AlexanderA British Field Marshall.
 Christian Anna's ex-husband. Deceased.
23KarlWolffThe head of SS in Italy.
 LisaRochaPorzia's best friend.
 GabriellaRochaLisa's daughter.
 Raphael A member of II Duce's army.
24Sara The sick girl Pino helped.
 FatherBonnanoCardinal Schuster's assistant.
25EugenDollmanHitler's translator.
 HeinrichV. VietinghoffThe field marshall of Italy.
27Mr.PaduaAn OT Officer.
 Mario Michele Cousin's son.
 MaxCorvoAllen Dulle's representative. The OSS Agent.
   OSS - Office of Strategic Services.
28FrankKnebelA major at the U.S. Fifth Army.
 CorporalDaloiaA soldier from Boston.
29Sophia The first Italian girl that Pino invited to a party.
31Luigi The guard at the cemetery.
32Sam Carletto's uncle.
   Part 5 - "Vengeance is Mine" - Sayeth The Lord
34DwightEisenhowerThe Supreme Allied Commander of the U.S. Fifth Army.