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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1PattyPonderA former nurse.
 MarieAntoinetteMrs. Ponder's cat.
 Harriette Thea's daughter.
 Charlie Harriette's brother.
 Gabrielle One of the mothers of the students.
 Bonnie Nathan's wife.
 Stu Samantha's husband.
 RebeccaBarnesA kindergarten teacher.
 PatriciaLipmannA school principal.
 CarolQuigleyOne of the mothers of the students.
 Jonathan A stay-at-home father.
 Jackie Jonathan's wife.
 Harper Renata's very good friend.
 Graeme Harper's husband.
 TheaCunninghamA working mother with four children.
 Juliette A nanny.
 Renata An analyst.
 Melissa One of the mothers of the students.
 Samantha Lily's mother.
 AndrewQuinlanA detective sergeant.
2Madeline M.MackenzieA marketing manager.
 Chloe Madeline's daughter.
 Fred Chloe's brother.
 Jackson Renata's son.
 CelesteWhiteMadeline's friend. Perry's wife.
 Ed Madeline's husband.
3JaneChapmanA young, single mother.
 Ziggy Jane's son.
 Emily Harper's daughter.
 Sophia Emily's sister.
 Amabella Renata's daughter.
4Tom A barista.
 Abigail Marie Madeline's older daughter.
 Nathan Madeline's ex-husband.
5LucyPonderA local hairdresser. Mrs. Ponder's daughter.
 Lily Samantha's daughter.
6Dane Jane's brother.
8Skye Abigail's half-sister.
9Perry A successful banker. Celeste's husband.
10Poppy Jane's grandfather.
11Josh Celeste's son.
 Max Josh's twin brother.
12Geoff Renata's husband.
15Louisa Abigail's friend.
18Di Jane's mother.
 Bill Jane's father.
19Zach Jane's ex-boyfriend.
20Pete A plumber.
 EmilyBerryJane's enemy in primary school.
 Anna Jane's friend.
 Greg Anna's cousin.
21Samira Madeline's boss.
23Harryde HippoA class toy.
 RuthSullivanJane's ex-boyfriend's mother.
27Linda A tutor.
30Jimmy Ziggy's great-uncle.
 SaxonBanksZiggy's father. Perry's cousin.
31Gail Jane's friend.
32Em  Jane's friend.
33Susi A counselor.
36Er School secretary.
38Rose A well-behaved battered wife.
 Isabelle Rose's daughter.
 Daniella Isabelle's sister.
 Anita Perry's aunt.
 Evelyn Perry's aunt.
40Oliver Chloe's classmate.
42Gwen A babysitter.
 Pip Gwen's friend.
43Chelsea A babysitter.
 Irene Chelsea's mother.
44Harrison Ziggy's classmate.
46Eleni Saxon Banks's wife.
 Jean Eileen's identical twin.
 Eileen Jean's sister.
48Freya Abigail's friend.
 Sebastian Abigail's math tutor.
49Trish Fiona's companion.
 Fiona A member of a social committee.
51Joy Editor of a local paper.
 BrettLarsonFather of a year 2 student.
 Grace A member of a social committee.
 Rowena A member of a social committee.
 Holly A member of a social committee.
 Helen A member of a social committee.
55LorraineEdgelyAn advertising representative.
 Petra Lorraine's daughter.
 Shane One who told the gossip about Geoff.
 Alex One who shared the gossip about Geoff.
60Huckleberry Abigail's first pet.
67LarryFitzgeraldAn architect. Gave a donation to Abigail's project.
69Mindy Celeste's property manager.
72Gareth A golfer.
 Davina A girl who collided Bonnie.
73Violet Chloe's classmate.
77Sarah A journalist.
82Maggie Tom's part-time employee.
 Lucas Ziggy's new friend.
84 HooperA year 1 teacher.