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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1JimmyClantonAmerican singer.
 DaveRobicheauxEx-cop who now run a small business. Aka: Streak.
 Dixie LeePughDave's former roommate.
 CarlPerkinsAmerican singer-songwriter.
 JohnnyCashAmerican singer-songwriter.
 ElvisPresleyAmerican singer.
 HankSnowAmerican-Canadian musical artist.
 Alafair Dave's adoptive daughter. Aka: Alf.
 Batist Dave's handyman.
 Clarise A mulatto woman working for Dave.
 Tripod A three-legged raccoon.
 HankWilliamsAmerican singer-songwriter.
2DanNygurskiSpecial Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
 SallyDioDixie's former cellmate. Aka: Sal the Duck, Sally Dee.
 Annie Dave's late wife.
 DaltonVidrineOne of Sal's men.
 HarryMapesOne of Sal's men.
 MinniePearlAmerican comedian.
 AllanFreedAmerican disc jockey.
 Berry American musician.
 EddieCochranAmerican musician.
3CletusPurcelDave's former homicide partner. Aka: Clete.
 Lois Clete's ex-wife.
  HollisterOIC at Star Drilling.
 AldousRobicheauxDave's father. Aka: Big Al Robicheaux.
 Tex Alafair's horse.
 Don The bartender.
4Jerome The man who had smothered his infant child.
 Jimmie Dave's half brother.
5Verret Bondsman in Lafayette. Aka: Butter Bean.
 Tutta Dave's cousin.
 Darlene Clete's girlfriend. Aka: Darlene American Horse.
 JulioSeguraNicaraguan vice king in exile.
 RhettButlerFictional character in the 1936 novel Gone with the Wind.
 Scarlett Fictional character and the protagonist in Gone with the Wind.
 FrankDioSally's father. Aka: Papa Frank, Frankie Pliers.
   AIM - The American Indian Movement
6 BakerArmy officer.
 MoeHowardAmerican actor.
 ErnestHemingwayAmerican journalist.
 ClaytonDesmarteauMissing AIM member.
 Mrs.DesmarteauClayton's mother.
 TessReganThird-grade teacher and assistant principal.
 Hank Junior American singer-songwriter and musician.
 BusterHigginsBoss man from Lufkin.
7CharlieDoddsOne of Sal's men.
 BobWardSporting goods store owner.
8JimmyClantonAmerican singer.
9Jason One of the monitors.
 Sister Louise School principal.
 Mack Dave's mother's lover.
10TonyBennettAmerican singer.
 Sandy Sal's girlfriend.
 RobinGaddisDave's lover.
11Betty Harry's girlfriend.
 Carl One of Sal's men.
 Foo-Foo One of Sal's men.
12RitchieValensAmerican singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
 Big Bopper American musician.
 BuddyHollyAmerican musician.
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