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Remy Hale
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PRWilliam LeidesdorffSon of a Jewish-Danish sailor and a black island woman.
 Hortense  William's Leidesdorff fiancee.
 Joseph FolsomA real estate investor.
 Anna Marie SparksLeidesdorff's estranged mother.
1William C. CoffinA local abolitionist.
 Frederick DouglassHad escaped from slavery in Maryland.
 William Lloyd GarrisonA well-known abolitionist.
 Edward J. PompeyA free black whaler, industrialist, and ship commander.
 Absalom BostonA wealthy black whaling captain.
 Mary Ellen PleasantBecame one of America's most powerful black entrepreneurs.
 Louis WilliamsMary Ellen's father.
 Mary HusseyAn elderly Quaker woman.
 Prince BostonAbsalom's uncle.
 James SmithPleasant's husband.
  Trainor A priest.
 Wendell PhillipsJames Smith's old friend.
 Geo GreenWendell's friend.
 Louis HardenSmith's friend.
 John James PleasantManaged Smith's land. aka: JJ.
 Edward J. GardnerA captain who helped Pleasant manage her husband's estate.
 James K. PolkA president who set out the men for San Francisco.
2Emmeline  First enslaved person to undergo the ritual in the state.
 George W. FreemanA bishop who presided Emmeline's ceremony.
 Robert Reed Church Sr.Emmeline's older son. aka: Bob.
 James WilsonEmmeline's younger son.
 Lucy  Emmeline's mother.
 Philip BurtonDoctor owned the plantation where Emmeline's mother living.
 Rosalie V. BurtonDr. Burton's youngest daughter.
 Charles B. Church Sr.Robert Reed's father.
 Mary Church lCapt. Charles Sr.'s wife.
 Molly ChurchDeaf-mute child of Charles Sr.
 Charles Church Jr.Mary Church's son.
 Robert FultonA developer of a successful steamboat.
 Kinder BlairA pastry chef.
3Fred LongfordThe one who received money from Pleasant.
 William WestOwner of West and Harper.
 Thomas RandolphA wealthy enclaved in the city.
 James McCune SmithFirst African-American medical doctor.
 Samuel R.  WardAn abolitionist.
 Jeremiah HamiltonRichest blackman in New York.
 Thomas M. Decatur WardPleasant's nephew.
 John BrownMost belligerent opponent of slavery.
 William Wells BrownPleasant's friend.
 Franklin PierceAn anti-abolitionist democrat.
 Stephen A. DouglasAn Illinois's senator.
 Abraham LincolnA President who set off a chain of events that lead to civil war.
 William AlvordMan gave Pleasant two steamship tickets for New York.
 Martin DelanyA doctor.
 John Henry KagiElected as secretary of war.
 William Howard DayAn abolitionist publisher.
 Mary Ann Shaded CaryAnother abolitionist publisher.
 Lewis Washington George Washington's great-grand nephew.
4Blanche K. BruceA porter. Robert Church's old friend.
 Margaret PicoHad a slave marriage with Robert Reed Church.
 Laura ChurchMargaret and Robert Church's daughter.
5Eliza Jane HamiltonJeremiah's wife.
6Robert LeeA confederate soldier.
 Standhope UwatieCommander of the confederate Indian cavalry.
 Andrew JacksonPassed act: persons born in the United States being citizens.
7Louisa AyersFormer slave of a prominent white Memphis family. Aka: Lou.
 Mary Church llLou and Robert Reed's daughter.
 Nathan B. ForrestA confederate luminaries.
 Jefferson DavisEx-confederate president.
 David RoachAn Irish police officer.
 Elihu WashburneA bipartisan congressman.
 Thomas ChurchLou and Robert Reed's son.
 Rutherford HayesElected as president of Memphis.
 Kate BiondaOperated a docks restaurant.
8Selim WoodworthA wealthy industrialist.
 Lisette WoodworthSelim's young wife.
 Lizzie  Pleasant's daughter.
 R.B. PhillipsLizzie's husband.
 George W. TylerPleasant's lawyer.
 Henry Huntley HaightElected as governor.
 Newton BoothFormer California governor.
 Thomas Bell Sr.A director of two railroad companies.
 Teresa ClinganThomas Bell's wife.
9Anna Wright ChurchAn educator. Became Robert Reed's wife.
 P.B.S. PinchbackFormer governor of Louisiana.
 Ida B. WellsA young journalist.
 Taylor NightingaleIda's publisher.
 Annette ChurchAnna Church's daughter.
 Robert Reed Church Jr.Robert Reed Sr.'s son.
 Thomas MossA grocery owner.
 Will StewartArrested and shot on the right side of his neck.
 Calvin McDowellArrested and killed with multiple gunshot on his face.
10Ottowa W. GurleyA teacher. John Gurley's son.
 John GurleyA slave.
 Rosanna  Ottowa's mother.
 Edward P. McCabeAn African-American businessman from Troy, New York.
 Emma  John Gurley's wife.
 William MurrayA lawyer who is known for "Alfalfa Bill".
11Annie Minerva TurnboInvented the Wonderful Hair Grower.
 Sarah TurnboAnnie's older sister.
 Lilly  Sarah Turnbo's friend.
 Bea  Lilly's friend.
 Robert TurnboAnnie's father.
 Isabel  Annie's mother.
 Laura TurnboAnnie's adult sister.
 Alonzo HerndonFormer slave who opened the most famous barbershop for whitemen.
 Alice  A teenage girl who asked Annie to make her hair beautiful.
 Sarah BreedloveOne of Annie's best saleswomen in the city. aka: Madam Walker.
 A'Lelia BreedloveSarah Breedlove's daughter.
 Theodore RooseveltSucceeded the presidency upon the assasination of William McKinley.
 Charles JamesSarah Breedlove's husband.
12Hattie EliasCharles Elias's eldest daughter.
 Charles EliasA caterer.
 Mary EliasCharles Elias's wife.
 Hannah BessieCharles Elias's youngest daughter.
 John PlattOwner of a glass manufacturing company in New York.
 Julius MillerA resort owner. aka: Pop.
 Franklin SattterfieldA negro who was courting Hannah Bessie.
 David EliasTwin brother of Hannah.
 Clara  Hannah's daughter.
 Christopher SmithHannah's husband.
 Cornelius WilliamsOne of Hannah's tenants.
 August C. NanzHannah's lawyer.
 Kato  Hannah's most trusted servant.
 Edward RobinsonA beauty doctor.
13John DrummondA famous California wine maker.
 Thomas F. Bell Jr.Thomas Bell Sr.'s son.
14William McKinleyNominated as president by Church Sr.
 Booker T. WashingtonMost famous black person in America.
 Robert H. TellerFirst black judge in Washington. Reed's Sr. son-in-law.
15W.E.B. DuboisA scholar and an activist.
 Will RogersRecruit people to work in oil and refinaries.
 John StradfordA black businessman.
 A.J. SmithermanA columnist and a publisher.
16Aaron MaloneA travelling Bible salesman.
 George KnoxPublisher of the largest black magazine in Indiana.
 Andrew CarnegieMember of the National Negro Business League.
 Dora LarrieMadam Walker's agent.
 Anthony OvertonFounder and owner of the Overton Manufacturing Company.
 E.M. GriggsHead of Farmers and Citizens Savings Bank in Palestine.
 W.W. HadnottA banker.
 Freeman B. RansomMadam's business manager.
17Benjamin TillmanA senator of South Carolina.
 Gwendolyn EliasHannah's daughter.
 Andrew GreenNew York's city planner.
 George W. McClushyAn inspector.
 W.J. CassardJohn Platt's son-in-law.
 Isaac PlattsJohn Platt's younger brother.
 Patrick W. DuganHannah's doorman.
 Washington BraunsAn attorney hired by Hannah Elias.
 William RandAssistant District attorney.
18John NailNew York's top real estate developer.
 James Carrol NapierBooker's successor - president of Ntl Negro Business League.
 R.R. MotonAn administrator of the Tuskegee Institute.
 George W. BreckenridgeA white newspaper publisher.
19Williard McCulloughA sheriff.
 Dick RowlandA high school dropout who worked as a shine boy.
 Sarah PageAn elevator operator.
 Anderson  Accused Gurley as a liar.
  Spears An older lawyer.
20Philip A. Payton Jr.An African-American real estate developer.
 John G. TylerAnother real estate developer.
 James W. JohnsonJohn Nail's brother-in-law.
 Hutchen C. BishopsA priest.
EPSara Roberta ChurchAdministrator for federal government. Church's Jr. daughter.
 Robert SmithOne of America's most successful investors.
 John Mott DrewA black investor.
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