Characters - Alphabetical
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KingBatutaThe long-time dead king.
BallBoyOne of the Mingi's that Tracker saved. Aka: Kosu.
GiraffeBoyOne of the Mingis that Tracker saved. Aka: Niguli.
The BoyThe missing boy.
KwashDaraSon of Kwash Netu. King of North Kingdom. Aka: Spider King.
NsakaDe VampiA mercenary.
HisFatherGrandfather's father.
BasuFumanguruThe elder of the North Kingdom. Deceased.
SmokeGirlOne of the Mingis that Tracker saved. Aka: Khamseen.
BadIbejiA malformed twin.
LordKafutaThe owner of the house where Sogolon lives.
AmaduKasuwaraThe slaver. The lion of the lower mountain and master of men.
BlackLeopardTracker's best friend. The shape-shifting hunter.
KwashLikudThe Kwash's ancestor.
The MakalaThe master of charms and spell.
OldManLord of a huy and Southern Griot.
Entertainments MasterThe Ogo fight master.
Her MotherThe young girl's mother.
KwashNetuKwash Dara's father.
QueenOf DolingoThe Dolingo Queen.
WhiteScientistThe lord of necromancers and an alchemist.
BelekunThe BigThe big fat elder.
AmakiThe SlipperyThe elder that nobody knows.
AdagagiThe WiseThe wise elder.
BelovedUncleThe Chief of Ku.
MissWadadaA brothel owner. Prostitute.
The WitchmanThe necromancer of Ku.
Aboyami Tracker's father.
Adze A vampire and bug swarm creature.
Aesi Kwash Dara's chancellor. The lord of host.
Akede Ikede's father.
Albino One of the Mingis that Tracker saved. Aka: Kamangu.
Anjonu The spirit of the darklands. A wicked and ugly spirit.
Asanbosam The human flesh eater.
Ayodele Tracker's brother.
Bibi The date feeder.
Bultungi The hyena.
Chancellor The Queen Dolingo's chancellor.
Chipfalambula The great fish. The toll taker.
Egbere Ewele's cousin.
Ekoiye One of the prostitutes.
Eloko The glass troll. A cannibal.
Emele The red and hairy ghommid.
Fula Nooya's child.
Fumeli The Leopard's bowman.
Ghommids A forest creature.
Grandfather Tracker's grandfather/father.
Ikede A Southern Griot. Akede's son.
Ipundulu A vampire lightning bird creature.
Itaki The river witch.
Kamikwayo The white scientist who turned into a monster.
Kava The boy that Tracker met. Aka: Asani.
Kiluya Sogolon's mother.
Lala E. Master's slave.
Lissisolo Kwash Dara's sister.
Loembe The conjoined twins. One of the Mingi's that Tracker saved.
Makhang Nooya's child.
Mazambezi One of the Prefects.
Mossi The third prefect of the Kongori Chieftain Army.
Nkanga The conjoined twins. One of the Mingi's that Tracker saved.
Nooya The washerwoman who was possessed by the lightning bird.
Nyka The young mercenary.
Sadogo The Ogo. A tall and strong man.
Saduk Nooya's child.
Sangona The anti-witch.
Sasabosam Asanbosam's brother. The blood sucker.
Shadowings The night demon of Aesi.
Sogolon The moon witch.
Tokoloshe The small gremlin who can make himself invisible.
Tracker A hunter. Protagonist.
Uncle Tracker's uncle.
Venin The chosen child to become food of Zogbanu.
Venin-Jakwu King Batuta's white guard.
Yumboes The bush fairies and the guardian of the children.
Zogbanu The trolls from the blood swamp.