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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1JayPorterProtagonist. A lawyer.
 BernadineB. PorterJay's pregnant wife. Aka: Bernie.
 MarshallHenningsBoat captain on Bernie's birthday with Jay. Jimmy's cousin.
 Evelyn A.BoykinsJay's sister-in-law. Bernie's sister.
 ReverendBoykinsBernie's father.
2Hicks The Judge in Mr. Cummings's case.
 CharlieLuckmanMr. Cummings's lawyer.
 J.T.CummingsPort commissioner and a city councilman. Charlie's client.
 DanaMorelandThe Hooker. Jay's client.
 Erikson A police officer.
 EddieMaeJay's secretary.
 AlBoykinsBernie's mother. Jay's mother-in-law.
 LyndonWilliamsJay's roommate and friend. Aka: Bumpy.
   Cole Oil Industries - Largest oil/gas company in Houston.
 MelvinHempnillA man who runs the funeral.
3KwameMackalvyA man who runs a community center. Aka: Lloyd.
   ILA - International Longshoremen's Association.
 CynthiaMaddoxJay's ex-girlfriend. The City Mayor.
4MissMitchellA Boarding house owner where Jay formerly lived.
 EffieDropbottomA transvestite burlesque dancer.
   Freedman's National Bank - 1st black-owned bank in 5th Ward.
 WashAllenA Radio D.J.
5Tim Jay's former client. Brother of Jimmy's girlfriend.
 JimmyRochelleOwner of the boat Jay rents for her wife's birthday.
 Stella Marshall's girlfriend.
 JeromePorterJay's father. Aka: Jay Bird.
 AlmaPorterJay's mother.
 Dodge Alma's brother.
 BayardRustinAn American leader of anti social movements for civil rights.
6ThomasColeThe CEO of Cole Oil Industries.
 JohnsonColeThe Founder of Cole Oil Industries. Thomas's father.
 PatrickColeThomas's brother.
 JohnColeThomas's brother.
   OCAW - Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Worker's Union.
 MaryPattersonMarshall's side-chick.
7Starla Dana's friend and co-worker.
 Clyde Bouncer at Gilley's set up dates for Starla & Dana. A Pimp.
8SylviaMartinezA woman who works at the Post.
 DonnieSimpsonOwner of the house that was shot by ILA.
 DarrenHayworthA boy who was badly beaten by ILA. A dockworker.
9WilliamP. ClementsThe City Governor.
 MickeyLelandA city congressman. A democrat.
 Kip Mayor Madox's typist.
 Marla Mayor Madox's makeup artist.
 BuddyMcPhersonMayor Madox's challenger in the election. Former sheriff.
 LloydBentsenA Senator.
 RonaldReaganThe U.S. President.
10  SDS - Students for a democratic society.
11MickeyGilleyOwner of a Club.
12PatBodineThe ILA's President.
 WayneKaylinThe OCAW's President.
 JohnnyNolandEvelyn's on-and-off boyfriend.
 Sunshine Wash Allen's frequent caller.
13CharlieW. RobinsonA man who dodged the charges of feds.
 NataliaGreenwoodA woman who dodged the charges of feds.
14  OPA- Oil Producers Alliance.
 EliseLinseyThe mystery girl that Jay and Bernie helped in the boat.
 LonniePhilipsA reporter in Houston Chronicles. Aka: Lon.
15FredHamptonAn American Activist. Chairman of Black Panther.
 RogerHollowayAn activist. Cynthia's lover.
   SNCC - Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee.
   SCLC - Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
 Dr.KingFounder of SCLC.
 MarcusDupriJay's co-founder of COBRA.
 StokelyCarmichaelA chairman of the national chapter of SNCC.
 EldridgeCleaverA Black Revolutionist.
 HueyNewtonA Black Revolutionist.
 ElaineBrownA Black Revolutionist.
   AABL - Afro-Americans for Black Liberations.
 AlfredaWatkinsAn activist. Roger's African verification inspiration.
16RollySnowMarcus Dupri's former cellmate. Jay's old acquaintance.
 Carla Rolly's employee at Lula's.
17CarlisleMintyThe OCAW's Vice-President.
 EmilyVrolandThe County Judge. The Judge in Elise's trial.
18DwightSweeneyFound dead in car. Aka: Neal McNamara, and Blake Ellis.
20DeloresMaxwellOne of Alfreda's sorors.
21Erman JosephAinsleyMan ranted against government. Former salt mine worker.
 WandaBeasleyA woman who runs the restaurant called "Hot Pot".
 AndyBradshawA police detective on Marshall's murder case.
 SamWidmanA police detective. Andy's partner.
23DotAinsleyErman's wife.
24Bentsen A campaigning Senator in 1976.
 HughBowlinA man from Maritime Association.
 DarwoodBeckerA commissioner with a port of Houston authority.
26AlexanderBakkerFormerly at firm that had Coil Oil as a big client.
27Mr.StoneThe detective who had a search in Elise's house.
 PaulLockhartA judge.
 PeteSmallsMr. Stone's partner.
29Gail Charlie's secretary.