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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Elena Lindt Dora Lindt's sister / Narrator. aka: Elvin, Lay Lay, Layton.
 DoraLindt Elena Lindt's younger sister - diagnosed with depression.
 GailLindt Elena and Dora Lindt's mother.
 StanLindt Elena and Dora Lindt's father.
4The GrandmaTherapist Elena Lindt's therapist.
6Mr. Peebles Old Tabby of the Lindt family.
10Kate  Dora Lindt's friend.
11Ralph  One of the nurses in Dora Lindt's hospital.
13Bev  One of the nurses in Dora Lindt's hospital.
14Mr. Clearwater Dora Lindt's teacher.
 JimmyZenk Elena Lindt's schoolmate.
15MarcusZenk Jimmy Zenk's older brother
 Dr.Siebald A Psychologist in Loring Memorial Hospital.
17Bill  Stan's uncle.
18Lila  Dora Lindt's friend.
22Sheila  Dora Lindt's piano teacher.
 Mr. Franzen A neighbor of the Lindt Family who had open surgery.
28Marilyn Zenk Jimmy Zenk's mother / A psychiatrist.
37Mr. Baylor Elena Lindt's neighbor.
38Mr. Pflaum Dora Lindt's science teacher.
 Mrs.King Dora Lindt's chemistry teacher.
73Mrs.Fenton Elena Lindt's neighbor.